Volvo is using Google Cardboard in an awesome way


Cardboard Volvo

Last summer at Google I/O there were a lot of cool announcements. Google Cardboard was the most surprising and strange thing they showed off, but it turned out to be pretty cool. Unfortunately nothing has come from the strange DIY cardboard VR headset. Until now. Volvo has teamed up with Google Cardboard to get people inside their new SUV.

Volvo has begun sending out black Volvo-themed Cardboard units as a marketing tool. The cardboard goggles pair up with an Android app that takes you right inside the new XC90 SUV. You can see what it’s like to ride in the XC90 in different environments and times of day, all without visiting a dealership. It lacks a little in resolution, but for a few pieces of cardboard and a phone you already own it’s pretty amazing.


We would love to see more things like this take advantage of Google Cardboard. Imagine being able to view the inside of a house you’re interested in checking out, or virtually walking down a street with Google Street View. If you’re interested in trying out the experience you can download the Volvo app and request a Cardboard unit after November 18th. What else would you like to see with Google Cardboard?


[Volvo via Verge]

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  1. They should use these suckers to pilot aircraft and tanks to minimize casualties in wars.

    1. No, since there is latency, which can be crucial when you need to make accurate operations, in real time, as soon as possible. a second can be a matter of life and death.
      Maybe if communications would work in the speed of light, without interruptions, that would be enough.

  2. I shall see what i will have for dinner. *Pulls out the box and looks inside*.

  3. “Your device isn’t compatible…” Great.

  4. I guess I’d have to get the cardboard thing. The old crossing your eyes trick didn’t make it look that glorious. Maybe I’m just too accustomed to the PC master race graphics.

    1. you’re mixing SBS and SXS.
      cross-eye view is for when you have no 3D viewing aid and has the views swapped(left eye sees right image, right eye sees left image)

      cardboard is a 3D viewing aid, so the left eye sees the left image and the right eye sees the eight image.
      viewing this type of 3D image is harder without 3D aid, but it will appear bigger.
      you have to focus well beyond your phone.

      the way you’re looking at it now will invert the 3D, which is not very healthy.

  5. Anyone got the APK? Apparently my devices aren’t compatible.

    1. Not available in your country most likely..

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