Google makes small changes to the Play Store, no longer linking to Nexus 10 16GB from device page



We’ve been keeping a close, watchful eye on the Google Play Store. A few days ago, the Nexus 10 16GB listing was officially updated with “no longer available for sale” in the Google Play Store. Then, it was still up in the air on whether or not the device would return, or simply find itself replaced by the ASUS-made 2013 model.

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If you needed further confirmation that the 16GB has gone the way of the dinosaur, the Play Store is now no longer linking to the 16GB version from the device homepage. Clicking on the “Nexus 10” from the device page now takes you directly to the 32GB version, where it previously took you to the 16GB version. A small change, for sure. Just one we noticed as Google tidies up their online store in preparation for the launch of their updated models.

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  1. It’s been doing that since the 16GB showed sold out…

  2. Nothing new here. Let me know when new devices arrive.

  3. Given that the Nexus 10 is almost a year old and a refresh is likely coming soon, is there any reason to pay full price for a 1st gen Nexus 10?

    1. If the refresh is as good as the nexus 7 refresh, I’ll sell you mine for a discounted price :-D

  4. I smell N10 and N5 tomorrow then?

    1. Wait, Chris liked this, that means the announcement tomorrow may be legit, which means that I might not have to stress anymore, which also means that tomorrow is Tuesday. Since tomorrow is Tuesday, 1+1 = 2, 2 = blue, THAT MEANS NEXUS 5 FOR SURE!

      1. Two is yellow in my book. Lol.

        1. But… but… One fish two fish red fish blue fish. That’s why d/dx ln(x) = 1/x

          1. I don’t get the joke, but because your derivative is right, you get an upvote.

          2. It’s just a long carry on of nonsense. Basically what all of the rumors have been based off of so far. I had a long day at school.

  5. Wonder if they’ll just announce the event for Halloween announcement tomorrow

  6. Nexus 10 16GB is still in the store. It just shows with “We are out of inventory. Please check back soon.”

  7. What happened to the “My Apps” section in the Play Store? I used to be able to hit the “Menu” button at the top right and have a “My Apps” selection. This allowed me to see which apps were installed, running and needed updating. Now the only choices in the drop down menu are “Settings” and “Help” neither of which allow you to access your own apps.

  8. Never mind….found the “new” menu on the left which has the “My Apps” selection.

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