Android 4.4.3 reportedly in dogfooding stages right now


We could be close to a launch of Android 4.4.3 soon, with reports suggesting Google has started the dogfooding process internally (which means their engineers and employees are using it internally to help find and crush those last annoying bugs keeping them from unleashing the update onto the masses).

Of course, this update might not be huge in terms of new features, but it will be important. For starters, we’re waiting on an answer to the battery drain bug triggered by background initialization of device cameras. Skype was an app that caused this bug to flare more often than not, though the company has already developed a workaround while we await Google’s official fix.

There are sure to be a few more hidden nasties trotting about inside the code that Google wants to address, but until we get a solid changelog we won’t know what, exactly, they are. Fingers crossed that whatever they have cooked up isn’t far off from being released.

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  • Fel Pe

    I’m ready for Android 5 yall.

    • NYCHitman1

      You and me both.

    • Foramex

      All of us, my friend. We all are.

    • Henri Weich Conradie

      Bring on the Lime Pies (or Lollipops)!

      • HowDoHound

        Lemon Meringue Pie? Little Lemon Cakes? Licorice? Leg of Lamb?

        • j7981


    • Panchito

      Maybe they will launch it until Q1 2015 so it can support Project Ara modules.. my guess..

  • Samuel Serafim

    Skype is the worst app in all Google Store.

    • Henri Weich Conradie

      That statement makes you the worst app reviewer on the Play Store.

    • Jacob McDonald

      After every iteration of Skype seemed to cause more problems than it solved, and Bluetooth headsets *never* satisfactorily working after years of trying on multiple phones, I ditched Skype altogether and now exclusively use Google Hangouts. Never been happier. And on a related note, did you know you cannot even cancel/delete your Skype account??? I logged into Skype to delete my account and couldn’t find where to do it, so I tried their support search and came across multiple articles suggesting to just change your info to bogus details because you can’t delete! Unreal.

  • IVHorseMen

    I can’t til this update is available.

  • IVHorseMen

    Wait *

  • uniquename72

    I have a Verizon S4 with a year left on my contract, so I won’t be getting this update until I switch to a better carrier a year from now.