Nexus Player now available on Google Play for $99


Nexus Player Google Play

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Announced alongside the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, anyone looking to infuse their TV with some smarts can now find the listing for the Nexus Play live in the Play Store. At $99, it wont put a much of a dent in your wallet and directly competes with Apple TV (only it can do more, like play video games). In fact, the official GamePad is also live, running an extra $40.

While initially showing only as “out of inventory,” the Nexus Player should now be available for purchase with the set top box leaving Google’s warehouse in 3-4 weeks. Direct Google Play link provided below.

Nexus Player on Google Play

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Final Android 5.0 Lollipop SDKs and APIs now available, as well as preview images for Nexus 5 and 7

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  1. We are out of inventory. Please check back soon.

    1. It is now 4:45PM EST and Nexus Player is showing as back in stock (game controller too back instock). I think from reading other comments it has come and gone in and out of inventory several times. Weird.

  2. “Nexus Player is not available in your country.” US ONLY AGAIN!

    1. nope. I got one coming from Google Canada :) $CA109.
      And $CA44.95 for the gamepad. Add $25 shipping (!!) and taxes, and you’re just a few cents from $CA200 !

      1. It was US only initially, I called it too early. Despite the misleading messages they are actually rolling it out to all different countries it is just taking time.

  3. Same issue with out of inventory.

    1. Should be available now.

      1. Thankjs! I managed to get an order in. :)
        Usually wait for some chump to buy them, play for a few days and then sell on, but wanted to get this soon to replace my Apple TV 2.

    1. I only picked up one game controller. I’m wondering if I’ll need a second? Anyone have any idea of what games will be multiplayer? Most Android games are just single player (per device).

  4. Nice specifications apart from the 1GB of memory, what’s that all about?

  5. AAAANd its live.

  6. annnnnnnd its gone

  7. Just picked one up.

  8. and it keeps coming back and going.. just like ticketmaster concert tix..

  9. It needs at least 2 GB ram and more storage! Only 8GB storage?!?!?

  10. Can I buy the Nexus 6 and turn my nexus 5 into an Android TV?
    Don’t think that works yet, no idea how to cast to it yet… :(

    Also, not buying the nex6…too big sadly

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