Qualcomm Toq smart watch gets $100 price cut


Think Qualcomm might be feeling a little heat from all the great smart watches being announced this week? The company seems to have issued a permanent $100 price cut on the Toq, their first ever smart watch. Many different things can explain such a drastic price cut, with lack of sales surely to be near the top of the list. Stiffened competition also tends to lead to decisions like these — it isn’t easy to sell if you have the most expensive watch in the game.

If any smart watch was deserving a high price tag, though, it’s the Toq. It introduces a lot of unique features and new technologies, including that beautiful 1.55-inch Mirasol display that allows you to get a color experience without the drain on battery life that typically comes with. You’ll need a phone with at least Android 4.0.3 to buy one, so if you have that and this new $250 price point is more your style be sure to order one from Qualcomm’s store without delay.

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  • james ortiz

    150 should be the price of this watch if they want any sales lol

    • WhoaManWtF

      150 off the price it is now at 250 that is ;)

  • Troy

    How do any of these companies sell any of these watches? I can’t imagine I would use any of them if I was given them for free, let alone drop a few hundred dollars on one. I don’t know who they are marketing to with just gimicky supposed health features? Why do I want to drag an extra piece of equipment on my run with me?

    What I would love is something that let me leave my smartphone at home or in the car when I went running, swimming, to the waterpark, or whatever. Give me something that does a few useful things standalone, ie, gps for running, spotify, and a way to get important calls and texts, and then we’ll talk. Ok, heart monitor is a nice to have, but pedometer, sleep monitor, daily activity measuring crap… what a bunch of gimmicky crap.

    • scoter man1

      I can’t even imagine wearing it to sleep. They can hold the sleep monitor too.

      Honey, is that your watch or are you just happy to see me?

      • Aiden

        It’s not as bad as you might think. I wear a fitness tracker watch all day/night as it records my heart rate constantly, but also monitors my sleep patterns.

        Honestly I never notice I’m wearing it in bed, but then again I’m a fairly heavy sleeper.

  • J Cav the Great

    “You’ll need a phone with at least Android 4.0.3 to buy one”. …..not really..you could still buy one without 4.0.3. You just won’t be able to use it accordingly….

  • Albert Orange

    Meh… I’ll just stick with the Pebble I just got for $100. (Best Buy student discount and Reward Zone certificate.)