Pocket for Android Wear arrives via developer SDK

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Well, that didn’t take long. After Google officially announced their all new Android Wear preview SDK earlier this week, Pocket is one of the first big services already touting Android Wear compatibility. In fact, the company even showed off an early prototype of their service working with the tiny OS, custom tailored for the smartwatch.


Now it’s not technically an app, which means it wont actually give users the ability to read saved Pocket articles. After all, that’s not why Android Wear was built (something clearly different from Samsung’s approach where Pocket is a full featured app on the Galaxy Gear). Instead, Pocket for Android Wear will be available as an SDK for app developers — not users — to implement into their apps via an action. We told you about Android Wear actions on Tuesday, card options that are accessible by swiping a card to the left. This means Pocket would simply be an available action, and with Android Wear devs only allowed a total of 3 — looks like they’ll have some tough choices to make.

Once implemented, an app — one like Twitter which sees a lot of article sharing — would allow the user to quickly save articles to their Pocket account directly from the smartwatch. Later, a user could open their smartphone or tablet and ready what was saved. Simple. Easy. Intuitive.

Developers looking to get down with Pocket’s new SDK can grab it on Github here.


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  • steveb944

    I feel like I should have known about Pocket before. I hope you guys implement it into your app. That way I can skim through on Wear and save the ones I want to read later on.

    • Roaduardo

      I’m with you on that, had to watch their video to understand what it is! I’m a dummy with certain apps.

  • Marsg

    Wonder if we could port this to the gear 2 lol

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