Code found in Plex software hints that Chromecast support is just around the corner


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When the Chromecast first hit the scene back in July, Google’s streaming media dongle garnered a lot of attention from developers looking to develop for the new platform. It was the team at Plex — makers of the popular media player app that streams locally stored content to a variety of internet connected devices — that caused some of the biggest ruckus. Barely a few days after the Chromecast was made official, Plex tweeted how they were “actively investigating and optimistic” about future Chromecast support. This would help fix a glaring omission in the Chromecast, it’s complete lack of streaming locally stored media.

Towards the tail end of August, our own Derek Ross posted on his Google+ that Plex (and aVia) were already in talks with Google to support Chromecast and that a release was likely due sometime in the fall. Needless to say, Plex coming to the Chromecast hasn’t been the biggest secret. Now that we are on winter’s doorstep without hide nor hair of Plex on our streaming dongles, you might be wondering if any progress has been made. Well, fear not, it looks like Chromecast support is still very much in the cards.


It was in the most recent version of Plex’s software that the fine folks at GigaOM discovered it already includes a Chromecast configuration file, right alongside Android, Firefox, Chrome, and others. Evidence doesn’t get much harder than that. With the Chromecast receiving a minor update this week, and Google holding a hack-a-thon this weekend for developers to preview their Google Cast API — brace yourselves, it seems Plex could be only the beginning. My Chromecast is ready.

[via ChromeSpot]

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  1. I can’t wait! Last week I bought a lifetime PlexPass and my 2nd Chromecast. And in their defense of timing, it’s still fall until December 22nd.

  2. When this happens I’ll pull my 2 chromecasts back out of their boxes, and even retire my Co-Star GTV :)

  3. Awesome news!

    I really need to get around to reorganizing my NAS, though, such that it’s not such a disorganized Plex mess. Movies are easy, but getting the various misc vids and unknown episodic stuff organized right is a pain.

  4. Will current Chromecast become outdated soon…?
    Wireless-N only…why no AC

    1. Not only no ac, no 5Ghz either!

      1. AC *only* works on 5GHz

        1. It’s not the only network type that uses 5Ghz, none of which the chromecast supports.

          1. I know. And I’m actually fine with that, since N on 5GHz is worse than G or N on 2.4GHz wrt to range. AC would be a step up (as would be an ethernet port)

          2. My main concern before i got the chromecast is the 2.4Ghz networks don’t work in my apartment due to the 70+ wifi networks my in range of my place. (Ugh.. tell me about it..) but for some reason, the chromecast doesn’t have any real issue with 2.4Ghz. Nothing else in my apartment works reliably with the 2.4Ghz network.

  5. Five bucks says it will be limited to 720p. That’s the deal, so commercial streaming video services like Netflix will be competetive on the CC.

    1. Someone on the plex forums took a look at the chromecast xml and it specifically has 1080p entries. You want my paypal to deposit funds? Or wait until the SDK is finally released ;-)

  6. If they do then I’ll be on board :)

  7. Good news. I’ve just been casting Plex from chrome browser on laptop and it’s decent. Haven’t tried it on phone/tablet.

  8. Can someone explain to me what plex does and how much it cost? Like is it compareavle to Netflix/hulu?

    1. Plex is a server/client that allows you to stream local content to your TV. I love it and use it all the time with my Roku. If Plex comes to Chromecast I will actually pick one up.

      1. It goes beyond just local files. You can share your libraries with friends and they with you. There’s also channels you can add for on-demand internet shows. If you’re willing, you can also install the Unsupported channel with some digging around, which can give you access to some channels that probably shouldn’t be legal or just aren’t. The Unsupported channels I added still work (most) for me, but I must warn that the actual channel Unsupported Channels stopped working for me. This may have been patched up.

        Oh, and the PC client is free, mobile app is usually around $5

  9. Has anyone heated of a Vudu or Flixster update for cromecast? I have all my movies on those two and it sucks that I can’t send it to cromecast.

    1. You can use the chrome web browser to send to chrome. If you have a decent enough connection, anything in your tab can be sent to your tv.

    2. I’m still waiting on that myself. I did inquire to flixster this summer about chromecast support and a representative replied back in an email to me saying they are looking into updating their app with chromecast support in the near future. I haven’t heard anything since. It would be nice if Flixster and Vudu would hurry the hell up and stop lagging and say something official.

  10. is there a specific video format that PLEX will pick up from a home based external hard drive connected to the modem?

  11. The Chromecast update is far less minor than you think.

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