Samsung Galaxy Gear update strips away Android in favor of Tizen


Samsung Galaxy Gear Tizen update

There’s no question Samsung was treading new ground with the launch of their first smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Shoehorning Android to fit the small screen wasn’t easy, but Samsung felt like they were up to the task. It would later bite them in the butt as the smartwatch had some glaring issues (like battery life), causing Samsung to abandon their product only a few short months later for a new and improved model, the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear.

If there’s one thing we love about Samsung, they typically offer good support for legacy devices and the Galaxy Gear is no different. In a major software update rolling out today, Samsung is giving the Galaxy Gear new life. But as an Android fan — you might not like it. Software version 2.2.0 completely replaces the old clunky Android OS with Tizen, although on the surface, many wont be able to tell the difference.

Behind the scenes, the Galaxy Gear (or is it just Gear now?) will have improved battery life, a stand-alone music player, voice commands for the camera, and other software features that debuted on the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo.

The update is only rolling out via Samsung’s Kies software (for now), so you’ll have to plug-in to grab it, or download manually from Samsung. Keep in mind that the update will completely delete everything from the watch — part of the whole switching OS thing — and many of the apps that worked previously may not after the transition (no duh).


Chris Chavez
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  1. Why? I don’t like the Tizen UI. Guess that’ll force me to root now…LOL.

  2. Is Android OS being “old and clunky” the official position of phandroid.com?

    1. In the iteration that was including in the original Gear it surely was…

    2. Android 4.3 running on an 800MHz single-core CPU? Yes. Much clunk. Same goes for KitKat on Google Glass. These old processors simply can’t keep up, and the user experience suffers. That’s kind of the reason why Google made a version of Android specifically for wearables.

  3. When will it work with other androids phone

    1. When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, most likely.

    2. there seems to be some hacks that make it work with other Android phones….


  4. Samsung is overrated plastic crap.

    1. I dont think they’re overrated at all. But they do make some damn ugly phones lol.

  5. Glad that I’m rooted

    1. Wont this increase the battery life quite a bit?

  6. What a waste Samsung. …Hello Moto360

  7. Is it able to go back to the Android os? Or is it boot loader locked like the rest of Sammy’s products? That’s why I now own a Nexus. Might be atts decision on the boot loader lock though

    1. AT&T = All Trippy & Trounced

  8. Android wear Vs tizen hmmm lol

    1. Android wear any day.

  9. Can you somehow load the Android wearable OS on this thing?

  10. Im still looking for that best smartwatch that can do what my phone does since at work I cant use my phone, hopefully the watch will hold mw over lol

  11. Stop trying to make Tizen happen. It’s not going to happen.

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