Early HTC One M9 pictures give us our first look at its 20 megapixel camera


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We’ve gotten a quick first look at the HTC One M9 this morning, folks. The phone, which is expected to be launched alongside a smart watch at Mobile World Congress next month, doesn’t give anything obvious away on the surface. It still looks HTC-ish, meaning if you put it up next to an HTC One M8 you probably wouldn’t be able to notice a huge difference.

That said we do see the lone rear camera sensor on the rear which is said to be delivering 20 megapixels of goodness, and its dual-LED flash flanks it to the left. Earlier leaks gave us a more clear idea of what specs to look forward to once this thing is in our hands:

  • Snapdragon 810 chipset with Adreno 430 GPU
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 5-inch 1080p display
  • 2,840mAh battery
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop with HTC Sense 7.0
  • 20.7 megapixel camera on the rear, UltraPixel camera on the front

And it’s all happening March 1st at Mobile World Congress. We have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ll hear about HTC’s dirty little secret ahead of the big day.


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  1. Keeping the M8 look in tact was smart. The HTC logo with the bezel is a tad too big.

    1. Any size is too big on the front of a phone.

      1. Where is the power button

        1. On right side, below volume buttons

    2. Ya thats seriously weird why don’t they take that off? It would make phone smaller and better looking lol

      1. It’s got important stuff underneath it, so they either leave a blank bar, or put a tiny logo there.

        1. Oooo I didn’t know this lol thank you

    3. If the leaked dimensions are right, it’s smaller than the one on the M8.

  2. Looks like the infamous black bar makes a return!!

    1. IKR… *sigh*

  3. Looking nice….this year is going to be difficult when choosing an upgrade. Every body is coming out with awesome phones.

  4. Them bezels

  5. Why fix what ain’t broken? I love the M8 design. It does look like the bezels are somewhat thinner. However, I’m not a fan of square cameras :S

    1. Why not, I’ll bet you take rectangular pictures?

      1. LOL you win today sir…

  6. I was considering on upgrading, but those bezels kill me. If that’s how the final product looks in the end, sorry HTC, not buying it. I’ll sick with my M8. Also I don’t like the squarish camera on the back, but that’s not a deal breaker.

  7. Keeping my Nexus 6. Was hoping for a slight change in design but nope not this year it seems.

  8. Gotta hide the speakers and internals under something.. can’t all be screen..

    1. Motorola managed it on the Nexus 6, barely a gap between the bottom speaker and the screen.

      1. Motorola didn’t include amps for the speakers, just stereo front-facing.

        1. Take the M8 apart then respond. There’s nothing under the black bar. In fact, htc states the black bar is to keep the phone proportional, and a bigger screen would be “odd looking”..

      2. As well as HTC themselves on their newest Desire phones..

  9. Next to S6, this is my other consideration for 2015. I assume they kept the MicroSD. Glad to see 3gb RAM. I only wish, in these specs, they would have hit the 3000mAh battery mark – so close.

  10. Wish they brought the capacitive buttons of the M7 if they’re keeping the HTC logo on the bottom, and please HTC don’t let the camera protrude (and make it round again lol)

    1. The square design is a nice change of pace. I want people to see my phone and KNOW its not a Galaxy or iPhone.

      1. iPhone camera is in the corner and tiny, Galaxy’s camera is square already, looks to me like HTC is making it worse /:

      2. A square camera probably isn’t going to help then if you don’t want them thinking it’s a Galaxy.

  11. If this is it I’ll pass. Need 5.5″ with minimum bezel. The M8 has too much wasted space and is too narrow. Would love a finger print scanner that works, too.

  12. This has got to be 100% fake.

    1. The back i believe is real, but that front is an m8

    2. Definitely real……. a real prototype, that is.

    3. Nawh.. go look at the M8 and M9 side by side fronts at droid-life…. it’s different

  13. undewhelmed. I would bet money this is not the back of the m9. Prototype maybe. Doesn’t give that premium feel like iphone 6. I bet G2 and S6 will be more in line with iphone 6 build and feel, have to assume htc will too.

    1. The G2? Do you mean the G4 as the G3 was released last year?

    2. Dude you looking to get laughed at, the M8 all metal design that came way before the iPhone 6 is what Apple took design ques from and htc offers way better premium feel, get outta hea with that, it was HTC that set the bar for what a premium phone should feel like and its still unmatched

      1. I would bet most people would agree the iPhone 6 build quality feels more premium than HTC. Curved edges is just sweet, plus thinner. Sorry but apple has finally done something that warrants praise. Yes HTC did it with m7, which I still love. Again I would bet this isnt what the m9 will look like.

        1. They both have curved edges, and the M8 is curved on the back so that it’s more comfortable to hold (I went from an M7 to a Note 4, and the M7’s back definitely feels nicer).

          I would imagine if you did a double-blind test with both of those phones (assuming you could somehow find a bunch of people who didn’t know the iPhone 6 and/or M8), you’d find a pretty even split on quality. People tend to praise Apple for things just based on the Apple logo (not saying you are).

          1. I again disagree. The metal feel of the iphone 6 is superior to m7 or m8. As far as android goes HTC is best for build quality/feel, but iphone still outsells htc 10 to 1. Now yes I did make up that number but it has to be close lol.

          2. You’re welcome to disagree, as that’s clearly your opinion. iPhone outsells HTC in general for myriad reasons, one of which is the Apple branding, and another of which is that the iPhone is only phone that runs iOS. I’ve been underwhelmed with almost every iPhone release (although I did like the 4, with its glass back. That was cool), so to each their own.

            Finally, as someone who had the M7 for 1.5 years, I actually got tired of having a metal phone. Initially it was a selling point, but weight + likelihood of denting turned me against it. So while I too am a little underwhelmed by the M9, it’s only because I’m over the whole “metal unibody” thing.

      2. I realize this is android fan boy central. But holding my gf’s iphone 6 sure feels a lot more premium than any android ive ever seen, and ive seen em all that are available in US. Same way their macbook pro’ laptops feel more premium than any other laptop on market. Apple isnt stupid, check their stock for proof.

        1. seen or held, its one thing to look at, another to hold, have u held an M8, prolly not, and the macbooks yea they feel nice, but go pick up on an Acer Aspire R7, you would eat them words. i own an aspire ultra book and it feels more premium dude

          1. Oh my gawd, now I have heard everything. Acer now makes superior laptops to Apple? LOL. There isnt a touchpad on any laptop on the market that comes close to apple’s. Apple macbooks are in a league of their own. Period. Just like their new imac is, the only 5k display out. Show me an ACER desktop, or any desktop for that matter that people actually buy that costs upward of 4k dollars like the Mac Pro desktop does. If you are smart, and have 4k to spend on a desktop, you are buying a mac pro, not an acer, or any other brand. Yes apple is expensive when it comes to their computers, but you get what you pay for. Like all things in life.

          2. Seems you base everything on sales, item price, stock value, etc.
            If you’re just after status then I can see this point of view but a lot of people aren’t interested in materialism like that.

          3. Its really just a correlation to how good a product is, or how well its liked by consumers. I work for Cisco as a Network Consulting Engineer, consulting on architecture of the worlds largest Internet and private network providers. All the carriers, you name it use my team for guidance in future proofing their networks.. Of the thousands of insanely talented engineers I have met over the years, when it comes time to request a computing resource of their choice, it is always a mac. Aint nobody requesting an Acer, or pc, for that matter. They just work better in every way.

          4. If you feel that justifies you shelling out huge money on apple products then that’s fine but I disagree strongly.
            I work in engineering as well and have never felt the need to use an apple computer in my life.

    3. Having held an iPhone 6, the build and design is extremely boring and definitely has a less quality feeling than the M8.

      Those resin channels throughout the Iphones body are also ugly as sin.

      Only thing that turns me off about this M9 is the sub 3000 mAh battery. Inexcusable these days and is something that I could never go back to.

      1. The iPhone 6 looks lovely, dude. Like really lovely.

        1. These things are subjective but it’s incredibly bland to me. Then factor in the limited OS and you have one boring ‘smart’ phone.

        2. All opinion of course, but the iPhone 6 is ugly as sin.

  14. Flop, flop, another tin can aluminum flop. HTC thinks they are Apple/Samsung by recycling the same phone. Lol March 1st will be a DOA announcement boom, its over for them.

    1. They ain’t going anywhere. The M8 was far from a “flop.” And this is the same design because it’s a prototype. They would never launch with the exact same design as their previous version. Only Apple does that.

      1. ^ This… They’ve been known to throw out prototypes int he wild. I’ve seen the prototype of the M8 and I promise it looked nothing like the M8 we see today.

      2. How was the M8 not a flop and it didn’t sell. Was it because it was aluminum and praise by the tech community that it’s not considered a flop? Because I thought it was all about selling units/profits both of which HTC isn’t doing. So do tell….

        1. How many people know about the M8? How many people know about a Galaxy device? There’s your answer. Its always been marketing.

          No one knows what my M8 is. LoL!! They go “HTC? Those break easily” referring to the cheap pre-2012 phones. That’s the last people heard of them.

        2. HTC turned a profit in both Q2 and Q3 man.

  15. Everyone used to make fun of Apple for always having the same design, HTC literally does the same exact thing 3 years in a row and it’s a good thing. Makes sense.

    1. Well… The M7 does look different than the M8. Yea they favor each other, but yea… I wouldn’t say it was the same design.

      1. But you could say “same design” but “Differently executed”

    2. “Makes sense”.. Pun intended??

    3. For sure, because the Galaxy S4 and 5 looked so different. Or the Xperia Z1, 2 and 3…right?

  16. So I am guessing they are taking the 20.7 MP G Sensor and lenses from the Xperia Z line…..

  17. It still has that stupid logo bezel.

    1. This is why I never will go with a HTC i just can’t stand the bezels and they haven’t improved from the M7,8 either

  18. Yeah Dont like it at all so far needs to be a bigger display smaller bezels top/bottom/sides and also needs to be a 2k display to compete in the big market of things design of camera looks like a gs5 which I Dont like either

    1. I agree – have the M8 (and love it) but I would like to see some additional leaps forward with a larger screen, reduced bezel, etc, as you stated. Feel like there’s a lot of wasted real-estate on the front if the picture is in fact legit.

    2. I pretty much disagree with everything you’ve said. Lol. There’s no need for a larger screen, nor to go with a higher resolution. Smaller bezels I definitely agree with though.

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