Here’s how you can watch tonight’s State of the Union address on your Android phone or tablet


Folks in the United States who are interested in seeing how the country will look to attack the future will probably want to tune into the State of the Union address tonight. It’s the annual big wig meeting between the nation’s leaders, with the president — currently Barack Obama — laying out their plans for the year and beyond.

If you’re itching to tune in but won’t be in front of the ol’ tube, you’ll be happy to know you can watch it on your smartphone or tablet. This is thanks to The White House using YouTube live streaming to show the speech to anyone who prefers to watch online.


The video embedded above is where it’ll all go down, and it starts at 9pm Eastern Standard Time. You can launch the video using that embed on your Android smartphone or tablet, and it should take you right to the YouTube app to tune in live. Can’t catch it live? It should be archived on YouTube immediately after it airs so you can likely use that same embed to watch it at a more convenient time.

It’s worth watching no matter how you feel about politics or the current administration, so be sure to tune in to see what’s on the mind of POTUS.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Oh this is gonna get ugly… Lol

    Watch and behold as tech nerds transform into vicious political commentators!

      1. Grabs a six pack

        1. Grabs Han Solo

    1. Right? It’s always surprised me how far right folks in the tech scene and gamers especially are. Most of the folks that are mobile tech enthusiast are pretty young yet share a lot of the views MUCH older conservative politicians like Lindsey Graham. I don’t get it.

      1. And don’t realize that the republicans blame THEM for all of the things going wrong in the country. It’s a hate thing.

  2. thanksobama.jpg

  3. “The future has been declared an enemy combatant. Bombing begins shortly.”

    This is what the phrase “attack the future” puts in my mind in regards to the US Gov.

    1. I had similar thoughts about the “attacking the future” part. Glad someone else caught onto that and shares my opinion on it.

  4. “if you want to keep your old doctor, you can keep your old doctor! healthcare costs will be cheaper. I captured Bin Laden. Gays can now marry. We are right on track”

    1. What are you trying to say here?

      1. Bunch of fluff is all he has to say. Try to make American’s sleep better at night.

        1. Par for the course really. Politics is politics. SOTU addresses and the GOP responses have always been just political theater anyway while the rest of us continue chugging along doing our best for our own.

  5. When I am being lied to, I like it to be in HD.. so I will stick to using a TV to watch this.

    1. You shouldn’t be using that cheap tablet/phone.

  6. Why such hate about Obama, when Healthcare is given to the masses now, the Economy has bounced back tremendously, big name terrorist leaders have all been captured, gas is < $2, housing market is bouncing back, private sector jobs have increased tremendously all within 6 years. Smh Obama has done an amazing job giving the backlash he has faced with Die-Hard Republicans in the White House making it almost impossible to pass laws. The real "liar" was Bush!!! He left this country in turmoil and without Obama and his die-hard vision, its no telling where we would be as a country. There's tons of work to be done but the work that has been done is AMAZING. Oh did I mention the US dollar is the strongest it has been in over a decade. Stop watching FoxNews who constantly lie and produce shows tailored around Republicans and "their beliefs".

    1. Heh. I don’t hold him primarily accountable, I hold both major parties, and Congress. Obama’s biggest offense as a politician is not sticking to his guns, whether I agree with them or not. As for healthcare, please don’t make me laugh. My fiancee has crappy healthcare that doesn’t even cover a physical. The plans that do cover more? Don’t qualify for ACA. Capturing terrorist leaders is a debatable topic to begin and end with, and ultimately, we’d have to also account for all the innocents killed in the task of doing so. Gas cost has little to do with his politics and everything to do with OPEC shutting down North American producers, and Republicans are already talking about raising the gas tax now that gas is “cheap”.

      And no, I don’t get my news from Fox. As far as I’m concerned, Obama’s bad, Bush was worse, Clinton was okay, and loads others aren’t worth mentioning.

      1. Now this I can agree with. While nothing is perfect, “Obamacare” is a start since now my elderly Grandmom can now afford her medicines to keep her alive a little longer. I wasn’t saying in general Obama was responsible just that a lot has been accomplished in a short period of time.

    2. Its because he is black… Only reason left. Only reason why.

      1. Turns out, black or white, politicians don’t change their colors, they are all full of Shizz. But I am glad we finally got a black prez as it proves, he was no better or worse than any white prez.

      2. It has nothing to do with his color. It’s has to do with his liberal and stupid bills

        1. If you think it has nothing to do with race and as a minority such as you Carlos you should know better.

          1. I don’t identify myself as a minority. I am an American with the same rights and privileges as any other so. And I’m also a legal immigrant and I think his new bill is a bid f###k you to all the people like me who do things by the law.

          2. True

          3. You can “identify” as a martian for all you want, but you will never be one of them and no matter how much water you carry for them, you will always be on the outside looking in. They hate you. Get over it.

          4. Who are you referring to as they? I don’t know where you’re coming from but I have not been exposed to any hatred of any kind in the 8+ years I’ve been here. And that says a lot since I’ve worked with 90% of Co workers who are white. This is not a thing of white or black. This is about what’s right and what’s wrong. If you obey the laws you would have no complaints about hate. You think people hate you because you do something wrong and get corrected. That’s not hate that’s life.

          5. No, what I know (not think) is that there are structures that are set up in this country that are called institutional racism that have been my experience that have NOTHING to do with obeying the law. You’ve been here 8 years? Those same people you’re attempting to emulate are the same people who will ask you for your papers based on how you look. That’s racist no matter how you attempt to excuse it. Stop thinking that everyone’s experience is the same as yours, and if it isn’t it “must” be that they’ve done something wrong.

          6. What are those structures you talk about? Please tell me you’re not talking about the police. Does the police target black people more than white people? The answer is yes. Do black people commit more than four times the amount of crime that white people commit? Yes. So in my opinion and anyone who can think, that is a justified act.

          7. “Do black people commit more than four times the amount of crime that white people commit? Yes.” And there’s the problem with you. You know so little about the institutions of racism, especially because you were not born here, that it’s difficult to have a discussion with you PRECISELY because of the level of ignorance you have about this topic. Here’s a fairly new article to help you out.

          8. What race are you anyway? I’m just pointing out facts. I read a good part of the article you shared, however not the whole thing. And still, that article says the same things I’ve been saying. Racial profiling happens because one race had the majority of the crimes therefore, they are targeted more aggressively.

    3. Health care to the masses huh? At what price? Bad service and loosing your doctor?. The economy is also not bouncing back except in Texas and the oil prices are down because of Saudi Arabia trying to bring down Irans economy. He has released high value terrorist from gitmo and negotiated with terrorists. He made a ridiculous immigration bill with all this stupid amnesty. There are almost 5times the amount of people just living with government money. People are motivated to not work because of the ridiculous unemployment benefits. Ect.

      1. Lol say that to the nationwide unemployment rate to decrease almost 50% since being in office. Which will have a trickle up effect to the economy. Smh Econ 101.

        1. Really? Because in case you didn’t know, the last year of George Bush unemployment rate was at 5.0 and now it is 5.8 so where’s the change? And also the worst unemployment rate in the past 12 years have been during king Obama’s presidency. Now check how many people are on welfare now compared to when George Bush was president. But I know, you won’t care how many people are on welfare because you liberal only care about yourselves and about what the country can do for you, but not what you can do for your country.

          1. The US had a giant reccession during Bush’s lame duck end that the poor and middle class still haven’t recovered from.

          2. YearJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecAnnual20045. 20055. 20064. 20074. 20085. 20097. 20109. 20119. 20128. 20138. 20146.

          3. So like I said. Obama let us into the worst unemployment rate in the past 12 years.

          4. Read my first post Carlos, then you get a good understanding of how Econ works which affects unemployment rates.

          5. I get your point and I respect your opinion. however, Obamacare is Killing the middle class with all those new rules. If you have a small business you’re literally going to pay three times the amount you would usually pay without it.

          6. That part does suck. But its a start. Hopefully it can be improved because while its beneficial to a certain extent its no where near perfect and more than likely needs a major overhaul.

          7. But, you don’t have a small business based on the posts you’ve made in the past, so how is it affecting YOU?

          8. I never said it affected me. That’s where you and I are different. I don’t only think on what affects me, but what affects most people. And you’re right it doesn’t directly affect me, but it affects people around me.

          9. No, it doesn’t. You simply like to bash based on what you’ve “heard”.

          10. Hope this helps you out. 2 years after Obama got into office the effect of Bush term hit the unemployment which was the reason for the 9+% it doesnt happen over night. First companies lose money, then they fire/lay off. Why am I explaining Econ to someone who obviously have never taken a course in it better yet be able to understand the aftershock effect. Just because it didnt happen in his (Bush) term doesnt mean he wasnt the direct cause of it.

        2. Unemployment rate is not equal to Labor Force rate, which is the true measure of how many people are actually working. (hint, it is at an all time low right now)

          1. Guy he mentioned unemployment rate which I was explaining to him. As myself being an economist for my day job I would say I might know just a tad bit more than you do sir. And Labor force is not a good indicator as well as those same people you claimed are on Wed are could have just moved to ventures of their own. Also its of the lowest it has been ever but just a few decades sir. Get your facts straight. And the actual decline in the labor force rate started between 2000-2002. That’s when it eaked and started to decline. Guess who was in office during that period? Lol sir you need to come with facts before coming at me incorrectly. Read Econ 101. You know why its the lowest well one factor is what they call the cyclical cycle. Meaning what happens now to the economy won’t have a direct effect to other things until years later. One key measure of why the labor force rate has declined could be that my parents generation ala baby boomers are now retiring. That is just one scenario. There are tons of theories but to blame it on Obama is just lame and idiotic.

    4. */ rant on

      Wow, the level of cluelessness here is frightening. The only person that would write such nonsense, someone who benefits from the endless handouts he makes.

      Go do REAL research on Obamacare and what it is doing to the middle class. GO read up on the tax, errrr, fee you will have to pay if you opted not to have health insurance to cover the sick and poor. Go look at the numbers who are now NOT insured because to cover the costs of this terrible idea, insurance companies raised their prices and now middle class people had their insurance rates double or triple. Go look at the number of health exchanges that have failed because no one healthy is signing up as the premiums and costs are too high so that only leaves the sick and poor and those people cannot cover the costs of their insurance. Go look at the numbers of people that signed up AND NEVER PAID THEIR PREMIUMS!

      Gas at less than $2? Yes, for about 3-5 weeks now. Not the previous “years” of his office time. As well, this is NOT due to anything he did, it is due to market forces and investors. So do not pat him on the back for this, this is not by his design or work. Oh, and BTW, the real numbers to look at are averages, not a 2-3-4 week price. And the average under him is high, high, high.

      As a clear liberal, I am shocked you even bought up “terrorist leaders” given we opt to kill as many as we can, not capture. So, funny, you omit the kill part as normally people like you are crying up a storm at their treatment. And, that being said, again this is not an Obama thing, this is a natural progression of military intel. It would have happened no matter who was at the helm as we all want them dead and buried. But maybe in your case, imprisoned and coddle for the rest of their life.

      IMHO, this is not about R versus D – but people like you like to go that direction essentially making you as bad as the people you point at – what it is is about a typical politician that promised a lot, delivered a little, and changed his mind once he got in office about the promises and big talk he made. He has been a disaster to the economy, to the middle class – who carries the burden of weight in this economy which matters hugely – and gotten the poor use to a socialist mentality of equality by taking from those who made it and given it to those that do not and so now they are use to the handouts.

      We could go around and around and around, you can find your stats and I can find mine, but the simple fact is, IF you live in the middle class you have gotten hammered, if you are poor you have gotten a leg up to some degree, but worse you have gotten a belief that the world is fair and equal and that is not the real world. Turns out, Obama is not better (or worse per se) than any other politician. He was not the salvation expected, that is plain as day.

      */ rant off

      1. Yes I look at all of that when I look into the eyes of my Grandmom breathing. I am part of that middle class you are referring too and I’ll pay a higher premium if it means my Grandmom gets access to healthcare or doesn’t get drop due to a preexisting condition. So while you whine I am a direct benefit of Obamacare everyday to talk to my Grandmom. Go play in traffic and quit your whining. I’m a healthy young male who doesn’t mind paying for healthcare if it benefits others by me doing so. Its not like I’m not getting anything in return. Its selfish people such as you that is the reason why America is looked at the way its looked at by other more prosperous countries.

        1. Wishing death on people who disagree with you. Stay classy my liberal friend. Right after stating he is glad his grandmother is alive because other people whom don’t know his grandmother paid to keep her alive by force of law.

          1. Haha. That was just a joke. But I see what you’re saying.

      2. You have such a lack of basic understanding of how things work in government, that it’s embarrassing to have a debate with you. How do you like your republican senator Mitch Mcconnell saying the economy is getting better after they won, even though they’ve given the president no credit and they had not taken over, yet.

  7. Time to see what centre-right policies he proposes so the Republicans can shoot down for not being extreme enough. Granted, lame duck status has moved Obama to propose some okay policy now it has no chance to pass and piss off his donors.

  8. How a constitutional teacher dismantles the constitution.

    1. In what way? Be specific. I think you say this crap because nobody ever questions you. Don’t pu$$y out either.

      1. NDAA, Assassination of US citizens abroad, complete disregard for 4th, 5th and 6th amendments and summary execution sounds “cruel and unusual” to me (7th). And that’s just the standard “Bill of Rights” part.

        1. Actually, I will agree with you for the most part (then again, I don’t believe in indefinite detention, torture, drone strikes, etc.). THIS is not what he was talking about though.

  9. Thanks! I’m overseas right now and I kinda doubt it’ll be on the tube.

  10. I’d rather be water boarded than watch the Teleprompter-in-Chief bang on the federal pinata for 90 minutes.

  11. Odd enough being middle class , I haven’t suffered from any of the shock and awe policies that most of you (redundicans) speak of ; must be the water!

  12. I like his stance on technology but don’t agree with a great deal of what is central to his agenda. I also don’t like his attitude.

    One liberal idea I really agree with is the elimination of capital punishment. Why should the government have the power to eliminate its own citizens for any reason?

    I’m disappointed Obama hasn’t taken a very traditional left wing stance on that issue.

    Before I get crucified by conservatives. While I don’t support capital punishment I also do not support gun control. It seems intuitive to me to oppose both gun control and capital punishment.

    A legally well armed populace can defend themselves by eliminating imminent threats to their livelihoods and should be able pose enough of a threat as a group to keep the government honest. Capital punishment does not eliminate any imminent threat as the threatening party is incarcerated. Capital punishment is really only a legal substitute for vengeance killing, in my opinion. It also allows for the possibility of an otherwise innocent person to be killed at the hands of the government through error or intentional deception. Most people completely disagree with me on this. I would love to see someone here argue against that position.

    As far as Obama goes I guess generally speaking he is a lukewarm president for me. For most people its all or nothing with him, for me he is meh….

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