Samsung Galaxy S4 Active rooted by infamous hacker Geohot, $455 bounty still up for grabs


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When he’s not jailbreaking iPhones or getting in trouble with Sony’s lawyers, the infamous PS3 hacker known around the web as Geohot is using his talents for the greater Android good. Take the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (SGH-i537) which hit AT&T stores about 2 weeks ago and users on XDA were quick to put out a bounty for anyone with the know-how on rooting the device. Well, it looks like the bounty, which has since risen to $455, may finally be claimed and by none other than Geohot himself.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active rooted Geohot

On his way home from the beach, Mr. Hotz picked up the S4 Active and quickly rooted the device, apparently, completely unaware of the bounty. Somehow he stumbled upon the thread on XDA where he posted a few images of his newly rooted GS4 Active, but without any instructions on how he did it, we’re all still left in the dark and the bounty unclaimed.

It’s still not clear whether or not he intends on sharing, or if he’s merely showing off, but in either case, if you’re an S4 Active user looking to gain root access on your waterproof device, you might wanna keep an eye on XDA’s Galaxy S4 root bounty thread for updates.

[via AndroidForums]

Thanks, TenEightyPee!

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  1. The S4 active is definitely better than the original S4 imo… Hopefully it’ll get root soon

    1. I gotta co sign that

    2. yea it doesn’t have all those gimmicks holding back its performance, plus its waterproof, In my opinion it seems like the Galaxy S line is now like a beta run before they release the better versions later on like the Galaxy Active or Note lol

      1. @DavidVarghese:disqus @theking169:disqus Can’t wait for the Galaxy Note 3 Active! :D

        1. they should make a version with a bigger battery and call it the Galaxy Note 3 Plus 4000mAh

        2. Nexus 5.5 Active for me!

        3. I think all phones should be “Active” ones at this point. Let’s be honest…people forget they’re in their pockets and they go in the wash or fall out of a shallow pocket in a toilet, they get dropped, or people spill stuff. Well, that and a ton of other things. In any case, I’ve known so many people with drop and water breaks that it seems obvious to make things durable that you carry around all the time.

    3. Isn’t it missing the Gorilla Glass 3 from the S4?

      1. Correct, it’s only Gorilla Glass 2 from everything I’ve read. Which is a really odd exclusion for a phone that is supposed to be more rugged.

        1. That’s… I dunno… it’s silly. I can’t understand Samsung’s thought process. The exclusion of GG3 and the seemingly exclusivity on AT&T were two things that rather ruined this device for me and for many more I’m sure.

          They almost had a solid winner. It’s like they’ll design a perfect device then take out one or two features and keep it from staying perfect.

          1. The same GG3 that I dropped last week and it quickly shattered? GG has always been a joke to me, scratches just like normal glass. I bought the Active and had no idea it didn’t have GG3 and I’m more in the loop about these things than most, so I doubt most consumers have any idea what revision of GG their device has or why they should care. I switched to AT&T three months ago so the exclusivity (and their amazing network compared to Sprint) is ok with me!

          2. Oh that’s precious.

  2. Shouldn’t he be in jail or something?, or did he find a jailbreak ?

    1. No? He settled with Sony ages ago.

      1. i know it was a joke lol

      2. Is this the person responsible for crashing the P3 online servers?

        1. No – different issue.

        2. Nah it was these guys :

          1. Terrible picture.

          2. Opposite

        3. No he was one of the first few to jailbreak the PS3

  3. Good old Geohot. It’s been ages since I’ve heard anything about him. Always had a lot of respect for this guy.

  4. He did share it.

  5. Glad he got a haircut lol.

  6. Geohot…I shall call you magmaaaa.

    1. for some reason I read that as ma ni$#$ga

  7. Hell yeah! I love Geohot! Good to see he’s in Android.

  8. He shared it. I have rooted mine.

    Initial reports indicate that root privileges will be revoked on reboot unless you use SuperSU. So far that seems to stick.

  9. easy instructions on how to root:

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