Moto X sees $100 discount for 48 hours, sale starts tonight at midnight

Moto X 2 day sale 300

The Motorola Moto X is about to be the subject of yet another sale. Starting tomorrow, we’ll see the phone marked down a hefty $100 for a full 2 days. The deal is only good for the 32GB model (we’re assuming all carrier models including the unlocked T-Mobile variant), which will bring the grand total to about $350 for a brand spankin’ new 2013 flagship.

The sale kicks off at 12AM (ET) tonight, so you might want to stay up late if you have your heart set on picking one up. Those on the fence can check out our in-depth review of the Moto X here. We’ve also supplied a quick link to the Moto X on Motomaker below.

[Motorola Moto X on Motomaker | Motorola Moto X Developer Edition]

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  • Caezar07

    The “This site had an app for Android!” alert I get when browsing this site from my phone or tablet is getting as old as Chris Chavez looking for a way to put a female in the thumbnail for all of his posts.

    • Chris Chavez

      You should only see that prompt — as well as my female thumbnails — about once a day or so.

      I actually use the mobile site and not the app and rarely see the prompt. Do you have cookies disabled? Also, this is Motorola’s image for their sale — I had nothing to do with it (this time).

      Either way, I’ll relay the info back to the higher-uppers. Thanks.

      • Mitchel White

        I dont get it everytime but I do get it very often on the mobile site.

        • chuckles87

          I get it 60% of the time every time

          • Jerel Butler

            I thought I was only one, I seem to get it every time I open a page

      • Oleg O.

        Way too often. The play store logo on top already shows that there is an app.

      • spawnbay

        I’m betting you use the mobile site because of how terrible this app is. Seriously the app crashes constantly ever since the new ui.

      • T_Dizzle

        Your posts are a big part of why I like this site, especially your oft hilarious comments.

  • phinn

    “Ok Google Now”

  • Jesse Abney

    Hmmmm, great deal….but the at&t lg g3 is calling my name. (Only if at&t would give us a solid release date) :/

  • master94

    buy and sell on ebay for profit since the last sale sold out. The Moto x goes for what $350 new on ebay now. $50 profit

  • androidscales

    Amazing phone one of the best Android phone

  • Medion

    IMO, the best phone to launch in 2013. I still crave one but cannot justify getting one now. I can only hope that their 2015 version adheres to the same design philosophy as their first entrant, because I won’t be upgrading prior to then.

    This was a truly great phone that was beset by a cacophony of poor management decisions. Should have launched in April to directly compete with the spring releases (specifically S4 and One M7). Should not have launched at $199 (16GB model) on contract 5 months later when the 16GB S4 and 32GB One M7 were steeply discounted to $49-$99 on contract. Should not have allowed Motomaker to be exclusive to any carrier. Should not have waited until 2014 to launch in Europe and many other countries.

    This was a flagship device that was treated by Motorola like a red-headed step-child. And every time that Motorola made an announcement about what they were going to do, I literally shouted, “What the F&$* are you ‘tards doing!?”

    • androidscales

      Moto x phone runs around my Samsung S4 . MOTO X is a well made , designed, hardware optimized phone. I know spec wise S4 beats it but usability on motox is smooth, response is faster than S4

      • Medion

        And most people do not understand that. Due to being quad-core in a small casing, thermal throttling has a huge effect on today’s smartphones. The Moto X didn’t throttle as bad, leading it to match or beat 2013’s flagships, prior to the G2 and Nexus, in many benchmarks.

        However, I have the GPE S4, so my response/performance isn’t as laggy as the Touchwiz variant. Still, had the Moto X unlocked model w/Motomaker been available last June, I would have strongly considered a 32GB Moto X.

        And had it been available at today’s prices (or pre-sale price of $450), I still would have taken it over my $649 GPE. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until November or December that I could get an unlocked Motomaker for my carrier from them, and by then my prior phone would have been nearly 3 years old. I couldn’t hold out that long.

    • Jeff Rodriguez

      I agree on all points. However, I took the plunge when the phone became available on T-Mobile with moto maker and I couldn’t be happier. Phone is still rock in. Great battery life and the best Android experience I’ve had. I have been a nexus only guy since the nexus s came out and I actually sold my day one purchased Nexus 5 because I never touched it after the Moto X. Plus updates! No other flagship gets nexus quick updates. I wish Google had done a better job with the launch because it is still the best phone today. I just hope the successor isn’t bigger. The form factor currently is perfect. Anything more and I have to go two handed… And I’m 6’3.

  • Tony Lai

    I might bite at $250.

  • Brian Menius

    I need a 16GB unit. This is decent for the 32GB, I suppose, but I’m just not paying $350 for an X at this point. My sweet spot is $300 for a 16GB unit. Surely they’ll do it again…

  • Semianonymous

    If it had an SD slot, I’d jump

  • Michael Katz

    How is the battery life on this phone?

  • Jason Brown

    can you combine this with the edu discount?