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We’ve been hearing a lot about the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini over the past several weeks, but it’s time to give the rumor mill a rest — the device has been made official by Samsung as of this morning. The 4.3 inch device will come with qHD resolution, a 1.7GHz dual-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage (there’s a microSD card slot to expand that), an 8 megapixel camera on the back and a 1.9 megapixel camera on the front.

For software, we’re looking at Android 4.2.2 with TouchWiz (which we assume is going to take up a sizable chunk of that 8GB of internal storage). The device will support LTE, and depending on the market you might find it in dual-SIM variety without much issue. Although Samsung wasn’t keen on dropping a date for the phone, Phones4U tells us to expect the device as early as July 2013 in the UK. That could change, and it might be different from region to region and retailer to retailer, but that sounds about right.

We haven’t a clear idea on how this little guy will be priced, but considering the less-than-savory (up against the Galaxy S4, at least) specs we assume it will carry a price tag tuned for the mid-range market. You’ll be able to find the device in black and white to start, and knowing Samsung it won’t be long before we get a whole smorgasbord of colors for the thing.

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  1. useless

  2. Good to see a decent spec’d phone in the 4.3″ size. Look for HTC to announce a similar sized version of the ONE within the week. I think both of these mfgs were/are holding back until yesterday’s announced MOTO X.

    1. Decent spec’d? Maybe for last year. It’s not terrible, but the Razr M is basically the same phone, and it was released in October. (actually Razr M is built better and in a smaller package)

  3. 4.3″ is considered “mini” these days? lolz

  4. why Samsung can not make a phone this size with super specs like the s4? i would love to have one like that!

    1. The specs aren’t bad (storage sucks though), but it should have came with a better screen.

    2. Smaller size means smaller battery. The similar specs would eat through the battery too quickly, so they tone it down.

      Plus anyone who really cares about the internals probably won’t opt for a smaller screen.

      1. I think screens eat up more battery than processor(no science here just MHO) and though it might not be the majority not everyone wants a big phone. I have a large screen only because I want the high specs. 4.3″ screen would be the sweet spot for me.

    3. xiaomi mi-2s for you

  5. I see a lot of folks not liking the qHD on this phone on various websites. But it’s actually a good DPI for a 4.3 inch screen.

    I have a phone with a qHD screen that’s 4.3 inches and I don’t see the pixels. Everything looks smooth.

  6. I’m sure for what this phone will be priced at, you’ll get more for your money from the Nexus 4.

    1. as soon as they make a Nexus 4 that is CDMA.

    2. Not sure I’d go that far. What you don’t get, of course, is a full 720p HD screen. But the camera will be easily on par, the processor will probably not be as gimpy as the Nexus 4 out of the box, expandable storage and removable battery. Some people (like me) will also prefer AMOLED over LCD, and the thing definitely won’t be as breakable. If you always put your phone in a case, I’d say this is a much better phone overall. The Nexus will promise faster updates, but it definitely loses out on some of the extra TouchWiz features. Even if you don’t use things like S-Beam, the Camera software on Samsung phones (even the original Galaxy S) totally kills anything from vanilla Google. I have the S3 from T-Mobile, and although it has a slightly slower processor, it has slightly more RAM. All in all, it should run pretty close to the same speed, which was fast enough for last year’s SGS3 vs Nexus 4 head-to-head.

    3. I strongly disagree. The Nexus 4 has dev support that this will probably never get, a stronger processor, more ram, larger screen, and it’s a LCD screen (which I prefer personally).

      1. Was this rebuttal for New_Guy777?

  7. Metro PCS and T-Mobile prepaid would like this phone I believe. $250 seems fair. $300 would be the limit I think.

    1. Fair? Sammy doesn’t care about fair. My guess, at least $400. You figure at that price, it’d be free on contract.

  8. So if it has the same apps as the s4, will it have -1G of storage left over?

  9. Will Apple sue over use of the term “mini” ?

  10. Is anyone keeping count of how many phones Samsung is releasing under the Galaxy name for this year?? I swear, this is the 7th one…

  11. i already have this phone. its called the samsung galaxy S3.

    waiting to see what the note 3 looks like as im not too interested in the recently released samsung galaxy S3s.

  12. Like they did with the Galaxy S3 mini when this comes to the U.S. release it on US Cellular as the Galaxy Axiom 2.

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