ASUS back with another CES 2014 teaser: could they be hinting at new 4, 5, and 6-inch display smartphones? [VIDEO]

ASUS teaser video CES 2014

In preparation for CES 2014 — which happens to be kicking off in less than 2 weeks — ASUS uploaded a new video teaser to their YouTube account. In the first video we showed you a few days ago, it appeared ASUS was hinting at some kind of dual-booting Android/Windows tablet.

This time around they’re back with a video, titled “What’s your number?” The video features balls that begin falling from the sky like rain and for a brief moment, the numbers 4, 5, and 6 appear. This is leading some to believe ASUS could be hinting at display sizes for an upcoming smartphone lineup. Makes sense given the number tones that the balls make when they hit the ground. Check it out for yourself below.

ASUS will be live streaming their press event dubbed “In Search of Incredible” Monday, January 6th at 12pm (PT) here. Jumping over to the link reveals a countdown that has already begun. Of course, Phandroid will be in attendance giving you a hands-on at whatever is announced, so stay tuned!

[MobileGeeks (Germany)]

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  • Kevin Vesga

    Isn’t “What’s your number?” also used in the ads for Sleep Number beds?

  • abhi345

    asus doesn’t update their products.

    • ratnok

      Downvote all you want, but it’s true.

  • dreadnatty08

    Who cares, they won’t be coming to the US anyway.

    • Micha Ols

      I care, because I don’t live in the US.

  • smithj33

    How about focusing on making a couple great products instead of continuously throwing **** at the wall to see what sticks.

  • toomuchgame441

    Not a care in the world given by me

    • Herb_Eaversmells

      If that was true you wouldn’t have bothered to even post.

  • Fred Marshall

    Anyone else think they missed the headline with “Asus back with a brand new invention”? #ClassicVanillaIcePun

  • bbqsfire

    I would love an Asus phone. They make great products. It would really all depend on the hardware they put into the phone. I just hope that they wouldn’t over bloat the phones

  • Fel Pe

    Samsung should hire Asus marketing team.

    • luzzjl524

      my Aunty Amelia got a
      fantastic black Audi TT Coupe from only workin part time on a pc… i loved
      this B­i­g­2­9­.­ℂ­o­m

  • a)

    Is it just me or did that looked like an AT&T logo ball that rolled under the CES 2014 sign?


      Lol I feel bad for them if it was.

  • Corelogik

    If they make a 4″ or 5″ phone I may be interested in checking them out. Depending on price points. Have zero interest in a 6″ phone though, at any price.

    • ratnok

      Don’t. Unless it’s a Nexus, they don’t support their devices for more than a year with software updates.

      -Transformer Prime owner-

      • Corelogik

        Maybe, but the same could be said for just about any phone that isn’t one of the “stars” of the mobile world.

  • Kyle Cordiano

    Can they release this in the US this time?

  • Phaz0n

    It’s raining balls!!!