Could this be what HTC’s first Android Wear smartwatch looks like?


htc watch

HTC was originally named as one of the OEMs committed to bringing an Android Wear smartwatch, but we obviously have yet to see anything spawn from their camp. We might have gotten our first taste, though, as @evleaks has posted what is said to be an accurate artistic reproduction of a leak he has seen.

The display was obviously customized for the purposes of filling in that particular area of the photo, but @evleaks claims the rest of the hardware is akin to what he’s seen or heard. The image presented to us doesn’t make us peel our eyes too much. It’s a smart watch. It has a face and a band and all that jazz. Metal bands, mind you, if you’re into that sort of thing.

That said, it’s important to remember that these leaks are to be taken with a grain of salt — after all, the origin of this particular one has been wrong before. Let us know what you think about what you see in the comments below!


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  1. Moto 360 or bust.

  2. LOL, is this some sort of joke? It looks like garbage, but not as bad as whatever else is out right now though. Seriously though, if they want any chance of moving units they better make it look just like the moto 360.

  3. Ah that bezel seems too much for a watch… The Moto 360 hits it out of the park with design, and if this is truly HTC’s jab at a smart watch, they got a long way to go.

    1. Someone should jab them in the leg and tell them to try a bit harder.

  4. I had heard this was supposed to use a Mirasol display. I own a Toq and a G Watch and the Mirasol screen in the Toq alone makes me prefer that.

  5. New “Proto”?

  6. G Watch + Metal band

  7. In b4 bezel comments.

  8. I’m MORE than sure HTC can come up with something better than this. Really? Your fake is horrible.

    Sometimes I wonder if the actual companies make the fakes to get ideas of what people would like. Hmm…

  9. bezel’s not big enough, fail!

    1. Your post is a fail.

      1. Your life is a fail

  10. Calling BS on this. Google is not allowing Manufacturers to skin Android Wear and it seems to be (lightnly) skinned

    1. The bottom could just be a watchface. Each device does come with their own watch faces.

    2. “The display was obviously customized for the purposes of filling in that particular area of the photo”

  11. No extra HTC logo bezel and boomsound speakers?

  12. I’ve read many articles saying it would be a round watch face

  13. I think it looks nice, however I don’t believe this is the final build. I still prefer the round look like the 360.

  14. Real watches have bezels.

    But real men wear Pebbles ;-)

  15. The 360 look has spoiled me. Everything else looks meh in comparison

  16. Android wear won’t support 3rd party skins, so no. No it will not look like this.

  17. Let’s see U.S. traffic directions and sSingapore’s weather yep its definitely an android wear.

  18. Now this is what a smartwatch should look like. Will go perfectly with my M8

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