LG-F320 AnTuTu benchmark revealed, could be upcoming LG G2 with Snapdragon 800 processor


LG-G2 leak

A mysterious device going by the name LG-F320 popped up in an AnTuTu benchmark and is leaving many scratching their heads. As spotted by GSMInsider, there’s a pretty good chance we could be looking at the recently leaked LG G2. The benchmark — which originated from South Korea —  shows the device powered by an unspecified 2.3GHz processor. Given the high clock speed, we’re inclined to believe we’re looking at a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU, already confirmed to come bundled inside the upcoming LG G2.


With a score of 32,002, this is definitely no slouch. By comparison, our HTC One with Snapdragon 600 CPU yielded a score of 22,234 back in our review. Other than that, not a peep about Android version or any other info for that matter was provided. Guess we’ll have to learn more come August 7th, where LG currently has a press event scheduled in New York. We’re betting we’ll learn more about the beastly LG G2 there.

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  1. 32000! Ay Caramba!

    1. Fo shizzle my benchizzle

  2. One and S4 already old news. Snap 800 is coming.

    1. Android moves quick!

    2. S4 already old news? how about the LTE-A S4 with Snap 800 on it?
      old already?

  3. Too bad it doesn’t matter, don’t buy LG they don’t support their hardware after launch. If you don’t believe me look at the forums or anywhere that OWNERS comment on their phones and support. My LG Optimus G has seen one update since it released 8 months ago…

    1. Huh? Mine got updated to Jelly Bean a few months back…

      1. Yeah, that is the one update, and that was in like march or something to 4.1 right? I doubt we see 4.3…. Well from Att or LG anyways, I will see it on XDA I am sure ;) But aside from that the phone is not built very well I have had three of them now and on each the volume buttons vibrate, so if you tap the phone you hear them jiggling around. The design of dual glass is just bad, while mine haven’t broke physically (knock on wood) a lot of others have. The phone has overheating issues, and this is 100% LGs fault because I have seen other Qualcomm S4 devices with no heat issues. I could go on for a while but I am not going to, if you guys arent convinced go read USER not blog reviews of LG phones.

        1. I love my LG Optimus G. Sure it gets, hot but I can cook an egg on my Google Glass or even worse, my HTC One.

          We don’t know if we’ll see 4.3 but then again, you can’t be sure the device WONT see it. Working closely with Google for the Nexus 4 gives them access to Android code before other OEMs, so I’d say that puts LG in a good position.

          I do think the build quality needs some work on LG’s devices (light bleed, etc), but there have been reports of Samsung’s AMOLED displays wigging out, and HTC devices with yada, yada.. The list goes on and on.

          Every phone has it’s problems, but when it comes to the LG Optimus G, it’s one of my favorite to this day. And that’s saying something cuz it’s super old by Android standards…

          1. I also had a G2x about 6 phones ago and that one had horrible software support as well.LG has by far the worst software support, the N4 also has had 4.2.2 for a few months or more now while officially the OG is at 4.1.2 so them working on the N4 doesn’t seem to help too much. Maybe it is the Qualcomm chips if the One gets hot too, my sensation got stupid warm when trying to game and lagged on 3D stuff. My OG on the same level plays stuff brilliantly but when it was stock it would heat up after a little while and start lagging, now I have a custom kernel though and don’t have that issue. Stock though I would not recommend this phone to someone that enjoys mobile games. Maybe the Tegra 4 will be amazing….

          2. Let me know about 4.2 for GS III & One X -.-

            You can’t really compare it with Nexus 4. It’s NEXUS goddammit!

          3. Either way, Samsung and HTC have a far better average when it comes to software updates. I would trade my OG for a HTC One or similar specced phone any day, and had a similar bad experience with my last LG phone so I will be vocal in warning people away.

            As I said you do not have to take my word for it check out any site with USER reviews of LG phones and you will see. gsmarena, XDA, sites like that with actual user reviews not paid bloggers (No offense)

          4. Just read somewhere about the HTC One getting 4.2.2 today..

          5. Huh? I already have a ROM that’s based off the 4.2.2 update. I thought it already had it?

            Maybe it was a leak? The developers never said it was a leak. LoL!!

          6. Nah, I have 4.2.2 on my OG as well. Often when you use ROM’s you are more updated than stock devices (Nearly always). If you are using an AOSP based rom like CM10.1 or something then you are not using a leak but a completely custom build for your device.

    2. That’s why you wait and just get a Nexus 5, which will be the same phone, only supported by Google instead!

  4. i remember 12000 on the original Samsung Galaxy S (vibrant) was a trendsetter….

  5. snapdragon 800. snapdragon 800 everywhere.

    1. plus snapdragon

  6. Hope that the next nexus is based off of this

  7. Daaamn I hope the Nexus 5 is based off of that.

  8. Hell yeah. I like stock android, so I won’t be getting this. But if they make a Google edition, or better yet the nexus 5 based on this, I will be all over that.

  9. Can they do that? Like name the phone the “G2”? Doesn’t HTC own “G2”? I know LG had the G2X. Hmm…

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