iFixIt’s Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge teardown shows it’s nearly impossible to repair


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge DSC08445

We’ve already seen how hard it is to take apart a Samsung Galaxy S6 thanks to its dual-sided glass design, so surely the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is in the same ballpark, no? iFixIt confirms that much in their latest teardown.

In fact, it’s predictably even more difficult to disassemble and repair than the Samsung Galaxy S6 thanks to the unique construction and engineering that had to happen for the device’s Edge display. The device’s battery is actually glued to the flexible display, and iFixIt says that it’s incredibly difficult to remove the front pane of glass without shattering both the glass slab and the display unit itself.

samsung galaxy s6 edge teardown

This forced them to give the Galaxy S6 Edge a 3/10 on the repairability scale, with 10 being the easiest. This tells us it likely isn’t going to be the best idea to try your hand at a home repair should you ever need it, so be sure to keep Samsung’s customer service number handy. Be sure to check out the full teardown at the jump!

[via iFixIt]

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  1. tbh repairability should be something to look out for when buying a new phone!
    I bought my LGG3 because it had good reviews, but also because I knew if I ever broke it I could repair it at home by my self

    1. I have swapped out busted screens on multiple phones for myself and others – the most often busted piece – for an average of $10 off eBay and about 1 hour of time. I never mind DIY repairs. It just shows you how much the industry is ripping people off with repairs.

    2. Honestly, beforehand this was not something I looked for in phones. Then a few months back I worked in a cell phone repair shop for a little while and became familiar with the process of repairing some devices. Funny enough, it’s actually quite simple to replace the battery in an iPhone. So simple that I don’t see it an issue of having an internal battery.

      Then came the M8. Dear lord!! I didn’t touch that phone. All that work. LoL!! Now I pay more attention to newer phones coming out and I’m just like, “Welp… I’m not repairing my own phone any time soon.”

      It kinda sucks because I wanted to modify my M8 with multiple colors. Not worth the trouble. I may pay the shop to do it. Seeing as the M9 is not worth the upgrade. Might get a new battery in the process since they’ll have the phone open. I’ll probably do that later on this year if the “M9+” doesn’t appeal to me and has a North American version.

  2. This is really unfortunate since the odds of cracking one of your glass sides on the phone is twice as high if you drop it. It’s a shame it’ll be nearly impossible to replace it yourself.

  3. All part of the monetizing crAppleization of Samsung. They overcharge for storage. Take away after resistance and now you can’t replace or upgrade the battery. I called Verizon and asked them what happened if you had a bad battery. they said that if it happened within the year warranty that you would get a new phone. of course this means going through the replacement process and setting up a new phone entirely from scratch instead of just popping in a new battery. When I asked them what level of battery malfunction was considered low enough to warrant a replacement, they had no answer. Is it 80%, 70% 20%? Who knows? but we all know that the battery isn’t going to go bad with in that first year right? t
    At that point in time you have two choices, either you purchased an extended warranty (surprise, more $) or you have to get a replacement through insurance. The last time I checked you had to pay over $100 to do that to get a used phone. And on a different note, I wonder what a non removable battery does for resale value? It’s got to really add value, am I right? crApple has a huge network of places to repair things like batteries in house (albeit at financial rape prices). Unless Samsung does a 180 with the note 5, my note 3 will be my last samsung phone.

    1. That’s why you should buy through best buy. No deductible on any repairs

      1. Verizon wants 799.99 for the S6 Edge.
        Best Buy wants $949.99 for the same phone.

        1. Might as well buy an iPhone 6 128GB if you are willing to spend that amount of money (sarcasm about the iPhone part).

          1. AFL….


        2. Not really an issue for the average person who is going to upgrade and get a subsidized price. And best buy still lists the phone as coming soon. Being that they won’t even let you pre-order yet, I’d say that page is subject to change. Hard to believe anyone would charge 150 more for the same phone off contract. Oh, and best buy does price matching too if they do end up charging that much.

          1. “Being that they won’t even let you pre-order yet”.. Huh? You can pre order with Best Buy..

          2. Strange, the button said “coming soon” for me

        3. Have you tried price matching Verizon price at Best Buy and also get the free wireless charger for pre-ordering?

          1. Even IF I were to pre-order, which I would never do as I am not sure the phone will/would be all I hoped and I want others to chime in first, the “free” charger is (1) not worth their claimed $60 value and (2) still makes it more than Verizon direct with no “free” charger so I have money – and then some – to buy my own charger as a wireless charging pad is not $150. Plus, I think the Best Buy is a store credit or something like that, no?

            But no.. I have not tried to ask BB to price match verizon and give me the charger as well :)

      2. They have duductibles now at best buy. That’s why I dropped there insurance.

  4. I have always admired Samsung for retaining removable battery and expandable storage. Those have been two major differentiating factors for me between Android OEMS vs iPhones. Definitely feel disappointed that they have done away with those things and gone the way of Nexus. Hoping they will at least be present in the Note 5.

    1. I agree with what you said about the note 5. I really hope it does too. Being able to swap batteries is a must for me.

      1. And having expandable storage :)

  5. I honestly don’t think the S6 is worth paying full price for. Of course if you do the installment plans for any carrier you are paying full price for the phone. Non removable battery… no SD card… not good. I updated my s5 to Lollipop on Verizon and my once great running phone now rims like crap. I have to do a factory reset… not happy.

    I will never preorder a phone because I want hands on time with it before plunking down my cash for it.

  6. samsung should offer oh-uh, but they wont, they too greedy to look out for customers

    1. LoL!! Really?

      1. What the heck you laughing for…. Yes Really , HTC may be trying to win customers and business but when a company as small as them can do a company with loads more money such as Samsung can do it to, I’m no fool

  7. So glad I bought an S5 back in Feb and didn’t wait for the POS6. If I wanted a restricted, non-repairable, non-expandable anti-consumer device from a company that likes screw over its users I would’ve just gone with Apple in the first place. I went with Android (and Samsung) for a reason. And for this very reason the S5 will likely be my last Samsung device.

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