HTC teases RECamera, their new product to be unveiled on Oct 8th [VIDEO]


HTC RE Camera teaser date

We’ve already heard that HTC is looking to give GoPro a run for their money with a new dedicated video camera of their own, but now we may finally have confirmation. Teased in a new video, HTC is making it clear whatever they have planned for their October 8th event, video capture is going to be the highlight. The video centers around a wide angle camera that apparently can be placed on a table for video selfies (velfies?), survive a dunk in the water, or generally go with you on whatever adventures you can partake in.

Interestingly enough, it seems HTC is even preparing its own Twitter account for the upcoming video camera, using the same “Something remarkable is coming” tagline that’s found in their teaser video. According to the new Twitter account and their video on YouTube, it’s looking like this thing will be called the RECamera (like record, get it?). If you’d like, you can even sign up to be notified when the camera is available on their official website here.

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  1. Does the camera make you look pretty too?

  2. Terrible name.

  3. Nice thumbnail

    1. Arrr, ye got t’ best o’ me again, ye old scurvy dog.

  4. Yoooo what if it’s like a camera you pair to your phone wirelessly and where ever you go the video will be displayed on your phone for up to a certain distance. Idk it that already exist.but dang that’s kool

  5. Velfies? Stop it. Stop it right now.

  6. maybe they should change it to ReReCamera….I am not so impressed by the video to be honest. GoPro seems a lot more polished, less blurry and does not fog when coming out of the water like this obviously did

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