Acer announces the Liquid Leap, their first smartwatch [VIDEO]

Acer’s first round of announcements at today’s New York City event — a pair of new Iconia tablets —┬ádidn’t surprise us much, but Acer brought something else to town that we didn’t expect — their first wearable.

Dubbed the Acer Liquid Leap, this smartwatch / fitness activity tracker aims to provide a simple way for users to keep track of their workouts information, as well as give you a glance at your messages, notifications and, well, the time. It is a smartwatch, after all. The device will pair up with many Androids, though the Acer Liquid J that they unveiled alongside it (more on that soon) will likely get exclusive cuddling rights.

Their goal is to bundle the two together into one convenient package, but they also expressed plans to offer it standalone. They didn’t give any availability details outside of a slim “June” outlook, so pricing and exact release dates will have to wait until Acer feels comfortable releasing more information (the early word is that the Liquid Leap will be “competitively priced”). You can watch the product announcement straight from the event in the video above.

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  • Roaduardo

    Well no real details but better late than never Acer. I don’t like the form of it though, looks too much like the Gear Fit and that has a ridiculous shape. Limited release sounds like it makes sense for this. I can’t see it selling well enough in the US market, not with the Moto watch on the horizon and the likes of Pebble already around.

    • robjackson81

      Reminds me more of FitBit than anything else.

      • Roaduardo

        Yeah I can see that, similar shapes anyway. I guess I’m just a traditionalist when it comes to the shape of a watches face.

  • hemipw54

    What I can’t just slap one on and then forget my cellphone, lame.
    Do you think obese people will want their watch affirming that fact?
    If it was a true smartwatch it would know it is of no use.

  • jschu22

    What an increasingly crowded and uninspired segment this is becoming. Reminds me of the sub-10″ tablet one. Hurry up Google. And oh hell, even Apple.

  • MG83

    Hope you packed your life vest. This failboat has left the dock.

  • DavidB23

    Ashame this market gets flooded with so much mediocrity. Bargain Bin within 3 months.

    • MG83

      Not even the good bargain bin. We’re talking about the Kohls electronics bargain bin.

  • Wozn2

    I’ll stick with my Pebble Steel thanks.

  • dizel123