Fenix for Twitter heads to Google Play, becomes our new favorite Twitter app


fenix for twitter

Talon came, saw and conquered, but it’s time for another new Twitter app named after a bird to find its way into our hearts. That app is Fenix, which isn’t exactly new in a literal sense. It’s been out in beta for quite some time — in fact, you guys were the one who tipped it off to us in our best Twitter apps for Android list a month ago.

Version 1.0 is finally here, though, and it can be yours in the Play Store for just $2.50. What you get is a pretty packed suite of features that should be able to keep up with any Twitter user’s needs.

Lists, TweetMarker, photo previews, internal browser, muting, multiple themes, multiple accounts and multiple drafts, and the latest Android design guidelines — it has it all. And it does it all beautifully enough to get us to take notice.

That’s not to say that recent favorites such as Robird and Talon, or staples such as Carbon and Falcon don’t still have their place, but Fenix is deserving of just as much attention as any other. Be sure to give it a whirl over at the Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. You guys are turncoats lol. Ditched talon huh?

  2. Still using Falcon Pro here.

  3. Nice

  4. Paid app for twitter? Are you joking..

  5. Nice, but I don’t see the multiple account support, apart from login in and out. That’s no multiple account support, am I missing something?

    1. There definitely is multiple account support. Tap the arrow next to the profile image and header in the slide-out menu.

      1. Thanks, found it. Expected it to be in the settings.

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