Google Keep code reveals plans for Drive integration and video playback


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When Google Keep was first announced almost 5 months ago, many an Android user turned to the service as their go-to note taking app. Although not as robust or full featured as apps like Evernote, it was the Keep’s ease of use and Google account syncing that led users to favor it over the others. Now that we’ve all settled into our new home, pinning to-do lists, and reminders to the walls, we’re starting to realize that maybe a few extra features wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Google’s hot on the case.

In a recent update to Keep we saw the addition of reminders. Seems that’s not all Google has in store for keep according to the folks at Google Operating System, who recently dived into Keep’s code and found hints at Google Drive integration coming soon to the service. Alright, so that’s not much of a surprise. Google mentioned that notes would soon be accessible straight from Drive back when Keep was announced. But that’s not all, young padawan. There’s more.

According to the underlying code, you will soon be able to add any Google Drive file to a Keep note where viewing them will be handled through Google Drive viewer. The best part (well, for me anyway), is the ability to add stored Drive or YouTube videos to a Keep note, where it can be played back directly from inside Keep. Hot damn.

Definitely useful additions for sure. Now all I need is folders and possibly even password protection and I’ll be all set. Seems Google is gearing up to cram a whole buncha features and we couldn’t be more excited. How ’bout you?

Chris Chavez
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PSA: Verizon wont activate the Nexus 7 LTE on their network until it has been “certified”

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  1. I read “hot damn” and I knew it was you haha. Password protection would be pretty sweet..

  2. Sounds good! Bring it and more

  3. From my experiences, if I have to make a quick note that I won’t need later on, then I’ll use Keep.

    If I need to make a note of something that I plan on keeping, like IP address of networks at my job, then I’ll use Springpad. Google Keep doesn’t have any organization. Though I like how fast I can make a note.

    Now all I need is Springpad to make a lockscreen widget and I’ll be happy.

    1. Same for me except that I user Evernote instead of Springpad. Evernote is my searchable database of stuff that I will need to reference at some point…Keep is just a general braindump of ideas/quotes/quick links, etc. Love them both.

  4. I’m hoping Keep will add list items indentation (sub lists).

    BTW: tags > folders. ;-)

    1. Do you know of any galleries that supports tags? I use quickpic, and it’s great, but folders just aren’t good enough.

      1. Sorry I can’t help you on that, I’ve always stick to the stock gallery.

  5. Tags, folders, notepads…whatever it turns out to be, Keep definitely needs some form organization for notes you actually want to, ahem, keep for some length of time. A single giant scrolling list doesn’t do the job (even if it is an incredibly pretty single giant scrolling list).

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