Verizon Wireless testing same day delivery in Philadelphia


It looks like Verizon Wireless wants phone purchasers to get their phones faster. What if you could buy your phone online, and have it delivered on the very same day? That’s what Big Red is testing in Philadelphia, as the carrier has launched a limited pilot program for the service. It’s simple — pay $19.99 by 10am on the day you want the phoe, and you’ll get your device at 7pm that same day.


The service is said to be coming to key areas of New York City, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco in due time. We’re not sure how widespread of a rollout Verizon will attempt, but it’s not something we expect to be available for everyone.

It has us thinking, though — why doesn’t Verizon just offer an in-store pickup option? I’d love to be able to order online, and then trot over to the Verizon store whenever the phone is ready to be picked up. Best Buy is the perfect example of this particular service done right. It’s an invaluable tool that I use to make sure I’m in and out with what I need in a jiffy, while not having to wait 1-3 days for it to be shipped.

Verizon’s motives are quite interesting, though. In their own words:

The Boston Consulting Group in a recent study found that “affluent millennials” – consumers aged 18-34 with six-digit incomes – are the most fertile target market for same-day delivery. Their report concluded these young shoppers are 56 percent more likely than the average online consumer to opt for same-day delivery.

Funny, that — I don’t make anywhere near six figures, and I wouldn’t mind having this option at all. Whatever the case may be, if you live in Philadelphia or one of the other aforementioned cities, you’ll want to inquire about this option the next time you’re in the market for a smartphone.

[via Verizon Wireless]

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  1. Thats pretty cool I ordered the xperia z from T-Mobile online and I had to wait a week phone less

  2. I really don’t see how this could be considered noteworthy. Even if there was an in store pick-up option. Walk into the store and buy it. It’s that simple and the concept has been around for centuries.

    1. Some people would rather pay online. I think a lot of people would be excited by such a service. I know I would.

      1. I think it’s less the “pay online” and more the “know it’s going to be there before you leave”.

        By having already paid, you know yours is being held.

        1. Yup, that’s exactly it. Nothing more frustrating than going to a store looking for something and you end up chasing thin air.

      2. You right and you get offers online that aren’t available instores, I wish they had this when I got the note 2.

    2. Walk into the store and buy it? Like VZW is a 7-11 and you can grab a phone off the shelf and go to the register, pay and leave? Uh, think again. Try, go into the store, sign in, wait to get called, tell the rep want you want, he pulls up your account, asks you to wait while he goes in the back….comes back 2 minutes later with the phone, opens it, puts in the battery, swaps your SIM card, powers it up…..waiting….waiting…. updates your account to reflect the new device, has you sign into the phone, then more waiting for the phone to activate on their network….. then you pay….then you leave. All in all, probably at least 15 minutes.

      1. 15 minutes? My last experience was 3 hours. It was a nightmare.

  3. They should rather focus on speeding up their updates (Moto X) and device approval (N7) processes. I’ll be gone come November anyhow, but just a suggestion.

  4. Verizon DOES offer an in-store pickup option. I chose that myself on the day that the unlimited glitch was in action. I ordered online for in store pickup and got an email notification in about 20 minutes that my order was ready. I then went down to the store and grabbed my new phone.

    1. Might need to update the article, because this guy is right. See screenshot.

    2. Odd. I’ve ordered three phones from them and was never presented with that option.

      1. I did notice that if you tried to apply any coupon codes, the option vanished. It’s either glitchy or they don’t do in store pickup for discounted items.

  5. Whoever fits in the 18 year old 6 figure category needs to take that silver spoon out of their mouth and join the real world! (i edited my original thought. i didn’t want to say “silver spoon”. I think you know what i wanted to say.)

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