Samsung is considering an Avengers themed Galaxy S6, and this is what it could look like


avengers s6

There’s a good chance that the cross-section between people who like superheroes and people who like Android phones is pretty big. Manufacturers are well aware of this, which is why we’ve seen a few superhero-themed phones in the past. Samsung could be the next to take a dip into the world of comic books with the world’s most popular group of heroes.

According to rumors coming out of Korea, Samsung is considering producing handsets with a tie-in to the upcoming Avengers 2 movie. The phones seen above are concepts created by a fan on Twitter. They created a special version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 for ever member of The Avengers, including Nick Fury. We have to admit these concepts look pretty dang awesome. If Samsung does indeed go through with this it should make a lot of geeks happy (including myself).

Would you buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 Avengers Edition? Which Avenger would you want? Personally, I’m a fan of Thor, but Hawkeye concept is awesome too.

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  1. S


      1. You want options? Get some stickers for .20 cents and load yourself a desktop image of choice for free. Adults buying Avenger branded $1000 phones.. good Lord.

        1. Stickers? Desktop image? I don’t what that has to do with the phone, but hopefully they would be the same price if they were sold.

          1. Same price? Please.. marked up for sure.

            Stickers and desktop image? Really, you don’t get my point? get 3 superhero stickers and download a superhero desktop image of choice and presto…. super hero branded phone for less than $1.

          2. listen, we all hate you (OBVIOUSLY). We dont care for peoples opinions here. Take yo ass back to the wood shed! haha jk jk jk

        2. What’s wrong with buying a phone with a colour scheme of your favourite superhero? Are you “too cool” to embrace something you like?
          In the end, it’s still an S6, avengers theme or not, so it’s still going to be the full package.

          1. What’s wrong? What’s wrong is I am an adult. I don’t have a “favourite superhero”. Man. I have favorite foods, but come on, adults with favourite superhero’s that do not exist? Ugh.

          2. I’m an adult and have a man crush on batman

          3. i’d hit it too

          4. I’d catch a bad rash for poison ivy

          5. /so you must not have a favorite tv show, or a favorite song, or a favorite color (do colors truly exist or is it just in your imagination

          6. *truly

          7. you’re right, I even looked it up and changed it, but I guess it reverted back to my retarded spelling before I hit enter.

          8. glad u did not take my smart ass response the wrong way haha, this is a funny argument to be honest =)

          9. JK you’re a pistol.

          10. so you must not have a favorite tv show, or a favorite song, or a favorite color (do colors even truly exist or is it just in your mind?) … get over yourself, everyone has a favorite superhero (or probably villain in your case)

          11. *truley

          12. *truely

          13. haha you might be wright

          14. some words get the best off me

          15. my Achilles Heel is “Definite” just cannot seem to EVER spell that right….or onomonopeea? Google says “onomatopoeia” but what does that know. The internet is all lies.

          16. *turley

          17. my mind just imploded….I have to apple this to see who is right

          18. Lol.

          19. Ahhh I see, there are some that think they obligatorily need a “favorite xxxx” to have something to talk about? I am far more diverse and opinion changing than to generally lock myself into a favorite xxx in every possible category. I don’t blindly latch on and say “my favorite xxxx is”. And as an adult, sure as hell not with made up cartoon characters.

            “everyone has a favorite superhero” – utterly pathetic. Seriously. Speak for yourself, never for me. I am far more grounded in reality.

          20. So grounded in reality, if only we could all be more like you!

          21. Boring life. U must not have kids either.

        3. Your logic sounds so American. We’re adults? Ha!! Tell this to the Japanese. Is anime just for kids? LoL!! I guess Attack on Titan was made for the 10-year olds right? OMG… That anime was good. But I’m digressing.

        4. You’re either trolling (which I hope) or you’re just a complete idiot.

      1. 100% hater. Agreed.

      2. I’m mad they’re certified. LoL!!

  2. They all look surprisingly good.

  3. There’s something about that Iron Man color scheme. Love it.

    1. Iron Man theme would be about 90% of the sales.

      Only one that could beat it would be a Spider-Man theme :) Especially if the back was silver webbed.

  4. I like it.

  5. The option is nice but maybe as a thin removable shell but not sure if I’d want it permanent.

    1. If that’s the case, I’m sure you can just get a vinly skin or something. Then your options are broaden.

  6. Not so much Avenger-themed as just a wider, more interesting assortment of colors. Two-toned also. I’d get one of these. The hard part would be which one.

    I would skip it if the back had a big, cheesy Avengers logo or group shot. These are a lot more subtle. And I imagine you can change the wallpaper at will.

    Captain America, Iron Man and Thor really stand out.

    1. If they used those pictures to choose the colors then it is very avenger-themed. Just like the new HTC theme engine where you pick a picture and it pulls colors from that picture to create a THEME.

    2. Agreed, although I am a Marvel fan and like the Avengers I am more interested in the idea of a two tone color design in general. I actually like the Captain America & Iron Man color choices. Of course I am more in favor of forward facing speakers (with all the other S6 features) & either cheap higher capacity memory or an SD Card but that’s not on this topic.

  7. Hand over that Hulk S6!!

    1. If their gonn do a Hulk S6 the specs shoud be beefier. Same for the Iron Man one.

  8. these are pretty bad ass

  9. SAMSUNG’s just throwing more spaghetti at the wall/gauging interest. In the end, probably not enough to go w/all the options listed, maybe the top two.

  10. I like the black widow color option. my $.02

  11. Now that’s cold! i use an iPhone 6 but I try to keep up with my favorite company (Samsung). I plan on getting a galaxy S6 and I hope they release the phone with these designs! I’d love to get my hands on one!

  12. The voice commands on the Iron Man phone has to answer to the name Jarvis.

    1. I have a Jarvis watcj face on my moto 360. That’d be perfect.

  13. Give me the Scarlett Johansson one

    1. Black widow dawg, its black widow! Also my favorite, for the colors and the Johansson!

  14. Give me an Earth’s Mightiest Heroes themed s6 than we’ll talk.

  15. Iron man!! :-)

  16. That iron man one looks pretty dope.

  17. Omg please make them Samsung. I am seriously drooling over these phones. I’d go with the Iron Man red. What a beauty!

  18. I think this would mean more bloatware haha! Iron-Note Iron-Planner etc :3

  19. Is it weird that i find it oddly funny that the black character has a phone to match his skin town O_o. Minus the Hulk lol

    1. Nick Fury is always wearing black if that’s the case it would be more like brown…lol

    2. Its not because he’s black bro. You’re racist dude.

      1. I didn’t state anything about it having to do with him being black. I asked a question. Might wanna go read my comment again.

  20. I wold go for the Iron Man, Captain America or Thor theme.

  21. Tony stark, hulk or fury

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