Republic Wireless Moto X expected to receive Android 4.4 KitKat early next year

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Waiting for your chance to grab a discounted Moto X on Monday? Keep in mind you still have other options for grabbing an off-contract Moto X on the cheap, one that doesn’t even require you to watch your clock, index finger at the ready.

Offering the lowest possible monthly service rates — all contract-free — Republic Wireless recently launched the Moto X for their hybrid network at the low price of $299. That’s a full $50 cheaper than even Motorola’s Cyber Monday Wednesday Monday pt2 deal.

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But, as to be expected, Republic Wireless’ Moto X comes with a few caveats. Aside from suffering through Sprint’s network when away from an active WiFi connection (we kid, it’s not that bad where LTE is available), RW’s Moto X is still only on Android 4.2.2, while just about every other carrier (even US Cellular) has begun rolling out Android 4.4 KitKat to the handset.

A quick look through the Republic Wireless’ Moto X FAQ revealed the carrier’s intentions of keeping their Moto X up to date with the latest firmwares provided by Motorola. Whether you’re already a Republic Wireless customer, or considering making the switch in the future you might be wondering — where is KitKat for the Republic Wireless Moto X?

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Well, according to Republic Wireless’ Twitter page, they’re expecting to release Android 4.4 for the Moto X in “early 2014″. Remember, Republic Wireless’ Moto X actually runs a custom ROM to help the device seamlessly transition between WiFi and cellular calling, meaning some fine tuning (and testing) is involved. It’s not a solid date, but one that should help ease concerns for those looking to purchase a Moto X off-contract, with the lowest possible cell phone bill.

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  • Socalnathan

    Any time!

  • sharti24

    I’m waiting for 4.4 KitKat before I make the switch to RW (from t-mobile)…so please hurry up. Three major carriers already have 4.4. I guess RW is waiting on Sprint before they make the update to kitkat

    • MG

      Before you jump- might want to check LIVE Plan: super aggressive T-Mobile 4G LTE rates. You could by a Nexus 5 and have the latest KitKit 4.4 NOW

  • Friday

    WOW! Omg. I sent you guys my tip, with their tweet to me weeks ago with this info. Alright… I see how it is!


    lol Just kidding. But seriously, is there another way to submit my tips? Or did he just seem better than me? :(

    • Socalnathan

      Right place, right time I guess. I’m no better then you

  • nsciuccio

    ok. I am sick of seeing stories about moto x getting kit kat. we get it it.

  • C-Law

    Why has sprint dropped the ball so badly on getting the moto x updated? Verizon has had it for weeks

  • Refer for Good

    I received my Moto X from Republic Wireless last week – so far so good. Hybrid calling is very close to seamless, phone is solid – fast, good camera, good battery life (although I always want more), MMS works great (there were some bugs at first).

    If you’re planning to join, please use my link and we’ll both get $19 off our first bills!

    • Mike Kister

      You beat me to the punch. I too just got mine a week ago and I report the same thing.

  • Scott

    4.4.1 is due out next week so I’m hoping i don’t have to wait until early 2014 to get 4.4.0

  • walliby

    I just switched from ATT and couldn’t be happier. Spint coverage is not great but I am on WiFi 90% of time. I got a referral discount from a friend and anybody can get an extra $19 off by using my referral link: