Bog Racer disappears from Google Play after dev claims Swing Copters blatantly copied their title

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It’s a story you’ve heard before. A game is published into X mobile app store, becomes popular, and without fail — dozens of copy-cat games begin flooding said market. Sometimes they’re blatant rip-offs, other times they’re a bit more subtle, copying core gameplay elements but changing up the style with different visuals and/or improved graphics.

A few days ago we saw Dong Nguyen’s latest masterpiece, Swing Copters, hit the Google Play Store and sure enough, a flood of copy-cat games followed suit. So many, in fact, it didn’t take Google long to pull out the ban hammer, removing copy-cats as quickly as they went up. But what if, in some crazy alternate reality, it was actually Swing Copters that was the copycat all along?

We know what you’re thinking: “Easy there, Keanu.” But this is exactly what landed on our desk after an email from indie game studio Open Name. The email claimed that Swing Copters stole their idea from a title, Bog Racer. The evidence? Other than launching first (back in July) — not much. And without picking sides, we will admit there are some definite similarities between the 2 titles.


In Bog Racer, the player taps on the screen to change the direction of their race car as it auto advances down a track — eerily similar to Dong’s Swing Copters. But given that the gameplay is so simple to begin with, it also possible this could merely be a coincidence (and we’re sure there are other titles pre-dating Bog Racer that feature similar gameplay).┬áCheck out the Bog Racer trailer down below to for yourself what we’re talking about.

So, exactly what is Open Name looking to accomplish from all this? Well, more than just bragging rights, that’s for sure. They’re so positive that Swing Copters stole their game idea they’re looking to take Swing Copters down completely, having it removed from all app stores for infringing their original IP. Here’s the statement we received from Open Name:

“We will use all of our modest means to restore justice, and we intend to apply a request that Swing Copters be removed from the app stores. We are well aware that our chances are very slim, which is why we ask for the support of everyone who is partial to our cause.”

If that sounds harsh, we should note that in the light of Google removing Swing Copters copycats from the Play Store, Bog Racer is now nowhere to be found. While we wait for an official statement, it’s entirely possible Bog Racer was seen as just another Swing Copters copycat title and is ironically enough, what could have gotten them removed from Google Play. Ouch.

As for final judgement, we’ll leave that in your hands. What do you guys think? Given the swift removal of Swing Copters “clones” from app stores, should Swing Copters itself be removed for copying Bog Racer? You can vote in our poll down below.

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  • CGS

    Where’s the option for “Does it matter?/Do I give a crap?” :)

    • guitarist5122

      Was looking for that myself when I scrolled down to the poll

    • Stoffers

      How about “Don’t click and read an article if you have no interest in it”?

      • CGS

        How about “If I read an article and want to vote in a poll, I can and it’s none of your goddamn business”?

        • Del373

          But if you don’t “give a crap” why would you want to cast a vote in the first place? If you don’t mind me asking.

          • RussianDroid

            Statistics. Blog authors want to know how many people think the game is a ripoff and how many people don’t. Wouldn’t they want to cover all their flanks and find out how many people are indifferent.

            I guess it depends on what the authors use the information from the polls for.

  • Josh

    It looks like Bog Racer has already been removed. It’t not illegal to clone a game. it’s only illegal if you use the original code and/or graphics. Judging from the pictures just the game play is similiar. If that were illegal we would only have one run forever style game or one space shooter game.

    • Kyle

      Then the developer took the game down himself. Could be a marketing plot on their part.

  • Richard Braley

    Why would Google pull a game for being a copycat if the game was pushed to the Google play store prior than the app claiming all the others were copycats. Doubtful Google pulled it.

  • Huy

    If google wants to prevent clones, then they need to do it to all clones and not give special treatment to Swing Copters. Otherwise its a disgrace.

  • BaldyPal

    You know what… I suggested swing copters was itself a clone back when it was first reported that google is removing clones.

  • m-p{3}

    Do we have any idea of the date Bog Racer was actually released on the Play Store, compared to Swing Copters?

    • Chris Chavez


    • DavidEssex

      Why would that matter?

  • lolwut

    So did Sonic copy Mario or did Mario copy Sonic? What was done about it?

    • improvius

      Nah, both of those were just clones of Jump Bug.

  • DavidEssex

    It’s all a copy.

  • Forget_you

    so does that mean bog racers copied other games where you tap the screen left and right?

  • No_Nickname90

    No. It’s not a copy. The idea may have came from it, though. I wouldn’t say it’s unique. I chose the “maybe” option.

    Swing Copters is like a vertical version of Flappy Birds. You need to get through an opening, except you’re going vertical instead of horizontal.

    Bog Racer, you need to cross a bridge. The main tactic in Bog Racer is to get across this bridge, not get through the opening.

    Swing Copter, you have to get through the opening… with those HORRIBLE hit boxes >.>

  • Martin Lane

    Nobody really cares.

  • Bhairitu

    Nothing really new under the sun. Many of these game concepts were around in the early 1980s way before many of today’s game developers were even born.

  • Olivia Rain

    Just played Swing Copters at and only got 4 points, too hard game! :(