HTC plans to steal some of Samsung’s thunder, commits to April 10th US release date for HTC One M9


HTC One M9 DSC08366

The HTC One M9 has already been launched in Taiwan, but the company has been a bit hushy about release dates for other regions. Thankfully the questions are over for those of us in the United States: the HTC One M9 will be available starting April 10th (which coincidentally happens to be the day Samsung is launching the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge).

That news was revealed during a Q&A session with HTC’s Jason McKenzie this morning as he took questions regarding the company’s groundbreaking new “Uh-Oh Protection” plan.

Details are scarce, but McKenzie was clear in saying that availability would only “start” April 10th. Whether that be at retail or through one or more carriers at the same time is yet to be determined, but it’s important to know that they’re not promising every carrier and store will have it on that day.

What he did promise is that the phone will eventually make its way to all major carriers in the United States, which we identify to be Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular.

Other interesting notes from the Q&A:

  • Uh-Oh Protection is available no matter which carrier or retailer you buy your device from
  • Phones with root or custom ROMs are eligible to be replaced under Uh-Oh Protection
  • Uh-Oh Protection does not cover lost or stolen devices
  • The $100 credit to buy the next HTC One you get for going 12 months without an accident is not dependent on trading your HTC One M9 in — you can keep your old phone and still use your credit for a new one (or trade the phone in and stack the credit on top of that)
  • Uh-Oh Protection will be available for buyers of the HTC One M8, but only if you buy your HTC One M8 after the HTC One M9 has launched.

Let us know if you’ll be planning to pick one up once they finally hit store shelves.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Now the smart thing to do is to make sure all of of the carriers and even BestBuy and Walmart have the uh-oh perks listed on the advertisment posters along with the camera, processor, and screen spec list , especially BestBuy, I seen they had the wrong specs for the M8 making it look weaker than it was

    1. THIS would hurt samsung.

      1. honestly is not about hurting Samsung, it’s about giving customers a good experience with some cushion and making some good money, I really feel if HTC had more money, they can make more products that’s revolutionary instead of evolutionary

      2. Samsung doesn’t care….HTC M/S <- Market Share…is abysmal at best…

  2. “Phones with root or custom ROMs ARE eligible to be replaced under Uh-Oh Protection”.. because hate them or not, HTC “gets it”. Root is as much a simple reality of life as making a phone call. Hell, I root before I ever make my first phone call. Hell, that being said, I do everything more than make phones calls with my phone.

  3. “The $100 credit to buy the next HTC One you get for going 12 months without an accident is not dependent on trading your HTC One M9 in — you can keep your old phone and still use your credit for a new one (or trade the phone in and stack the credit on top of that)”

    This sounds really good. How much do you think the M9 would depreciate in a year? By the sounds of this, you could basically trade the M9 in and get an off contract phone for a contract price.

  4. Dang, gotta wait till the 10th I suppose. Definitely seems like HTC is the way to go this spring with these extra incentives they are throwing in.

  5. Okay, so I’ve been telling people it didn’t cover software modifications. This is GREAT news!!

    Now I don’t have to worry about rooting at all anymore. OMG!! I can’t right now!! I just can’t!! I’ve never been this… excited.

    inb4 sex jokes

  6. Good luck HTC but it doesn’t sway my decision with S6 Edge.

    1. +1 Galaxy S6 Edge is just on another different level

      1. No you did not just +1 somebody…LMAO!!!

  7. To be clear, this modifies the current warranty into a whole new level?

  8. If they wanted to steal some of Samsung’s thunder they should push for an earlier release. Going toe to toe with Samsung is gonna be bad. No matter what kind of deals they throw in. Loyal “S” series customers probably won’t jump ship after they just released what many consider the best “S” series phone since the S3. Just my opinion

    1. I agree.

  9. I definitely agree with you Andork. I think HTC make great phones but not great business decisions. For example, best buy stores know all about galaxy s6. Ask them about them HTC new phone, and a lot of them do not know anything about them. But to me that’s HTC fault. HTC reps need to be out at all retail stores pushing their new phones. You trying to go up against one of the biggest brands will not add to your sales in my opinion. Whether you a fan of Samsung or not, Samsung is one of the best at promotions and that’s one of the reasons they are the top selling android phone.

    1. If I was a HTC rep…I would push the hell out of it..even Martha Stewart would know what the HTC M9 is and how to use it…

  10. lol @ “HTC plans to steal some of Samsung’s thunder”

  11. HTC is fighting an uphill battle which they will continue to lose. They don’t have good relationships with carriers therefore, their phones will be collecting dust and pushed to the back in favour of carriers promoting the Galaxy Line! Game Over! They don’t stand a chance.

  12. This is like when Kanye West and 50 Cent released their albums the same day….or When Kanye and J.Cole released their albums on the same day!!!!!!

  13. One other thing that was said in the Q&A:
    There will NOT be a GPE version of the M9.

  14. Smh. This is what’s turned me off from htc over the years. I wanted to like them, but they’re just dicks. Their actions do more harm than good cuz it makes them look desperate or pathetic rather than respectable.

    Htc has been pulling these classless stunts for years, like trash talking Samsung in the media several times, crashing Samsung event lines, coinciding release dates with Samsung, etc.

    Whatever little respect I had for htc died with their petty games.

    1. So competing with the competition is wrong in your eyes ?? Do you even know what “competition” means ? Poor Samsung, theyve never done any of that before, oh wait……..

      1. I never said competing was wrong. I said the way htc does it is classless, petty, and desperate.

  15. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you which way I am going to go…. M9, S6, Z4, or G4. It’s all rather exciting.

    1. I’m not a fan of Sony’s smartphones, they don’t put enough effort into the U.S. market. LG has an overall good product with the G3, and Im sure the G4 will gain more traction for them in the market, personally I like Samsung”s Super AMOLED better than LG’s screens.

  16. Its going to get murdered by the S6, Note 4, and its own M8.

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