Hints of Android 5.1.1 start popping up in Android SDK manager


android 5-1-1 sdk manager

Don’t look now, but Google is working on a bug fixer for the bug fixer. Android 5.1 — which mostly introduced a sea of squashed bugs and just a couple of new user-facing features — seems to be getting a follow-up.

One Google+ user noticed that Android 5.1.1 started showing up in his Android Studio SDK manager this morning. We’re seeing the very same goods in our own installations of the SDK manager.

We’ve heard murmurings from trusted sources in previous weeks that Google was prepping 5.1.1 and that devices with the supposed firmware were visiting their apps and websites. So what’s new?

We can’t really tell just yet. This is a .1 incremental release, after all, which typically serve as nothing but minor bug fixers. It’s likely there isn’t much new to be had on the surface, though we haven’t had a chance to get our hands fully dirty just yet. We’ll get digging, but in the meantime we’ll be on the lookout for any announcements from Google later today, as well as possible factory images for Nexus devices should Google look to start a rollout in the near future. Stay tuned!

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  1. I have not flashed 5.1 on my Nexus 6 yet because I just had a feeling 5.1.1 would be soon to follow =)

  2. Considering android 5.1 shows as 5.1.0 it made sense that 5.1.1 was being worked on

    I hope It fixes the memory leak in android 5.1.0 which is still there from 5.0

  3. My N5 appreciated 5.1 but lately Google Play Store and the latest-but-not so-greatest Chrome browser have been crashing a couple a day! I’ve done the usual recommendations (clear cache,wipe cached partition,etc.) to no avail…but other than battery-drain issues,those are the only probs I’ve encountered! Hoping the 5.1.1 update will help give my Nexus 5 some much needed ACT-RIGHT! Lol

    1. 5.0.1 is giving me FC/Crash issues and I noticed the same apps closing. Did not even want to bother with 5.1 since i read it only fixes a portion of the issues. Just thought to be patient and wait it out for the latest update.

      1. Same here but I really like new wifi and Bluetooth toggles

  4. Ohmygoshwhydoesmynexusnothavethisyetihategoogleandtheirslowupdates.

    Calm down. Its coming.

  5. Thank goodness it has been almost 3 days since I flashed a new version on my Nexus 6! We were on a two-week roll there for a while.

    1. * two a week

  6. Perhaps the Nexus 4 and Nexus 9 will be getting this instead of 5.1?

  7. Got the update to 5.1 yesterday, everything works fine so far. Battery life improved a little. Now at 49% since 07:00 with 1.42 hours sot.

    1. Goodness! That battery life is simply atrocious! Only 1’42 SOT and the battery is depletes already to 49%. Simply unacceptable!

  8. Why can’t google give the other manufacturers a break? Just release one version each year that is considered stable, and keep the smaller fixes and betas to the Nexus line.

    1. Lollipoop hasn’t been in a “stable” state once since it launched.

      1. I know and Google shouldn’t thus have launched it officially for any other devices than the Nexus-line until every issue was fixed. Now a lot of people are going to be stuck on a build with lots of issues, as the manufacturers won’t have time to keep up with google’s update schedule, which consequently is going to cause a lot of people to leave android for iOS.

        Imho they should start seeding the betas a lot earlier to the Nexus line in order to get more feedback from the community, just to make sure they are ready when they say they are.

        1. Completely agree – I’ve seen quite a few reports of reduced battery life and other memory related problems on 5.x builds from OEMs. Ok, these issues are fixed in 5.1 but many of the OEMs won’t be moving to 5.1, their poor users will be stuck on 5.0, warts and all. God knows how it took Google so long to get 5.1 out when the issues were of the magnitude they are/were.

        2. All that would accomplish would be even slower updates for non-Nexus devices, and the blame would be shifted from the manufacturers to Google. And people would be screaming about Google holding back code from AOSP.

          And they’re no such thing as 100% bug free software. You’ll be waiting an awful long time (read: forever) for an update if that’s your bar.

        3. You’re ding a lot of assuming there, especially saying a lot of people will leave Android over this lol. You have nothing to base that on. As fair an argument as you make about releasing fewer, consolidated updates, these last couple have only been fixes for the same lollipop build that’s been available to everyone already. So if they take a long time just for that, then that’s not on Google. It’s Google’s fault that lollipop was first released broken, but I would much rather they release fixes than to wait for manufacturers to keep up.

  9. Memory fix or bust.

  10. Whoever took that photo… really needs to get a damp cloth and wipe their screen. :P

  11. Here’s hoping for the final memory leak fix!

    1. a million times yes!

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