Sense 6 now rolling out for AT&T HTC One M7, obligations nearly complete

HTC Sense 6 status

After promising last week that their latest version of Sense 6.0 would soon arrive for the AT&T HTC One (M7), the final puzzle piece that was their obligations to the HTC One (M7) have finally been met. True to their word, HTC has successfully rolled out the latest version of their software to the previous flagship line (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile models), leaving only the Verizon HTC One Max and AT&T HTC One Mini still on the menu.

This is great news considering Android 4.4.3 began rolling out yesterday for a handful of “stock” Android devices like the Motorola Moto X, G, E and a handful of Google Play edition devices. We’re curious to see if HTC will now begin the process of updating this same device line to Android 4.4.3, or if they’ll hold out for something a little bigger launching later this year (Lollipop?). In either case, I think we could all use a little break.


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  • dg61981

    So I just applied the sense 6 update for the Verizon m7 and interestingly enough, not only is extreme power saver mode absent but even basic power saver mode is non existent. Does anyone at phandroid have any info to support or debunk this?