OnePlus One Smash the Past winners receving phones without SIM tools, chargers


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It looks like OnePlus was so fast to ship Smash the Past winners their phones that they didn’t have time to get the rest of the package together. An anonymous tipster shared with us an email explaining that his OnePlus One won’t come with the SIM ejection tool, as well as a USB cable or charging adapter.

They’re not being stingy for the sake of it, thankfully. Here’s their official explanation to one of the winners:

Those boxes were not ready when we had to ship the devices and as we didn’t want to make you wait, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The caveat here is that the device uses standard microUSB, so you should be able to charge it with any available USB cable and/or power adapter that you have. And the SIM ejection tool is typically just a very thin piece of metal that is used to pop the SIM tray out, so you can find a bobby pin to take care of that if you need to.

It’s annoying that these folks have to deal with this, but it shouldn’t be long until it’s all cleared up. OnePlus says the materials should be ready for shipping by the end of the month, so you can either put together your own home remedy for getting up and running with your device or wait to receive said package from OnePlus themselves. We imagine this won’t be an issue whenever the full launch begins later this month / early next month.

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  1. A very thin “people” of metal…

    1. Calista Flockhart?

      1. :)

      2. The COFFEE!!!

        My NOSE!!!

        It BURNS, BURNS, BURNS!!!


  2. Man I just wanna get my hands on the phone but they are making it more difficult than just being able to buy one

  3. I’m hoping it’s readily available by Mid July, my contract with Verizon is up and I’ll be looking for a great off contract phone to jump ship on.

  4. Striker: Ok Murdock, I think I got something that just might work.

    Murdock: what?

    Striker: A bobby pin.

    Murdock: A bobby pin? What the hell’s a man doing with a bobby pin?

    Murdock: All right Striker, if a bobby pin is what you’ve got, it will have to do. Just shove it in there, you’ll have to short that thing out.

    1. paperclip

  5. I hope those idiots, I mean people who smashed their expensive phone, have a backup phone to use until they can use their OnePlus One. =T

    1. They can use it now. If you need a tool to open a sim tray you do not deserve that phone. If you don’t have 8 chargers laying around your house you do not deserve that phone.

  6. Hopefully you didn’t smash your charger along with your phone.

  7. And since the winners are only spending $1 USD for this phone, they should be able to afford a cheap one if they for some reason decided to destroy their current one. As for the Sim tray, their carrier can also help them with it of need be.

  8. Caveat? Wat? There is no caveat. You’re getting a near flagship phone for a dollar. While I feel their marketing method is ridiculous, I don’t think they should be castigated for this.

    1. “near” flagship? This is a bonafide beast flagship..

    2. Don’t forget they had to smash/donate their old phone and it only accepted recent models in the competition, so they’re still worth a bit.

    3. Caveat was not the correct word to use at that spot in the article since it implies warning. It would’ve worked if this phone didn’t use standard micro USB (as in “caveat (warning): they aren’t shipping you a charger with this phone and you won’t be able to use one of the drawerful of micro USB chargers/cables you already have”). Instead of caveat, it should say something like “On the upside, the device uses standard microUSB, so you should be able to charge it with any available USB cable and/or power adapter that you have.”

  9. I guess it’s better than waiting for the whole phone

  10. The cables that come with phones nowadays are so short, I end up using my own, anyway.

  11. these guys just flat out aren’t ready..


    1. Doesn’t look like it. And while that’s not exactly a sin, I have a feeling that, as a new company, they’ll learn their lesson next time around and trade some of that hubris for patience and a more long-term focus on the consumer. Growing pains. I’m rooting for them, though. Looks like a good product at a good price.

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