LG G3 UI leak shows flatter design



We know LG’s working on their next flagship smartphone behind the scenes even if the South Korean company is predictably denying it to no end. Another leak has surfaced showing the latest user interface changes they’ll be introducing.

We don’t get much in the way of information, but we do see the design language LG will be going with. The trend has been “flat” lately, and that’s exactly where they’ll be going if these shots are to be believed.

Not a big fan of it? You’re just as free to install a custom launcher and use an icon pack if you want. Otherwise, you can try another device (the trend is practically everywhere so you might have trouble escaping it) or just deal with it. After all, they’re just icons. We’ll save real judgment when we get a real look at everything LG’s latest changes will have to offer (which hopefully won’t take too long into the summer to happen).

[via PhoneArena]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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    1. Or useful features (less carrier crapware,of course),it’s all a personal preference.
      The mfgs all bring some decent features from their U/I’s that seem to influence future “pure” ANDROID iterations.

      But,I get the sentiment,good thing there’s GPE & NEXUS devices for those who prefer it.

      1. Only some of the features are actually useful which is a problem when you have OEMs just putting in everything they can.

        Not really since the gpe and nexus aren’t great and you usually have to make some sacrifices or pay a massively inflated price for it, custom ROMs like Slimroms on the other hand do a better job at giving people a better pure android experience on the device of their choice.

        1. I get the point,trust me.Look up the original HUAWEI ASCEND with its U/I.(My 1st ANDROID)
          THX to CM7 & the developers who ported it to that phone,turning it from a WTFx10 to something you could actually use.

        2. that’s debatable. The gpe phones cost the same as these other phones, they just arent offered on contract.

          Yes they add in a ton of features and some of them you might not like… you can’t mention the sacrifices one has to make when buying a nexus without mentioning the sacrifices one has to make when using custom ROMs, like buggy builds and inferior camera experience.

          No one way is perfect, just depends on whar works for you.

      2. Eat, sleep, root, repeat.

  1. i’m going opo or oppo

  2. No way.. no soft buttons?
    No soft buttons= No deal

    1. The screenshot could have been taken with the QuickMemo app which doesn’t show the on screen buttons.

      1. That’s a relief… Soft buttons are a real deal breaker for me.

        1. Yeah same here, I can’t go back to hardware buttons lol.

  3. Once you go flat…

    1. You never go round

  4. That looks disgusting

    1. Still much less so than your ugly insulting self.

      1. Love you too <3

  5. Just don’t get the appeal of an LG phone. It would be my 5th choice. But I suppose choice is the beauty of Android.

    Nexus >>>>>>>> Motorola >>>> HTC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Samsung >>> LG

    1. You do realize the previous 2 phones in the NEXUS line have been LG phones……..

      1. Yea but that went out the window in his first remark. Haha
        I personally like LG much more than any other manufacturer. I would love to see HTC build a Nexus one more time. I still have my Nexus 1 to look at. I love the feel and screen.

        1. Yes I still think it’s the best looking nexus to date.

    2. So for the past few years your top choice would be LG… If you had used a G2 for a day they would be your top choice in general, my G2 gets the battery life of the top HTC and Sammy phone put together while performing on par or better than either.

      1. No doubt.
        Whatever anyone’s pre-concieved idea of LG may be,the G2 is worth a look.
        Performance & battery life is top-notch.The U/I is actually intuitive,sensible if you will (sorry HTC,but,it is).

        1. Yeah I love the UI, first phone I have not had to spend forever customizing with roms and kernels and what not. Roms to get the look and functionality I want and kernels to try and squeeze the battery life. This phone is a beast right out of the box! And honestly I use the hell out of the universal remote feature too.

          1. You should check out the FLEX.It has a few more tweaks to the U/I that you’d like.That is,if you can get past the 720 resolution (I have,just crank up the brightness past 50%).

          2. You can just flash CloudyFlex and have the best of both worlds. ☺

          3. You just liked the way things worked and looked out of the box?

          4. Yes, yes I did.. And I have been a very active member of XDA for the past 6 years and very Anti-Stock before this phone. Not that I am no longer active on XDA but I am running stock now.

          5. I’ve been thinking of replacing my Galaxy S3 for about two months now. The G2 is just about the perfect device size for me but I’m worried that I’ll regret buying it to make it pocketable (but still as large as possible) while saving a bit of money. If the G3 isn’t much bigger I’d buy it if it follows the general quality direction.

          6. I don’t want it to feel aged in 8 months.

          7. I have had my G2 since launch day and it does not feel the least bit aged, in fact it makes it so I have little to no interest in the current new phones that have been announced. The 801 is basically just an overclocked 800 and the 805 is not currently even in anything. I have absolutely ZERO lag when playing any of the games or apps on Android and the UI is fantastically smooth.

    3. i think the appeal is a super fast lag free experience, with a very good looking screen, and best in class battery life… but those things might not be important to you.

      1. I find it funny how he prefers Nexus the most even though LG made the last 2 Nexus phones.

        1. lmao……..good point

        2. One does not simply convince a shortsighted fool that he is wrong.

        3. I have no problem with their hardware (though I’m not sold on the back button). Nexus 4 and 5 are great pieces of hardware. My hierarchy is almost exclusively based on software. In my eyes (and I know it’s just an opinion), stock Android is best. My N5 is blazing fast and smooth while every Samsung flagship I’ve used stutters here and there. Moto has cut down their bloat to offer a near-Nexus experience. HTC has more customizations, but they actually do get a bump in my mind as Sense has improved dramatically since my Droid Incredible days. Samsung and LG, to me are worst of the worst with software tweaks. No need to criticize – you’re allowed to have a different opinion and we’re allowed to discuss our differing opinions openly.

          1. If your list is based solely on software then why do you have Samsung ahead of LG? I understand if people may not like the look but the LG UI is blazing fast, it doesn’t stutter like Touchwiz.

  6. Any indication if it will have a 1440p display?

    1. Thats the rumor with an 805.

  7. nhft icons. They are so ugly like everybody’s elses!

  8. Any chance of this embedded battery crap and non expandable memory crap about the G2 being corrected with the G3?

    1. You’ll prolly hafta settle for the G PRO 2 if you want that in an LG phone.
      Just a guess,not based on anything I’ve heard/seen…..

    2. It is a little disappointing that the G2 didn’t have those features.

    3. Any chance Samsung will end that removable battery crap and that stupid removable storage bs? Buy something else. I like non removable batteries and non expandable storage and hope LG doesn’t change that.

      1. I have never had a 2 year phone that didn’t need a new battery the last 6 months.

        Removable storage will only be stupid, when all phones come with 128 gb of storage.

        Thank goodness we’re Android users, and have a choice to not buy phones that don’t have replaceable batteries or expandable memory despite the phone’s other merits. Unlike iPhone users.

  9. OMG!! wow!!! It looks like every other android on the market.

    1. OMFG! At least it isn’t an iPhone (would you like 5 or 6 rows of icons?). No, I’d like the “get me anything but that static BS”.

      1. He does have a point tho. With all the money these tech companies have for r and d and such… you’d think you would see more innovation. Ps. Im an Android only user.

  10. My wife has the G2 and I have the Nexus 5 and I have to say i’m surprised how well made both phones are. The battery life is amazing on the G2 only complain I have is on the audio the speakers sounds low on both devices. Hopefully they improve the audio on the G3.

  11. I’m still waiting for the lg pro2 to come to the states. ..

  12. Better than the modern LG UI, at least.

  13. OMG how does LG come up with the ugliest UI consistently, time after time?? Someone give them an award..

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