Google Glass invites flood eBay, BINs as low as $400

Google Glass is an exclusive piece of tech that’s hard to get. The “select few” could soon triple as Google just announced current Glass owners will be able to invite 3 friends to buy their own Glass. Only a couple hours later, dozens of enterprising individuals took to the web, putting their Google Glass invites up for auction on eBay.

Google Glass eBay

Don’t forget that in addition to winning the bid, you would still have to purchase the actual hardware, which costs about $1500. The invite codes have auctions starting at $.99 cents, some BINs around $400, and others listing them for $2000+.

As of this writing, I spotted 26 Google Glass invites for sale. There’s a good chance that eBay will ban these listings since they’re not selling actual goods. Furthermore, it runs counter to the spirit in which Google offers these codes, and Google themselves could complain to eBay, prompting a takedown. While we can’t blame people for trying to make a quick buck, we can also understand why both eBay and Google would want to stop these sales dead in their tracks.

There’s a good possibility that Phandroid and Android Forums will be getting in on the action, but in a much more wholesome way. Our team has 3 Google Glass Explorers:

Between the 3 of us we’ve got 9 Google Glass invites: help us decide what to do with them!

If you want a chance to win a Glass Invite, definitely circle the 3 of us (above) along with Phandroid, as we’ll be providing details soon. We’re aiming to do something really fun and don’t want you to miss out!

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  • Covert Hops Society


    • egern


  • Derek Ross

    I guess I’m chopped liver :(

    • Tom Gray

      Lol. Try being Canadian trying to be apart of Google. To Google we are the unwanted step children of the United States. Lol

      • impulse101

        To the United States you are the unwanted redheaded retarded stepchildren of the United States.

    • jason adams

      I would gladly except an invite from you…..not chopped liver to me!

  • Steven Cannan

    I’m going to a Taekwondo tournament On Saturday. I want Google glass to show me sparring. God I wish I was rich.

  • techymexican

    I would buy it. I’m sure I won’t ‘win’ and invite but the majority that do won’t even pay for it.

  • Delmar


    • itz

      BIN= Buy It Now

  • Chris Chavez

    Opportunists gonna opportune.

  • MaroonMushroom


    oh god lol

  • Jason Crumbley

    Auction them off and give all the proceeds to charity.

  • Swag Mc Muffin

    If everyone invites 3 friends, thats going to be 4x people…
    “The “select few” could soon triple”

  • spicymeatball

    anyone have an invite? Just checking to see if there is anyone not seeking to cash in on an already expensive item.

  • hemipw54

    Friends don’t put their friends in debt for $1500, I Phandroid going to give everyone the $1500 to purchase and the invite, if not LAME.

  • Neko El Gato

    I’d rather have a crappy used car than a camera on my face that will inspire people to punch me. Thanks though Google, and your partners at the NSA too.

  • RitishOemraw

    “The “select few” could soon triple as Google just announced current Glass owners will be able to invite 3 friends ”

    Wouldn’t that quadruple the “select few”?
    For each 1 we get 3 more, so instead of 1 we have 4? Or am I misunderstanding this?

    • Carl Rood

      Yes, it would be quadruple. That was the first thing I noticed upon reading this.

  • Philip Cohen

    ,Whatever; the ugly reality of eBay Inc.:
    eBay’s crooked auctions marketplace …
    The clunky, unscrupulous “PreyPal” …
    The ongoing joke of it all …
    Fun quotes from the eBay executive suite …

  • Nick Mantzoros

    Time to hit up my Google buddy. Too bad I don’t have 1500 to spend on this cool device :-/

  • NullApps

    How exactly is phandroid being more wholesome? Some guys are selling an invite. That’s capitalism. You guys are using your invites to attract attention and traffic to your blog. That means ad revenue. Either way you are both trying to profit from them.

  • robi

    I have a question, do you know if a person that it’s from a different country of United States can buy the invite and buy the google glasses? or is this exclusive for american people? thank you

    • Darkbob

      US Residents only. And a US mailing address.

  • JeffPowell

    quadruple…you meant quadruple.