Moto G2 appears in leaked photos, shows off removable back cover, dual-SIM slots, and more


Moto G2 leak front back

We’ve heard enough of the Motorola Moto G2 in recent weeks to know that it’s a thing. Whether it was in Motorola’s official promo materials for their Sept. 4th event, or the front housing now available for sale in China — the next generation Moto G is coming whether you’re ready or not. Providing our very first good look at the upcoming phone (well the side profile and back, anyway) is HelloMotoHK, the same Facebook page we’ve seen spill the deets in leaks past.


The phone looks pretty much exactly as you’d expect. Motorola doesn’t seem to be venturing too far from their current design language with their upcoming 2014 handsets and we’re totally cool with that. The photos of this particular handset show the back cover removed, exposing the dual-SIM and a micro SD expansion slots. Really, not many surprises here, but once again we’re seeing that now familiar front facing speaker setup (likely mono audio from the bottom speaker).

Motorola Moto G2 side view leak

We will note how extremely large the phone appears in one of the shots, but without a banana for scale or anything like that, it’s entirely possible the photographer could merely have extremely small phalanges. With myself and Rob Jackson attending the Motorola event next week, we wont have to wait too much longer before we get our grubby hands on the device. Stay tuned.

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  1. Already cracked the screen. Durability -1.

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s a reflection, not a crack.

      1. Still not a good omen,can’t even get the reflections right……….. ;-)

      2. Doesn’t look like a reflection to me. I think if it were a reflection, the wall would be more visible (translucent?). It seems to look like it’s directly on the glass itself (aka crack)

        1. I can’t tell either way. Though I can see how it would be a reflection of a bare set of tree branches/twigs against a night sky. However I can easily see it being a large crack as well.

        2. I’ve never seen a phone screen, or any glass for that matter, crack like that. The image is horribly lit (I’m a photographer). There are diffuse reflections off the back of the phone, too. It’s a reflection, trust me.

    2. Looks like a crack to me

      1. it’s definitely a cracked screen.

  2. I wouldnt call that a removable battery cover. Even with the back off, doesnt look like you can access the battery. It looks like its so you can replace the back cover depending on your design preference

    1. Ah, good point. Guess without a removable battery, it’s no longer a “battery cover.” Post updated.

  3. No more sub $300 Moto G?

  4. Ignore comment

    1. No. I will reply to comment.

  5. That last pic makes it look huge. Like, 5.9″ huge.

  6. OoOh dual SIM ready? Oh yeah!!! 2 numbers on 1 device.

  7. I love the fact that it has a microSD card reader!

  8. Price starting at $199, support LTE out of the box for USA, factory unlocked, bigger battery to support the larger screen, and two better cameras = I’M IN FOR FOUR.

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