Sony Honami leak reveals refreshed UI, 4K video recording, and more



Screenshots from an alleged Sony Honami system dump have surfaced online. A developer by the name of krabappel2548 posted the dump over on XDA where it was ripped apart and dissected. Specifically coming from a Canadian version of a device codenamed C6906, the screenshots show us a new version of Sony’s custom user interface, soon to come bundled with the device.

Sony Honami screenshots 1

Digging through the build.prop yielded some “confirmed” specs of the Honami and just as we suspected, the Snapdragon 800 processor and 20MP camera made the cut. What’s interesting is the ability for the Honami to record video in “Super Resolution” 4000×2000  — that’s 4K video for us normal folk. The low light performance should trump most other smartphone cameras on the market thanks to a maximum ISO of 12,800 (by comparison, the HTC One maxes out at 1,600).



Camera software can be further enhanced thanks to Sony’s new API that allows for camera add-ons to be used in the camera app. Icons for add-ons like Bokeh, Info-Eye (provides Google Search info cards on whatever you’re shooting), Manual, Socialcast, Timeshift (burst shot), and Effect mode (augmented reality) were all found buried inside the system dump.

Sony Honami system dump screenshots

As we mentioned before, just about all other areas of Sony’s custom UI has been touched up. Users will find a redesigned home screen, app drawer, Walkman app (with Sony Music Unlimited integration), clock, phonebook, settings, calendar, and “small apps” floating widgets have all been given a refresh. What’s more is this system dump has already been ported to the Sony Xperia Z for adventurous ROM flashers.

Judging just from the UI, this Honami sounds like a bona-fide flagship if we ever saw one. We expect to learn more about the device at Sony’s press event scheduled for the July 4th in Germany. We’ll keep you posted.

[Xperia Blog]

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  1. LOVE THE NEW PHONE. if this also waterproof I’ll choose this over the XPERIA Z ULTRA. like the new UI also

    1. Yea a 5.0” over a 6.4” brick is a no brainer.

  2. Pretty much all you could possibly ask for specs wise. Very intrigued

  3. ROFL 4k Video recording. This is awesome. Man I remember 320 x whatever resolution we had back in 2002

  4. If it doesn’t come with minimum of 3000 mAh battery, then it’s a Fail.

    1. It does come with a 3000 battery, 3050 mah infact.

      1. It’s actually not a sure thing, no one knows what’s the exact battery size. Articles are suggesting it’s going to be between 2700 to 3000 mAh.

        Btw the Sony Xperia Z Ultra has 3050 mAh. So your “infact” just went out the window.

        1. Actually, it is confirmed. You just don’t know where to look…

          1. Care to share your source?

  5. I’m glad they’re making use of that camera software-wise instead of just bumping up the spec’s. And making it useful, instead of a bunch of gimmicks.

  6. Alright, cool. You can record in 4K. Great. It’s still gonna look like sh!t because of the quality of camera sensors/lenses they put in phones. I’d much rather see 1080p @60hz steady.

    1. If it can max at 4k, I don’t see why 1080p at 60fps would be a problem. And if they don’t do it, a developer will.

  7. would it hook up to my psn account? :)

    1. It should. I thought Sony said all their Sony devices will be PSN ready.

  8. Hmm. Ugly large bezel everywhere.

  9. If only this had 3gb of ram.

  10. Finally something for people that use their phones as a their main camera. Now they can stop talking about how crappy phone cameras are compared to an actual camera.

    My gosh, those specs for a phone camera sound good. Reminds me of when I got the Samsung Memoir because of the camera lens. 8MP camera. That wasn’t even out or a standard at the time.

  11. I love it ! But Please Sony make it at least 4GB RAM and a real wide Battery < 4000mvA !
    I was sure Sony would want to use the 4K Video capability of the Qualcom Snapdragon 800, they could not miss that, not Sony. Just it required a new camera sensor not available on time for the Xperia Z Ultra this summer, unfortunatly…
    Only missing here is why they did not give that new captor 3D 1080p capability as well, with a dual sensor, in addition to 2D 4K… Bet they had no 5" 1080p capable display with 3D glassfree capability….Not sure.
    3D HD is the only feature I'll miss on my current HTC EVO 3D phone …. But I'm OK to trade that for 4K 2D on this new phone… Just add more RAM than just 2GB and a BIG Battery.

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