Jun 4th, 2014

amazon smartphone renders

After a few good leaks, Amazon could finally be ready to unveil their long rumored “Amazon phone.” Scheduling an event for June 18th, Amazon does give us slight clue as to what will be unveiled, with a few lucky individuals given a preview of the device in a new promo video.

In the video, a lady mentions it “moved” with her which only makes sense in the light of recent leaks that show 4 sensors said to work in tandem with Amazon’s new 3D UI. Apparently the perspective changes according to how you’re looking at it. As we’ve seen with the Amazon Fire TV, expect a mobile version of Amazon’s Fire OS based off of a bastardized version of Android.

Funniest part is unless you’ve been keeping up with all the leaks, the video could look “wrong” if you know what we mean (use your dirty imaginations). Check it out below for a quick chuckle.

Update: Turns out Amazon slipped up. If you pause at a specific point in the video, you actually get a brief glimpse at their new phone. Yup, guess it’s just about confirmed then. Proof pictured below (via Aaron Kasten).

New Amazon phone

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