Jun 3rd, 2014

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It’s tough to wait. We get it. Especially when someone shows you something you absolutely must get your hands on as soon as possible. That’s the feeling many had after much hype beasting, new startup OnePlus officially unveiled the high-end, yet affordable, OnePlus One.

More like an early preview, things quickly turned sour for fans failing to nab one of OnePlus’ early invites. To help address complaints that OnePlus is dragging their feet when it comes to getting the One to market, the company’s PR team is once again performing a little damage control.

In a chart thrown together by OnePlus, they break down the exact amount of days it took for a few popular Android devices to become available after they had been announced. The results? With the exception of the HTC One M8 which technically became available the same day it was announced, it’s really nothing too different from what we’re seeing with the OnePlus One announced a little over 30 days ago. Check it out for yourself.

OnePlus One competition availability chart

As a new, relatively small company looking to make some noise in a crowded market, OnePlus is doing what they thought was a smart move: show off their new flagship device and quickly allow some eager fans the chance to buy the phone early, before it was available for a general release. Sounded like a great idea to us. Think about it. We all know Google launches their Nexus devices at the end of the year, but what if Google gave some lucky Android fans the chance to buy and test drive the Nexus 6 early? Would you be down? How this backfired on OnePlus is anyone’s guess.

In any case, OnePlus is simply urging fans to be patient and reminding those looking to buy the One that they’ll have their chance come later this month and without much difficulty. Honestly, it feels like only yesterday the OnePlus One was officially unveiled.

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