More rumors point to Huawei being the next Nexus maker


huawei nexus

The rumors about the next Nexus device never really stop. Last week we wrote about a rumor suggesting that the next Nexus will be made by an unlikely manufacturer: Huawei. They’ve just surprised us with a gorgeous smartwatch, and now it looks like they could be the next Nexus maker. As Mugatu would say “Huawei, so hot right now.”

The latest rumor comes from Gizmochina, which is based in Huawei’s backyard. They are reporting that this rumor has been “confirmed” by Kevin Yang, the director of China research at iSuppli. Of course, nothing is “confirmed” until it’s confirmed. The choice to go with Huawei would make a lot of sense if Google is looking for a greater presence in China. Xiami and Huawei made huge gains in 2014.

A Huawei-made Nexus would likely do great in China, but how would it do here in the US? Most people here don’t even know how to pronounce Huawei (it’s wah-way), let alone trust them enough to buy a phone. We don’t really know how well Nexus devices sell here anyway. There might not be any significant difference in the US, but the possibility for huge gains in China.

Would you be interested in a Huawei Nexus device?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. no !!!!!!! no Chinese phones

    1. agree, no chinese phones

      1. Why ? Every phones ares made in china.

        Racist ?

        1. Made in China is different than made by a state owned Chinese company. Racist? Nope, nothing against the Chinese laborer.
          But I do love how every conversation comes back to race. You sound like a dumb ass, so if dumb ass was a race, then yes, I’;m a racist

          1. yes, every phone are made in China. all your base are belong to us.

            Agree with @shooter50:disqus as he says above. Made in China vs. made in China by Chinese company….very different things. Only thing that may change my mind is software coming directly from google with hashes to verify, etc etc. Even that, i’m not sure how i feel about.

            also, Huawei has already been shown to utilize unethical business practices:



            (there is far more information out there, google it)

          2. “yes, i’m a racist”

            OK it’s clear.

        2. Cheap card to play.

    2. The reviews about the more recent Huawei phones are pretty positive. I don’t know a single person that owns one so I am not sure about the quality of the phones

      1. I don’t need the Chinese to install a back door into my phone NSA does enough snooping as it is on Americans

        1. This is a Nexus device, so the firmware is coming from Google anyways.

          1. The phone manufacturer can install code in the hardware, beneath the firmware. A touchscreen contact logger, for example, could be used as a soft keylogger.

            I don’t know how to protect against this, and I also have little confidence the NSA hasn’t already put backdoors in various components.

            A military-affiliated manufacturer in China, like Huawei, would seemingly find it far easier to consistently compromise the supply chain than even the all-powerful NSA in the much more open American system.

            The code of nearly invisible yellow dots makers hid in their printers shows how foreign makers are not immune from the pressures of the NSA:

            Ditto for the roving bug in cellphones from ten years ago:

        2. They want to steal your money not your private life…so it should be ok;)

        3. Apple isn’t making the next Nexus, is Huawei

    3. Everything you own is made in China.

    4. Hope you don’t have a Moto.

  2. Such a shady company. No thanks…

    1. Sanguinius does not approve.

      1. lol

        1. Who let the Tau ever develop a damn smartphone eh?

  3. I always learn how you pronounce the name of that manufacture, but I forget since I only hear of them once a year. Then I also think about the car manufacture, Hyundai, and I just get mind-frozed. I’m so sad now.

    Huawei = Who-way?
    Hyundai = Hun-day?

    I’m sad now… I feel like that’s wrong.

    1. The answer can be found in the article

      1. I saw after reading. I like giving my first impressions then coming back and giving my afterwards to see how they differ.

        1. Do you also like to drive someplace and then decide where you want to be after you arrived at your “destination”

        2. So you judge a book by its cover…

    2. The don’t even pronounce it correctly in commercial on television or on the radio. At some point I became kinda confused how to pronounce it thanks to the commercials.

      1. I’ll try and find a commercial on YouTube. Meanwhile “adidas” is a other classic one from nth America vs UK/down under vs the actual pronunciation.

    3. Different countries prononce differently.. Ie. Marrrz-da in the USA and MaZ-da in Canada, UK and Australia

      1. I’ve never in my life heard anyone from the US pronounce it Marrrz-da. Not sure where the people you talk to are from.

    4. Hyundai = Korean, Huawei = Chinese
      Different languages and pronunciations.

  4. I would have preferred Xiami to have made the device. That’s also a biased opinion and based on me liking Miui. =.3

  5. If it’s back to the reasonable price of around 400 bucks, I’m in.

  6. I would consider any Nexus that has a 5 inch screen.. reasonable camera..and battery least 64gb storage….

    1. agreed!

    2. you’ve pretty much described the Nexus6, except the screensize aspect of your comment.

      1. I did that on purpose..I considered the Nexus 6..but it was too big..and I mentioned build quality because some owners are reporting that the back of the Nexus 6 is peeling off…no thanks

        1. Build quality is awesome, it’s metal on the sides, almost no bezel… comon.

        2. To me, the term bad build quality really applies more to things like wiggly power buttons, creaky plastic, big gaps between pieces, etc. Things that are consistent with all devices of a certain product. Defects like the lifting back, as long as they’re not super common, and are remedied by a simple replacement, do not really warrant a device being labeled as having bad build quality. In my opinion at least. Otherwise pretty much every device ever made could be said to have bad build quality.

        3. i was a bit worried going from an N5 to an N6 that i might not like the screen size. however after a couple months using the N6, i held another N5 and it was a shock to my system… i was like, aww, this thing is so cute… I never thought I’d say it…. but I’m finally saying it…. Once you go 6-inch, you never go back. However i feel this is pretty much the limit. also, the back of the phone peeling off is a rare occurence of a defect (which could happen to any manufacturer), and you get a free one if that happens.

  7. i hope google don’t make the same mistake by making the phone too big again!

    1. It was not a mistake.

      1. In your opinion.

  8. Can’t be worst than the N6…

    1. Sure it came. Every other phone right now is.

      1. Wat?

        1. Who knows when the biggest USA player/carrier does not even have it yet: Verizon.

    2. Ignorant.

      1. And who says you’re not the one being the ignorant?

          1. Oookey

        1. In all seriousness, you don’t have to like the N6, but it is, objectively, one of the best phones on the market now. The specs, build, power, features, and price are undeniable. It is in the same league as every other current flagship.

          1. I might be whatever it is but a nexus phone with no features beyond development and the lovely vanilla I don’t think its worth that much money and even more when its a phone for developers. That’s just want I think you might see it differently

          2. If that’s, “just what you think”, you would say things more like “I don’t care for the nexus 6 personally”. That’s not what you’re doing. And if you just hated stock android, you would hate all nexus phones. That’s not the case is it. Above you stated that the price wasn’t your problem with it either. But now I suppose you’ll say that stock android is only worth $300? So would that mean that, according to you, having two apps crammed into your display at one time is worth an extra $300? That’s one expensive feature.

          3. Yeah the price isn’t a problem for me. And who the hell told you I hate stock android? I only use stock and I’ll die of I ever buy a phone without it. And no I’m not saying that touch wiz is worth more money. I’m not gonna explain myself to you o-o

          4. Then you’re just a jackass troll. You can’t just go around claiming ridiculous things that you can’t back up.

          5. Not at all. Not at all.

  9. Huawei, please do not use a screen bigger than 5″. Also, please do not fall into the trap of creating a stupidly thin phone at the compromise of putting in a bigger battery. Consumers don’t want a 6mm thin phone and a sub 2000mAh battery. I’ll happily settle for a phone that’s 9 or even 10mm thin if it allows at least a 3000mAh battery.

    1. the 6-inch of the Nexus6 actually is ideal. so i hope they make it 6-inches again.

      1. I wish my wife said that

      2. It’s ideal if you never leave home.

  10. Samsung got two Nexus devices.

    LG, despite being terrible, got two Nexus devices.

    Why can’t Moto get two as well? The Nexus 6 is by far the best Nexus that’s come out so far.

    1. LG… Terrible??? Nexus 5 is still one of the best smart phones on the market and by far the best looking

    2. LG was the best bang for buck. The N5 is still king of the $350 price range 18 months later.

      Nexus 6 is not bad, only too big for most people. And not worth 2 N5.

    3. You crazy? N5 and N4 are pretty much what gave The nexus brand the push it needed to become what it is now not just a brand from Google to developers. The nexus 6 its terrible o-o

      1. The only thing that the N4 and N5 had going for them was the price. The N6 is in a whole other playing field and doesn’t *need* an artificially subsidized price to be worth buying.

        1. Who said anything about that o-o

        2. Not talking about price here xD

        3. Tho I must give you that the they both got a lot of attention due to their prices but seriously both of the phones where good really good phones the only problem I they have is bettery but that’s a nexus general thing… And yes the n6 it’s a whole other feild and the problem with it isn’t the price at least not for me

          1. Their problems were more than just the battery, although that was a big one. Other problems included a lousy camera, lousy RF reception, overheating issues, and the fact that they were made by LG. The Nexus 4 also had that idiotic glass back, to guarantee that something would break no matter how it was dropped.

            Also, battery is not a “nexus general thing”, it’s an LG Nexus general thing. The Nexus 6’s battery is good. It’s got a 3200 mAh battery, same as the Note 4. In general the Nexus 6 is powerful enough to be compared with major flagship phones like the Note 4, whereas the LG ones never were.

          2. From what I’ve seen the Nexus 6 battery isn’t as good as it should be. And I really haven’t had those issues with my nexus besides the heating but I dont mind that. Whaaatever like whatever you want think whatever you want o-o

          3. As an owner of a Nexus 6, the battery’s great. Sure, you could drain it quickly by playing 3D games heavily, like any phone, but under normal use it usually gets to the end of the day with a bunch of charge still on it. At any rate, it’s *far* better than anything on the LG Nexi.

            To my mind, the overheating is the single worst issue that a phone can have, and LG has it on every single phone they make, whether it’s their Nexi, the G line, the G Flex line — they always overheat. On my old G2x it was so bad that it was constantly locking up, causing me to have to pull the battery out (it would lock up so hard that even the power button wouldn’t work). And it would do it while idle; I regularly missed important calls because I didn’t know that the stupid phone had locked up while in my pocket, or while charging. What a POS. LG == never again.

          4. omg nexi I’m gonna use that I love it xD

            Anyway there’s nothing you can tell me to make me think otherwise. I don’t think the N6 its a good phone and the N5 its good, really good. Not perfect; really good. It’s not like I like LG in particular either I just love their nexi (he he) and I love the Moto X too but not the N6. It just doesn’t make sense too me. Its a nexus it doesn’t have any features just that its perfect for development so why the huge price even more when its supposed to be a developer phone. Developers are always messing around with their phone so it might get broken in some way its gonna be hard for them to pay 600 two times actually it’s gonna be hard form them to pay it once. And okay a phablet great but even bigger than the note? The hell.

          5. Its a nexus it doesn’t have any features just that its perfect for development so why the huge price even more when its supposed to be a developer phone.

            The whole point of the Nexus 6 is that it’s *not* supposed to be just a developer phone. It’s the first Nexus that’s being sold in retail outlets for crying out loud! As for features, it’s got a top-of-the-line QHD display that’s one of the best in the industry, a top-end camera, dual front-facing speakers, a big battery, wireless charging, Ambient Display, and the awesome, awesome touchless controls from the Moto X.

            As for “huge price”, the Nexus 6 is significantly cheaper than any other phone that can even come close to competing with it hardware-wise. Check out the prices for the iPhone 6+ or the Note 4 sometime and see if you still think the N6 has a “huge price”.

            Developers are always messing around with their phone so it might get broken in some way

            Actually, I’d expect developers to be a lot less careless than the average idiot who thinks since they bought their phone for $50 on contract that that’s what it’s worth.

            And okay a phablet great but even bigger than the note? The hell.

            You’ve never handled a Nexus 6, have you? With its rounded back, it’s more comfortable in the hand than the Note 4 is, easily.

          6. G3 rocks. Sorry but LG has arrived because of the nexus devices and LG innovation.

      2. I hate to break it to you, but the whole Nexus concept is hardly “to become what it is now”. It is not a widely sold item or concept. It has a small market appeal to dev’s and hardcore tech geekers. The other 300 million phone buyers in the USA, they don’t give a F about the whole Nexus concept (nor even know what it is). Nexus concept ain’t all that. More hype than anything.

        1. I know most people don’t care about the nexus Brand or concept and I’m not saying its a consumer phone for everyone all I’m saying is that thanks to these two phones more people got to know about it and got hooked to it like I did when I played with a n4 and then got my current and perfect n5.

          1. It gave me a positive opinion of LG is what it did for me. G3 is an awesome phone.

        2. Well, there’s the rub. When LG did it, I think it did so for the mainstream audience to a degree. The N4 was essentially an Optimus G without the hardware buttons and slightly better specs. The N5 was an overall improvement from there and because of it’s purity and accessibility it filled a void in the market for a reasonably spec’d phone at an outstanding price point. The N6 I think is definitely for fans only given it’s size and relative specs up against the iPhone Plus and the Galaxy Note. I think LG learned from the G2X before they got the Nexus and ever since then their overall quality has gotten a lot better. They’re not my first choice for a phone these days, but the Nexus definitely helped them become more legit. If Huawei does get it, I would hazard they would go a similar route to get their foot in the door so to speak. I would expect a reasonably priced phone with great hardware running Vanilla Android 6.0. I wouldn’t put it past them to go for broke and make it in a few sizes either. Let’s see where this goes.

          1. When LG did it, it was sold online only, not in stores (i.e. where mainstream audiences buy their phones). Those truly were for fans only. The 6 is actually being sold to consumers, which is more than you could ever say for the LG nexi.

        3. I agree 100%. I had a Nexus 6 and returned it. Since it was released, mine was the only one I’ve seen outside of a store. No average person is thinking “can’t wait to upgrade to the Nexus 6”.
          If you asked 100 random people, I’d be willing to bet only about 10% even know what a Nexus 6 is.

    4. The Nexus 6 is the worst Nexus device ever released: ridiculously gigantic screen and poor storage performances.

      1. “Ridiculously gigantic screen” – you’ve clearly never actually held one. It’s extremely comfortable in the hand. Additionally, the large screen makes it much easier on the eyes to use for reading, as well as making the on-screen keyboard much easier to use. After getting used to one, those old-fashioned tiny smartphones feel more like adorable toys for toddlers than serious computing devices.

        “Poor storage performances” – oh please, the encryption does not affect real-world performance in any noticeable way, save perhaps for startup times. At any rate, you’d better get used to the encryption, because it’s part of Lollipop and will be part of new Android phones going forward.

        1. “At any rate, you’d better get used to the encryption”

          Yes, with hardware-accelerated encryption.

          1. The Nexus 6 has the hardware for accelerated encryption. Lollipop just doesn’t use it at the present time. If Lollipop is ever updated to use hardware for the encryption, the Nexus 6 will be one of the first to get that update, since it’s a Nexus.

            I reiterate, though, that this makes absolutely no difference to real-world usage. Unless what you primarily do with your phone is stare at benchmark numbers, you are not going to notice any effect from the encryption. My Nexus 6 performs far better than any smartphone I’ve used up until this point, and by a pretty decent margin at that, encryption or no.

  11. Its actually more like “hoowah way’

    1. more like “hwah way”

      1. I don’t know why I always pronounced it like “Hawaii” ?

  12. I’m skeptical. The US government regards Huawei as an arm of the Chinese military. They’ve killed several deals that Huawei has tried to make in the US. This is a consumer product so there might not be anything the government can do but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone at Google gets a phone call from the Commerce department suggestion that they might want to choose another vendor.

    1. The US government have accused Huawei of doing exactly what the US government has been doing all over the world, including on US soil.

      1. Pretty much, the difference is that as an American, I’m more comfortable with the US government being able to peek inside my banking data than I would be with a semi-private military Chinese manufacturer doing the same.

        I’d actually like to completely eliminate the chances of either, but opting for a device from an even harder-to-vet supply line just seems like missing the bamboo forest for the White Oak trees.

        1. There’s no actual proof that Huawei is in any way related to the Chinese military, or any clear evidence of who owns it at all. That’s a claim made by the US government but they’re not exactly know for their truthiness. Though Huawei are definitely keeping the actual ownership pretty opaque.

          As for vetting the supply line, there’s not much chance of that for any device as few, if any components are made in the US. Even Qualcomm manufactures their processors in China.

          1. In any case it’s cause for concern when the Chinese government is requiring foreign companies to provide back doors to their software in order to conduct business inside the country.


          2. Which is exactly what the FBI and the US government have been calling for.

          3. Who’s easier to fight against this and hold more accountable? China or the Unites States?

          4. Given the extent of the US wiretapping and surveillance programs and the fact they’re still going on I’d say they’re as bad as each other.

          5. Lesser of two evils these days. We can hold our politicians more accountable than Chinese politicians, besides the ones the communist party has executed for corruption. We don’t worry as much about the likes of LG, Samsung, Motorola, HTC or Sony making a Nexus device.

            There’s a valid reason for that. This is meant only to raise awareness, not to advocate for folks to avoid Huawei’s products.

          6. From what I can see you can no more hold your own politicians accountable than anyone else’s. And none of those companies are American either.

          7. Of course, we’re all well aware none of the companies I mentioned are American but they’re not Chinese which was the point I was trying to make.

            I don’t favor American-made mobile devices any more than I do Korean or Japanese but when it comes to companies from China with a bit of baggage (like Huawei) it’s reasonable to have a bit of concern. It’s not meant to demonize them at all, just ask a few more questions of them.

            And yes, we can and do hold our politicians more accountable than the communist party in China. More oversight and public opinion in the United States counts.

          8. “Truthiness”? Is that you, Colbert?

            That’s a claim made by the US government but they’re not exactly know for their truthiness.

  13. I’d rather they go w/OPPO. Something akin to the FIND7/7A would likely have mass appeal,even if scaled down from a 5.5″ screen to a 5-5.2″ form factor.

    1. No.

  14. I would buy one if it is a solid build… Why not… If Verizon will allow it on their network.

    1. Be rest assured, they will have to use the old “extensive testing” claim.

  15. A Huawei nexus would be great! Look at the Ascend Mate 7 and the Honor 6 Plus both great examples of the company heading in the right direction with things. Best thing for everyone would be to go to AA on YouTube they recently went to there official headwuarters, it’s an impressive place. Not only that they prices would be much cheaper than the nexus 6 judging by what you can pick up the latest offerings for.

  16. Yep. I’de buy it.

  17. Not a bad concept. Lose the branding and protruding camera and you might have a seller.

  18. “but how would it do here in the US”? I’ll tell you, it would crush every previous Nexus. They would punk all previous manufacturers in terms of cost, tech, design, etc. IMHO.

    1. Why are you so certain of that? Nexus phones have been cheap, expensive, unlocked, and available on carriers. They’ve tried everything with household names. Why would Huawei do any better?

  19. 5” screen and I’ll buy it.

  20. Huawei makes really good hardware, but miui is a hot mess. Huawei with an unskinned Android could be one of the best phones we’ve ever seen.

    1. Miui isn’t Huawei’s, it’s Xiaomi’s :)

      1. Yeah, that’s my bad. I didn’t mean to call it miui, i think its emotion or something

  21. I’ve never had an issue with Huaweis build quality or phone design. Not at all. Just there terrible software and lack of support/updates. A Huawei nexus could be really good. Maybe we’ll get a premium build at low cost.

  22. Rather have Moto, Sony, HTC, Samsung, or LG. Nowei to Huawei.

    1. Why? Just because they don’t have a large presence in the US doesn’t mean they’re not huge internationally.

      1. @stephen_cornwell:disqus EXACTLY. The wife and I were just in Australia and I saw their phones everywhere. As long as it’s well made, able to have an unlocked bootloader and I can handle flashing AOSP myself .. I’m fine with it. My reason for not buying the next rev is that I doubt my N6 will be so slow in 9 months that I need to buy a new shiny. :)

        1. They make really great hardware at prices that would be hard to argue with if the software side wasn’t so rough. But if they’re released with a clean Android build at similar prices they’d be a no brainer.

      2. I don’t care about who is huge internationally. Why would I want to give up reliable OEMs?

        1. Well, you’re not. Huawei are a reliable company, that’s my point. They sell a huge number of phones outside the US. In fact they provide the infrastructure for entire mobile networks.

  23. I would get one. They like OPPO makes good innovations. Heard a lot of positive feedback about them.

  24. I hope they use a known, quality manufacturer and not a knock off company like Huawei. If so, I won’t buy nexus, but I will seek the pure Android experience.

  25. How do you say no in Chinese?

  26. Will the One M9 Max come out already?

    1. no

  27. Would much rather see a nexus phone made by Huawei than by either Korean maker.

    1. y?

      1. Better build quality and hopefully some fresh ideas after the boring Korean efforts. The nexus 5 was the only decent one and mainly because of the price.
        In all honesty I think HTC should make a nexus again.

  28. It’s not wah-way. It’s hwah-way. I speak Mandarin.

    1. Good for you. Have a cookie.

  29. I had a Huawei slide phone like 5 or 6 years ago and the thing was excellent. Never had a problem at all and the keyboard was great.

  30. it better be cheaper than N6 if made by Huawei.

    1. You aren’t going to get the specs of a Nexus 6 for the price of a Nexus 5.

      1. Cheaper in terms of quality. I didn’t win the Nexus 6 I own from lottery.

  31. I much prefer a company that’s tryn to expand… They tend to put more effort in a product… Make sure people remember who they are, it’s kinda stupid to make bad decisions when getting people to know you

  32. Yay! first nexus phone I will not be purchasing

  33. That would be dope! Every android oem deserves a shot at the nexus program, why not…well maybe not the likes of kyocera but you know

    1. Kyocera actually makes really good stuff.

  34. Hasn’t every manufacturer that’s made a Nexus phone made 2? So, that would mean Motorola would make the next one also.

  35. i’m in. I don’t care who makes it as long as its reasonable quality at historic nexus prices. i might buy a Chinese brand on my next trip to Asia just because.

  36. How about OnePlus as the next Nexus maker? The ideal white whale phone.

    1. I have wondered why google hasn’t released a ‘stock’ android build themselves for the oneplus one device. Its a open device etc.

  37. Hopefully it will be a cheap flagship killer, so google can give the final death blow to the android not so giants. I hate watching slow deaths of companies like nokia, samsung, sony and blackberry. Chinese manufacturers can grab top shelf parts just as easily as the next company and throw them together, also their designs can be wacky and original. Heck we might even discover china is an innovation powerhouse just waiting to be unleashed. And the icing is they’re happy with 60 million in profit with billions in revenue.

  38. I haven’t had a huawei phone in a while, but I have been reading about their products. If they are the next nexus manufacturer, I would take a gander at what they would offer. But if the pricing will be along the lines of the nexus 6 (flagship killer at same flagship price), I probably will not buy it.

  39. From what I understand of the company they stole technology. Which.. In short, Apple did the same. Could this put the Nexus where it belongs? Above everything else but at a cheaper price? I sure hope so, I’m just concerned about a Chinese company that has the hand of its government involved too. Google doesn’t seem like they are stupid. But this is simply a rumor also. I say, as a “reveal” slap that bad boy back to HTC. Isn’t that the manufacture of the Nexus One?

    1. HTC, LG and now Moto haven’t been USA owned or USA made device while under the ‘nexus’ program. I don’t understand why people jump up and down.

      I would be MORE afraid of your OWN government. Them spying on you can lead to more trouble for you than a overseas government. China has no reach into the USA to lock you up etc but the NSA does ;)

      1. The thing isn’t about what is US owned and what isn’t. Its about the Chinese government being directly involved with the growth and success of a company. “China has no reach into the USA” well, lookie here some random guy on the internet has the answer to the C.I.A.’s problem with National Security of the same company who wants to build the US’s internet cell tower infrastructure. How about that?!

        1. So you’re ok with the past nexus OEMs being HTC (Taiwan). LG (Korea), Motorola Mobility (China) and ASUS (Taiwan) making devices but not Huawei (China)?

          You are aware that Taiwan is officially part of the Republic of China?

          Oh you Americans…. make me laugh some times!

          1. Only china conisder them to be a terroity the rest of world considers them separate on Taiwan.

          2. Exactly. Taiwan is, officially, the “Republic of China.” Which is separate and distinct from the “People’s Republic of China.” All of China was RoC until the communist revolution, at which point the RoC government fled to Taiwan and the PRoC government took over the mainland.

            PRoC considers Taiwan a part of it. Taiwan doesn’t comment on this, to prevent any loss of face on either side and to prevent stirring the pot.

            The rest of the world, basically treats Taiwan (RoC) as a separate nation, and from a de facto standpoint, it is.

          3. and we love to make you laugh. so many like you talking crap while desperately trying to enter our country legally or illegally.

  40. So with the Nexus 6 just recently being released, does anyone have a clue to when the next one will be on its way? Its getting really tough trying to keep up with the cellular industry.

  41. As I said on the previous article about this, I’m all for Huawei making the next Nexus but a bigger point to me is, Got damn, the Nexus 6 just came out and were already talking about the next. Moves way to fast in my opinion. 18-24 months is ideal in my opinion

    1. New nexus device about once a year. I think you will be seeing this at the end of the year, around the same time the n6 was released. So be 12 months between updates.

      1. Hopefully the next Nexus will be a reasonably sized phone. It’s been almost 18 months since the last reasonably sized phone.

        1. I’m with you there… and GREAT battery life. Its been years since a nexus had good battery life.

          1. It’s been never since a nexus device had good battery life. The Nexus 1 had the longest battery life of all the Nexus phones I’ve had, and the best word I can use to describe the battery life in that was “passable”.

      2. I know just as every flagship is rralesd every 12 months but were talking about the new version a mere 6 months in and I’d prefer for it to be every 18-24 months for the new flagship rather than every year that was my point

        1. Well thats the cycle companies are on. Every 12 month release, so the rumours start to appear 6 months in!

          Same on the other side of the fence, people are talking about the iPhone 6S already!

          1. I don’t think you hear me, I know the cycle. I know it gets talked about ASAP, but I’m saying in my opinion and in a perfect world for me it would be 18-24 months

          2. I hear you, but as I said. Thats not the cycle companies are on, they’re on 12 month cycles.

            welcome to reality vs wishful thinking, two different things.

          3. That makes our comment unnecessary since I prefaced my comment by saying I know the cycle and in my opinion

          4. We get your opinion but thankfully you do have a choice: buy a new flagship or Google phone every 18-24 months. Problem solved. And that way tech heads can still have new tech every year or so :)

  42. Well, if Huawei indeed is making the next Nexus device, two thing’s are for sure… it won’t be horribly expensive and you’re gonna have some AMAZING battery life.

  43. Love my Nexus 6. Bought one for my wife too. Won’t be buying a Huawei phone…. EVER! Not prejudice, just picky.

    1. “Not prejudice, just picky.”

      Not sure HOW you can be picky when you haven’t even seen the device. so by saying you won’t buy it before you have seen it, is being prejudice.

      Hate to tell you, but your loved Moto devices are now owned by china and made there too.

      1. If Motorola makes the next gen Nexus, I will buy it. If not, maybe Motorola will build a phone comparable to the droid turbo. I would buy that. I would not have bought the nexus 6 if it hadn’t been built by Motorola. I’m Picky that way.

  44. I would have no problem paying as much as $750 for such a phone as long as it has at least a 6.1 inch screen or larger.

    Ideally here is my dream:

    7 inch 4K screen
    4 Gig of Ram
    5,000 mAh battery
    64 and 128 Gig of memory
    Duel facing speakers
    Removable battery (please Zero Lemon triple this one too)
    Water Proof

    In actuality I think LG will make the new Nexus, it will be a 5.2 inch screen, and with the Note 5 going unibody (and rumors of LG G4 doing so as well) I’ll have no choice but to cling to my Nexus 6 and hold out for the rumored Mugen battery case.

    1. That’s not a phone but a tablet.

  45. No, the pronunciation should be /huwa wei/ but the consonant /w/ should be pronounced fast and shortly.

    1. So…. hwa-wei..?

      1. Yeah, although it sounds pretty weird to native English speakers.

    2. nah, it’s america, so we should pronounce it “who-ahh-way”

      as a person who doesn’t have a marketing degree (but has common sense), if you name your product something that doesn’t easily make sense to say, you’re doing it wrong.

      I go out of my way to pronounce cities, people’s names, and general words in a language as they should be pronounced, it’s good manners, but if you are stupid enough to name your company something that is unpronounceable, too bad on you, I’m not going to dignify your bad decision making skills.

      1. Yeah, they should have used a translated English name in America like most brands do in China, usually we call that localization.

      2. You comment seems critical, cosidering I have nothing to do with Huawei at all.
        Actually, the two vowels /ua/ are pronounced as a combined vowel in Chinese just like /au/ /ai/ /ei/ are done in English. Huawei does not seem that they have noticed this big difference between two languages, or show that they are going to make an English version brand. That’s their problem, not mine, and what I posted just told the truth of its standard pronunciation. That’s all.
        BTW: Xiaomi, whose name means millet in Chinese, does not change its name in India, but this marketing strategy does not even prevent its cellphones from selling best as so far. The sales could be affected by multiple factors, so we can not simply rely on our instinct to make a conclusion directly – that also explains why job applicants need to get certifications of diverse degrees in advance, if they want to apply for some specific positions more successfully.

    3. I think they know how to pronounce their own name

      1. Because they don’t want to translate its Chinese name into English, which could probably be understood as “the actions of China”. Its Chinese name might partly make American government kind of uneasy.
        And I bet few English speakers know China means “the country in the centre of the world” in Chinese…

  46. Yes I would,had one before and it worked pretty good. Specs I’d like
    Wireless charging (love this)
    13 mp or higher camera
    A reasonable screen not the behemoth like the last one
    Good battery life
    Micro sd with 32gb min
    Front speakers

  47. Yuck, give it back to HTC. Would love to see a HTC ONE like Nexus.

    1. yeah that would be great! i would love an M9 with Nexus on that back…. *drooling*

      1. Another HTC Nexus would be great… They make an awesome build quality phone. It would be tough… but I can see myself leaving my N6 for a M9 Nexus. I love the front facing speakers and will never go back…

        1. I’ve come to the same conclusion….I think its more important to me than ever after having these awesome speakers. The M9 is going to be better somehow….so I think its the only phone for me unless the G4 does something spectacular. Which they might, they have been very on point the past 2 years now….

          1. Just because… My Dream Phone at this time would list:
            Front Facing Speakers Like HTC Boom Sound
            Wireless Charging (A must for Me)
            Fastest Snap SoCo available
            4GB of the fastest RAM available
            Nice Aluminum body with removable battery
            Micro SD
            32 – 64 GB Storage Space built in
            5 1/2 to 6 inch screen – Best Available at time
            Large battery 4500 + and still fit nicely in my hand like the G3
            Top notch Camera from and back with all the bells and whistles
            Water Proof to 30 feet
            Along with all of the other extras that I may have left out… LOL
            I don’t want much

          2. haha whats wrong with wanting the best of everything?? I would say that is pretty spot on with the best Nexus device man could make. the problem would be there would be no room for improvement next year ;) I would also add the Snapdragon 820. I looooved how the G3 fit in my hand. I’m really missing that part after I upgraded to my N6. I just cant hold this comfortable enough.

          3. at least you don’t want much. I suppose you want it for the price of cheap as well?

          4. under $200 would be great.

          5. No… I am willing to pay for greatness… I bought the Nexus 6 on launch and it was not cheap.

  48. I guess i won’t be buying the next nexus then.

  49. Most of our crap is made in China as it is so I don’t see what the big deal is. If they can make a great phone then I’m up for anything.

  50. Just make a phone with an acceptable size instead of a Nexus “the grill” 6.

  51. Sundar and others at Google have said for some time that the nexus projects are not about volume so their goal would not be too try and sell lots of phones in China. That may happen but that is not their objective. It’s the partnership and experiments they are after.

    The worrying aspect with huawei is that they have close ties to the Chinese government and spying allegations so that company’s presence in the US is not that welcomed by the US government.

    Whether it’s true or not is not so relevant. The negative pr is almost certainly more concerning and will happen.

  52. I think the biggest problem with this is that Huawei is rumored to have hardware backdoors in their products for the chinese govt.

    1. It’s rumoured the Queen is a lizard too.. But nobody believes it until proven.

  53. I wonder if the next Nexus will be overpriced like the N6 compared to it’s predecessors.

    1. As I said elsewhere, you aren’t going to get the specs of the Nexus 6 for the price of the Nexus 5.

  54. One plus was pretty impressive… I’d give Huawei a chance as well , google knows what it is doing.

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