Sony sells 39 million Xperia handsets as mobile division shows strong growth



Sony’s latest round of handsets has given the company some hope amid declining profits and forecasted losses. Reporting on the company’s earnings for the fiscal year ending March 31st, Sony revealed smartphone sales of 39.1 million. The figure represents strong year-over-year growth in the 20 percent range, up from 33 million for the fiscal year 2012.

The growth of Sony’s mobile business has no doubt been spurred along by a recent run of stylish and powerful Android smartphones like the Xperia Z1, but the number of units sold still pales in comparison to the competition. Consider that Samsung is boasting sales of 10 million Galaxy S5 handsets in only 25 days. That is one-quarter of Sony’s total sales for a year in one-twelfth the amount of time.


Sony recently launched their Xperia Z2 and is expecting more growth for their mobile division in the coming year, forecasting an additional 10 million sales for the fiscal year 2014 — a total of 50 million. Despite this and the success of the recently launched PS4, the company-wide outlook isn’t as chipper. Sony expects a net loss of some 50 billion yen over the next year, suggesting the company hasn’t turned the corner quite yet.

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  1. This is great to hear :D

  2. coulda sold a couple more had they committed a decent US launch.

  3. “Sony revealed smartphone sales of 39.1 million”

    Pffff, not in North America. Really limited launch here. We’re not a leper colony here, bring your best over Sony.

  4. First time proud Sony Xperia Z2 owner reporting in. This is great news.

    1. I love my Z2 :D It’s awesome

      1. It’s completely amazing. Well worth the purchase.

  5. Xperia z2 compact pls with slim bezel!

  6. Imagine how much more they can sell if they had smaller bezels…:)

    1. I highly doubt the general public really care about the bezel size that much. They need to have more uniform release globally. Push out release for a lot of big market around the globe at once will definitely help them to gain more fraction.

  7. What they need is more media exposure and have the world’s biggest carriers selling them. in U.S., Verizon, AT&T and Sprint needs to carry the Z2 or Z1 at least, the Z and Z2 tablets. Only Z1s and Z are available via T-mobile.

  8. The figure speaks to solid year-over-year development in the 20 percent extent, up from 33 million for the monetary year 2012. The development of Sony’s portable business has most likely been impelled along by a late run of snazzy and influential Android cell phones like the Xperia Z1, yet the amount of units sold still could not hope to compare to the opposition.
    Smart Wearable Tech

  9. Go Sony! Great hardware, fast software, commitment to open source!

    Goes to show if you treat the open-source developer community and your customers right, you can really see some results. (Looking at you Samsung, tisk tisk)

    Loving my Sony Xperia Z Ultra!

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