Final Android 5.0 Lollipop SDKs and APIs now available, as well as preview images for Nexus 5 and 7


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Developers, listen up: Android 5.0 Lollipop will soon be headed to handsets, and that means final APIs and SDKs are ready for you to begin developing against. You’ll use these to make sure everything’s good to go by the time the update begins hitting the first handsets (which are sure to be those from the Nexus camp).

There are over 5,000 new APIs to get your feet wet with, including libraries for material design animations and UI elements, new under-the-hood features, new user-facing features and more. You’ll be looking for API Level 21, and apps made at that level can now be uploaded to Google Play for use when Android Lollipop arrives for the masses.

Google also has tons of documents to help you get started with building Material Design user interfaces, building user interfaces for Android TV and a whole lot more. Here are a few relevant links for you to get started with:

And at the source link you’ll be able to find download links for the final preview images for both the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, though they haven’t gone live as of the time of this writing (and note that these aren’t to be considered final images — those will be along once the final Android 5.0 upgrade begins rolling out for these devices).

Have fun and get those apps ready for the next exciting chapter of Android! As for users, be sure to get a refresher on everything new in Android 5.0 right here (and cross your fingers that it doesn’t take too long for it to make its way to your handset or tablet if you’re a non-Nexus user).

[via Android Developers]

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  1. Testing the updated dev preview on my Nexus 5 now… time will only tell on if this can be my daily driver. #crossedfingers

  2. I still can’t download the preview. Really want to get this on my Nexus 5

    1. I think cookies are the problem (it also happened to me). Download it using incognito mode.

      1. I found the direct links. I have it downloaded. Backing up my SMS then I will install it. I haven’t rooted my phone so I can’t backup my app data.

      2. Cookies are only a problem if you don’t exercise and eat too many.

  3. If it’s got enough features that I’m used to from kitkat roms, I might stay stock since stuff dies on me all the time right now.

  4. Only N7 2013, hopefully the final release includes 2012.

    1. The 2012 Nexus 7 is suppose to get Android 5.0

    2. they confirmed that the 2012 will be getting it

      1. Nice 1. I must have missed that confirmation.

  5. I flashed my N5 with the new image and now it doesnt see my G watch anymore, any suggestions ?

    1. I read you might have to factory reset the watch…just an idea…

    2. That sucks. I suppose the new image is bound to have some possible incompatibility issues with other devices. It’s not quite ready for all the situations it is being used in.

  6. Don’t wanna bash Nexus or anything for i had a Galaxy Nexus from Verizon. But i must say Google is doing exactly what Apple does with their Iphone. Google is giving exclusive operating system to Nexus users while the non-nexus users have to wait god knows how long for the carriers to start unleashing lol. Looks like Apple and Google aren’t so different after all

    1. That’s the other manufacturers fault. Not Google’s. If HTC wanted to make a phone without Sense, they could. If Samsung wanted to make a phone without Touchwiz (please?) they could. But they don’t.

      1. Which was why google play edition phones exist

  7. Is Android 5.0 lollipop AOSP coming out next week or Google will push
    November 3rd to populate code on AOSP servers ? THE Cyanogenmod team,
    please include LG Optimus G e970 AT&T in your supported devices for
    CM12 as you did in CM11. Based on history, I/we can not trust LG to
    release stock version of 5.0 for our devices because they even haven’t
    release for Kitkat 4.x.

  8. Google Keep , Gmail , Drive Crashesh on my Kitkat 4.4.4 , any libraries for them?

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