Samsung is here with an infographic of their own, highlights their evolution in mobile display tech


After becoming a household name in providing some of the highest quality television displays on the market, I think it goes without saying that Samsung is very proud of their display unit. It wasn’t until fairly recently Samsung moved onto conquering the mobile display market, providing some of the best displays not just for their own devices, but even those found in Apple’s products. To highlight their achievements in this segment, Samsung took to their blog with an infograph of their own (we already saw one from HTC earlier this afternoon). Let’s have a look.


Have to admit, as someone who passed on this generation Galaxy device in favor of the HTC One/ Nexus 5, I certainly envy my friends’ Samsung Galaxy S4s. While TouchWiz has never quite been for me, one of the best software features Samsung included was the ability to choose the saturation output in the display settings. It’s this feature that squashes complaints that SAMOLED is overly saturated and has me drooling over next year’s inevitable Samsung Galaxy S5 release.

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  • james w

    Except the original Galaxy S had a super AMOLED+ display which looks much better than the penile displays

    • Dan

      Penile display? Never heard of that

      • CGS

        Made from the highest quality scrotum skin.

        • DavidVarghese


        • squiddy20

          Ummmm… *shudder*

          • CGS

            I know right, I and my scrotum are pretty against it ourselves.

      • james w


      • Henri Conradie

        Roflmao. Best spelling error ever.

      • Henri Conradie

        Certain primates do that in the wild from time to time. I haven’t seen that either, though.

    • Joeyjoejoejrshabidu

      Haha, penile display… I hope that’s a typo. Definitely don’t want to be looking at a penile display when I use my phone.

    • Herb_Eaversmells

      Awesome post lol.

    • Jimmmm

      Lol I think that’s a pretty accurate description of their screens

    • Jay Kresge

      You are mistaken. The Galaxy S used a PenTile display. PenTile came in RGBG and RGBW arrangements. RGBW was used in many Motorola devices and was horrid. The original Galaxy S and the Galaxy S III used RGBG PenTile displays.

      The Galaxy S II uses an RGB stripe, while the S4 uses a diamond arrangement PenTile display.

    • toomuchgame441

      lol @ penile

      • J Cav the Great

        penile? smh…lol

    • Martin Lane

      The first Galaxy S used Pentile, the Galaxy S2 was the same resolution with no Pentile so it looked sharper than the first Galaxy S, that was largely due to the 800*480 resolution we were rocking back then.

  • Lennatron

    What happened to the S2, Note, and Note 2?

  • Martin Lane

    They missed out a few devices there, maybe they’re trying to forget the earlier touchscreen devices and symbian phones. :)