Wondering how Google Glass would look on your face? You can now try dummy units at home

Project Glass Team

Google Glass is awesome, but there’s no doubt it looks a little… strange compared to typical eyewear. For most people, going to get a new pair of glasses is just as much about how well they can see as it is how well they look with the pair on.

That’s why Google is giving folks a chance to try Google Glass on at home before they buy it. Sort of. You see, these aren’t actual Google Glass units, but rather dummy units that are approximately identical in dimensions and size. You didn’t think Google would give you a no-risk free trial of a $1,500 pair of glasses, did you?

According to 9to5 Google, users selected to try on Google Glass will get a full kit of dummy frames, including all the frames from the Titanium Collection and four colors of the base frame.

Google is apparently taking calls at 1-855-9GLASS9, and is willing to hook interested souls up with a free rental kit. It’s a rental in every sense of the word, too — you’ll need to agree to a $50 hold on your credit card until you return the kit back to Google.

Still, if the prospect of buying a $1,500 pair of Google Glass without trying them on is something that you aren’t comfortable with, this is the way to go. Of course, getting the chance to buy the Google Glass unit is a whole different bridge to cross if you decide you want to get in on the fun (the most recent window of opportunity closed just a couple of days ago).

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  • Alex Boro

    Still don’t know why Google is selling a beta product to consumers for $1500

    • Cesar B

      Because they’re buying it

  • No_Nickname90

    I want a dummy kit so I can feel rich. =.[

    Stupid college and college expenses that help in the long run. >=.[

  • Haggie

    How does it look?

    In a word: Dooshy

  • bos

    Part of the reason they make you look dumb is because they announce to the world that you thought it was a good idea to pay $1500 for the privilege of doing Google’s R&D for them.

  • steveb944

    Would it be really bad for me to wear the dummy and pretend I’m part of that small crew?

    • UNDE4DLY

      im positive you wouldn’t be the only one

  • Wozn2

    Is Google Glass just Google Wave for 2014?

  • Gerusz

    I just want them to come with mismatched lens, Spider Jerusalem style.

  • hemipw54

    $50 bucks for the real thing is a reasonable price.
    If Google gives Glass free with every new cellphone purchase, it will sell well.