Jun 26th, 2013

motorola logo a google company

Now that Motorola has cleared its pipeline of DROIDs and other projects Google didn’t like, the company has been hard at work trying to please the software giant which bought it for $12.5 billion. Alongside the ongoing development of the Moto X, the company has also taken another step to profess its love for being owned by Google: new branding. Motorola unveiled a new multi-colored logo with the following subtext: “motorola: a Google company.”

The logo and branding simply oozes Google, a company known to be quite simple, minimalistic and elegant in its approach. It’s hard to imagine how this new branding will transcend into Motorola’s advertising and other aspects of its image, but we definitely feel a nice, breezy change in the wind with this early first step. Now, how about that X phone?


[Techweek via The Verge]

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