HTC One M8 Eye press photos leak; looks just like an HTC One M8



According to the rumor mill, HTC is supposed to be introducing an HTC One M8 with a souped up camera at next week’s New York City event. That phone is said to come alongside the HTC RECamera, an activity shooter that’s akin to head-mountable action cams like the GoPro.

A new render of the former device has leaked, and it doesn’t really give us much to talk or think about. This thing is an HTC One M8 through and through, down to its exact looks and most of the specs of the original. The only difference will be the introduction of a 13 megapixel camera sensor on the rear as opposed to HTC’s oft-criticized UltraPixel sensor.

The rest of the specs are poised to remain the same, including a 5-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM and more. We’ll have to see if those extra megapixels in the rear end up making this a necessary launch for HTC, but there it is anyway. Be sure to circle back next week for the official announcement details as we get them.

[Weibo via GSMArena]

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  1. Hmmm….nope.

  2. I think it’s better to more consider about the upcoming M8 Max.

    HTC should have done this at the beginning, now it’s too late. Anyway, glad to see that HTC has understood the “Ultrapixel” is an epic failure.

    1. Well better late than never. At least htc is listening to the public with a quick response. Other would wait until a year or so later until their next model. Good job htc. Those who want this phone will by it. Camera is not a big issue with me. This is a solid phone. Was waiting on the m9. Guess the only way htc can make this phone more unbeatable is water resistance. Go htc. Good job

    2. what the heck you mean its too late

      1. I meant that HTC should have released the M8 with a 13MP camera. Now it’s too late to correct that mistake and release the M8 with a different name. However, it’s nice to see that HTC has identified their mistake. I hope the M9 will have a better camera.

  3. Yes as the original’s camera was horrible. That is assuming HTC got this one right. The camera was the big thing that made me return my M8 for the S5 to begin with. If they bump it to an 805 then that may be enough to get me to trade in my s5

    1. It is not horrible, the resolution was low, but it better color reproduction, fast shutter speed and better low light.

      1. Yeah taking pictures of water fountains really show off one of the strengths of the M8s camera. Its like the water freezes where other camers have more blur but the dynamic range leaves a lot to be desired. When taking pictures outdoors even with HDR its hard to get the sky right with any detail in the picture. The AF coating scratches way to easily leading to blurry pictures after a while the solution toothpaste and using a magic eraser(Mr Clean pad) is not obvious. Tree branches constantly blur out but when it comes to taking pictures in door at night in a club or bar I prefer it to other phones it really does brighten up the shot(although I notice its easy to get a lot of blur as well depending on where you set hte exposure by touching the screen).

  4. the only reason I have not gone to HTC is because of the camera and all of the bad reviews on the cameras. Oh….that and the weirdly large bezels. I think if they up the camera….and get it working good in the process, then i’ll switch over. I read too many good things, besides the camera issues, that really have me considering switching from my G2.

  5. OH MY GOD LOOK ITS A ..A…HTC ONE M8?….please for god sake don’t call it HTC One M8s or HTC ONEs or..oh god HTC TWO YA NO DONT DO THAT!!

  6. Ok, so finally a good move, albeit very late – getting rid of that non-competitive camera. So IMO, now shrink the huge bezels – phone is too tall (but keep boom sound speakers), allow for removable battery and sd card (HTC Two perhaps?), and I’d have some interest in returning to HTC again…

    1. The phone has slim bezels already. I also don’t know how many times I or HTC has to say the phone has to be a little tall because of the technology that makes up the digitizer and the boom sound speakers. Do you not think that if the technology was there to make the phone less tall that they wouldn’t do it? When the tech is there, they will do it.

      1. seems LG has taken your tech theory and done the “impossible”. They put a 4k screen with VERY VERY slim bezzles. I get that the phone has to be tall cause of the speakers but the bezzles could be a bit thinner. I literally just put my friends M8 next to my G2 and an S5. They are much bigger than all 3.

        1. when you say bezel,you mean the sides or the top and bottom,

          1. well I’m talking about the sides, so my argument might be shot if the original comment was about the top/bottom. Like I said, I get that the phone has to be tall to fit the speakers, which is going to create larger than normal bezels. I would welcome that to my LG to be honest.

  7. uhhh…ok.

  8. Here’s a tip, HTC: Use a proper 13-16MP camera sensor for your rear camera. Put the Ultrapixel 4MP sensor on the front-facing camera. Low-light, wide angle selfies and video chats… that’s a potential killer feature. No one can yet do that, not Samsung, not Apple, not Huawei, not LG, not Sony.

    Would also like to see dual SIM as a default feature on a flagship phone.

    Also, do something to enhance the battery life. Maybe the new generation of Snapdragon chips in 2015 will help. Maybe Android 5.0 will help.

    P.S: Please keep the optical image stabilization.

    1. so you want a crappy front facing camera?? haha jk jk they all are usually not so great. Thats honestly a pretty brilliant idea!

    2. The FFC on the M8 is 5MP already. Its already a killer feature. No other phone right now has a 5MP FFC, not even the iPhone 6.

  9. And next year will the name be HTC One M8 Eye ultra? Screwy name if you ask me…eye?

    1. as long as it works, all that matters to me

  10. i hope its not a generic 13MP camera that they put on thier lower end models. i hope its a dynamic sensor that performs well in the day and at night. and i hope they will use better quality optics. color fringing, distortion plague the m8’s ultrapixel camera. anything will be better than the current (sorry but true HTC) but hope they don’t just half a$$ it

    1. Just how bad were these photos? In all honestly, my photos haven’t really changed from my Galaxy S1 days. I mean, they all look great. My videos have made a difference, I can tell. But photos look just fine.

      Everyone points out these things with the M8 camera and I honestly don’t see the problem. My oranges look orange. It’s not like it’s Yellow-green when I take a picture of an Orange. That was just an example, but from what people are saying that’s how they’re making it seem.

      I mean, if you’re an artist and can tell the difference between Indigo and Violet, then by all means, continue your assault.

  11. Any idea if it will ship in multiple OS flavors (i.e., Android and Windows)?

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