Rumor: Samsung Gear 3 launches this fall; design patents show it could have circular design



We’d be fools to think Samsung wasn’t working on another iteration of their Gear smartwatch, but it’s always nice to get confirmation (even if it is unofficial). A trusted source familiar with the matter revealed to Phandroid that Samsung is currently cooking up the Samsung Gear 3. The device is said to be running Tizen, though that’s not much of a surprise considering all but the Samsung Gear Live (an Android Wear smartwatch) are up and running on Samsung’s infant operating system.

According to our source, Samsung is planning to launch this thing in the fall. There’s no exact timing to be had, but we hear they want to get it out before their developer conference kicks off November 11th. Unfortunately that’s about all we know in terms of launch and hardware details, but recent developments could shed some light on the direction Samsung may be looking to go with this thing.

samsung circular smart watch 4

For starters, recently filed design patents (here and here) show Samsung could be looking to follow in Motorola’s footsteps and introduce a circular watch design ala the Moto 360. The patents show typical Samsung design in other areas of the smart watch, including cameras mounted on the wrist straps. There’s no guarantee any of these designs will end up being applied to the Gear 3, but it’s the most we have to go on at this point.

It’ll be interesting to see what Samsung does to transform Tizen in order to fit this form factor if this is, in fact, the design they’ll be going with. On the functional side of things our source mentions they’ll be borrowing a couple of cues from Android Wear, namely in the notifications department. Each app will have its own rich notification where it makes sense (an email notification might have a special button for a voice reply while the music app might present controls for pausing, skipping and playing, for instance).

samsung circular smart watch 3

It all makes you wonder why Samsung doesn’t just swallow their pride and embrace Android Wear for what it is and what it may become. Perhaps they just need some way to keep Tizen relevant considering they’re having trouble bringing it to market in smartphone form. We hope to hear more leading up to their first worldwide developers’ conference later this year.

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    I see Sammy releasing Gears 4,5, and 6 in 2015.

  2. Tizen based? Ya, no thanks.

  3. “we hear they want to get it out before their developer conference kicks off November 11th”

    why does samsung rush every product, especially watches? take your time and do it right, or at least release a watch every 10 or so months.

    1. Sounds like they’re beta testing hardware to people with open wallets.

  4. I really like the ability to swap straps on my Gear 2 I hope this feature stays!

    Also, why is Android Wear better than Tizen?
    From the little research I’ve done My Gear 2 runs apps independant my phone (music player, pedometer, even piano tiles) but Android Wear is just a notification system for your watch?

    Am I mistaken? Honestly asking.

    1. Not owning an android wear watch (yet) I can’t speak with absolute authority but I believe android wear apps “can” run without the phone as well. being able to store/play music without a phone would be awesome but i don’t think android wear can do that yet. I think the argument is that android wear support is going to grow much much faster than tizen, I can’t say about how many apps tizen watches have but android wear’s is really moving fast. plus, and this is a big one, android wear watches work with any phone running 4.3 or higher, instead of just samsung

      1. But apart from the phone it is just a watch right?

        Yeah I do agree Android Wear will be more popular than Tizen in terms of “apps”. Android Wear “apps” seem to just allow notifications to be viewed on the watch.

        I am excited to see what more can be done with Android Wear!

        1. I have a Gear 2 Neo and a LG G Watch. Here is what Android Wear can do when it is not paired to your phone:

          Tell time and see the date
          Set an alarm
          Use the stopwatch
          Use the timer
          View your calendar for today
          See your step count
          See your heart rate (if your watch has this feature)
          Change your watch face
          Put your watch in airplane mode

          I got this list from the Android Wear support site:

    2. Tizen has more (open) functionality right now when it comes to how apps can interact with the watch. Android Wear as it is today is more like you said, a notification system. There is a lot of untapped potential that Google will expand on once the market matures more with sales.

      If Samsung would open Tizen based watches to all phones, they would have a much better app selection and quality. Samsung’s “app store” is awful to use and full of junk from my own experience.

  5. What’s Sammy doing? Shitting out products back to back lol

  6. Stupid Tizen.

    There are already 3x as many apps for Wear than there are for Tizen/Gear.

    1. And Tizen battery life on those watches lasts 3x longer than Android Wear does currently.

  7. Another week….another new Samsung product.

  8. I’m curious to see if they’re using the notification listener API. I would assume so, seeing as all notifications from your phone wind up on the watch. I’m also curious if the Gear 3 will follow previous models in their exclusivity to newer Galaxy products. I would assume so. I guess we’ll find out in just a few months.

  9. I’m really confused with the naming of these products. So let me get this straight, there is a Samsung Gear and a Samsung Galaxy Gear? What’s the watch that’s in the playstore?

    1. The Samsung Gear Live is in the Play Store. The Galaxy Gear, the original Samsung smartwatch (ran Android at launch), the Gear 2, and the Gear 2 Neo all run Tizen. The Gear Fit has something else going on, I can’t remember.

      1. Just like their tablets eh? So many versions

    2. They don’t put the “galaxy” moniker on their devices than don’t run android.

      1. Then what would you say about the Samsung Gear Live in the Playstore that runs Android?

        And here Samsung was talking about unifying devices. Outta line.

        1. Oh right – I meant to say if it runs Sammy’s skinned android, they use “galaxy”.

          1. Sorry to be so picky. It’s just I’m already confused by their naming even though they said they weren’t going to make different variants anymore. >,.,<

            Well… technically these are all different devices. Bah!! They outta line.

  10. Samsung is really going to make its “fan base” very happy with the short lifespan of their products.

    1. Just because a new one comes out doesn’t mean your current one stops working.

  11. If it’s Tizen, I’m running the other way…LOL.

  12. It’s still ugly though…

  13. I wish they’d just slow down and iron out the kinks in the current Gear watches. If they really want to break from the pack with Tizen, it has to be a good enough Android substitute.

  14. I just want to check my twitter feed…. is that too much to ask ?

  15. Design filed March 2013 … (as per the actual registration via the Source). Helps to read and mention these types of details …

  16. Eh, honestly I found Samsung Gear to be terribly… Stupid. Like, I was at Best Buy yesterday and they had a laggy Samsung watch on display. Instead of the beautiful Android Wear. Oh! And get this, the guys at Best Buy had no clue on what Android Wear is. Wow.

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