Motorola: A Google Company — new branding unveiled

motorola logo a google company

Now that Motorola has cleared its pipeline of DROIDs and other projects Google didn’t like, the company has been hard at work trying to please the software giant which bought it for $12.5 billion. Alongside the ongoing development of the Moto X, the company has also taken another step to profess its love for being owned by Google: new branding. Motorola unveiled a new multi-colored logo with the following subtext: “motorola: a Google company.”

The logo and branding simply oozes Google, a company known to be quite simple, minimalistic and elegant in its approach. It’s hard to imagine how this new branding will transcend into Motorola’s advertising and other aspects of its image, but we definitely feel a nice, breezy change in the wind with this early first step. Now, how about that X phone?


[Techweek via The Verge]

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  • aeok18109

    wtb details. pst

  • ArmageddonX

    love it

    • Derek Lockovich

      Me too. :D

      • Jordan Hotmann

        Me three. :D

        • feztheforeigner

          Four :D

          • Steven Skwarkowski


          • feztheforeigner

            ArmageddonX is first. You’re Five…

          • Brian S.

            Last time I said this I got lots of thumbs downs.

          • IronHorse01

            Um me six :-)

          • Kimon

            Meee Seven %)

          • Steven Skwarkowski

            THIRTH! THIRTH!!!!!

          • supremekizzle

            C-C-COMBO BREAKER

          • contraus

            LMAO! Ah man, that Bane video was freekin hilarious.

    • Guest

      Meee seven…

    • ari_free

      Dunno. I’ll always be for holographic 3D rendered rotating logos in 16 million colors. That, until someone comes up with a 4D logo.

    • TheBlueF0x

      As do I!

      Simple, clean, elegant, modern….it’s beautiful in every way.

  • Jerel Butler

    I can dig it brah, but the suit and tie goes well on me

  • yankeesusa

    I definitely like the new logo. Lets see if the phones will now match the quality that nexus phones are known for. I have to say that the new htc one and gs4 google edition phones really look nice. Too bad they don’t work for cdma networks.

    • fly’nfree

      Google knows best!

      • James

        Far from it.

  • guitarist5122

    Noooo! Motorola has been googlized!

    • macgiobuin

      Resistance to the Googleverse is futile.

      • scoter man1

        Come to the dark side, we have cookies.

        • Yury H

          Can I haz cookies?

        • guitarist5122

          How about jellybeans?

        • chuckles87

          We also have ice cream and pie

        • TheBlueF0x

          and key lime pie? Oh please, oh please, oh please???

  • fly’nfree

    Pinch from amoled color, nice!

  • Unorthodox

    I don’t know about that. Isn’t it only Motorola Mobility that Google bought? Do they have right to make something like this? Could be fake.

    • master94

      Its Google. They can do whatever they want. And yes they only bought half the company. Motorola Solutions is still independent.

      • ryan rochford

        i always wondered why they didn’t buy all of Motorola, then put Google TV on all Motorola cable set-top boxes. Then the Nexus Q would have been pure sex if Mototola made it and cable providers picked it up. And considering Google is 100% about getting the internet, in as many peoples hands, in as many ways, as possible, that would have been such a huge move.

        food for thought I suppose…

        • Wilson Fickle

          The cable box division was part of Mobility, Google sold it off.

        • Unorthodox

          Motorola is big in comm equipment. Exactly why years ago Sony couldn’t buy whole Ericsson, but only the cell phone part of it. In my home country 80% of cell towers were Ericsson’s. And same with Fujitsu, who could never afford by the entire Siemens, but only laptop part of it.

  • John

    Make a GSM version!

  • ari_free

    New Moto branding. Same Moto specs. :/

    • yankeesrule587

      Hopefully there will be MOTO nothing.

  • Mr. Creeper

    The off-centeredness of the subtext irks me.

  • atomikpunk

    now if goog would snap up htc and neuter them as well, so tired of crappy phones

  • waqas

    hi like

  • Vincent Kamin

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  • Vincent Kamin

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    I liked the red.

  • Nick Mantzoros

    I got a hot/cold tumbler with the new logo this past week at Techweek.