Verizon strikes patent deal with Google to fight off the trolls


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Looks like software vendors and OEMs aren’t the only ones looking to stop patent trolls dead in their tracks. Verizon is the latest to sign a deal with Google that will see them licensing Google extensive library of mobile patents, many of which were snapped up in their original purchase of Motorola Mobility.

Terms of the agreement weren’t disclosed, but we imagine Google dealt Verizon a fair price in order to make this happen. Verizon says they’ve been fighting the good fight when it comes to patent reform, and that while today’s deal is a good step to protect themselves by being better equipped to fight back against patent trolls, their heart is still set on seeing the entire system overhauled or reformed to keep people from stifling innovation.

Whether Verizon and all the other tech innovators are going to be successful in their plight remains to be seen, but for now all they can do is keep loading up the guns and aim them back at the very trolls who have them in their sights.

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  1. Now allow nexus phones like n5?

  2. looking at you Microsoft and Apple!

  3. I hope that they added to the agreement that Verizon has to accept Nexus products… They are still fighting the Nexus 6 on their network.

    1. I’ve forgotten. Why has Verizon never really allowed Nexus products (and why is it fighting the Nexus 6 being used on its networks)?

      1. Because Verizon wants to put their software on the phone, and certify updates before they’re pushed. Pretty much treat the nexus like any other Android in their lineup.

      2. I’m currently using my 2nd iteration of a Nexus phone on Verizon.

      3. They want to: 1) load up their phones with crapware, 2) control when phones are updated, and 3) sh*t in their customers faces as much as they can get away with while remaining the #1 carrier.

  4. Sincerely,
    #1 for stifling innovation

    1. lol

  5. This site is really full of people

    1. Screw you and your coffee.

    2. You forgot Burnt Sienna.

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