Real Racing 3 update brings new tracks, cars and events


real racing 3 dubai update

Real Racing 3 fans will want to head to the Google Play Store right now and begin loading up the awesome new update EA just released for the freemium racing title. This Middle Eastern themed update includes a load of new cars, tracks and events to keep you busy for those times when you’re feeling a bit… fast. There is only one track — Dubai Autodrome — but that track comes with six different layouts and can be raced either at day or at night.

You can take that track with four new cars, including the Lexus IS-F, Lexus LFA, Dodge Charger RT, and the Dodge Charger SRT8. The update also comes with more than 50 extra events of racing goodness to tackle for you completionists out there.

Real Racing 3 might be a freemium title, but it remains one of the few freemium games done right. Users aren’t urged to purchase more “energy” or held back from completing the game without spending a few extra dollars, and you get a ton out of it even if you don’t put a dime into EA’s pockets. I’m not saying they don’t deserve it, but hey — if you want it to be free, you have that choice. If you haven’t already given Real Racing 3 a shot you can grab your download from the Google Play Store.

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  1. Definitely one of my favorite games at the moment. Already grabbed the update :-)

  2. This game is great but its not helping the storage issue on my 16GB Note 2… 10GB of usable storage is NOT enough even with an SD Card.

    1. If your Note2 is rooted, give GL to SD a try. It moved my RR3 and a few other large games to my 64 GB card!

      1. Thanks for the tip. I can’t root now though because my screen is lifting out on the left side of the phone and I’m going to send it back to Samsung. It doesn’t really bother me but now my S-Pen is messing up. It selects things on the screen just by hovering it without even making physical contact with the screen.

      2. Do your apps run good? Last time I had apps on my SD card that weren’t suppose to be there always crashed. Like WTF? LoL!!

        I had a class 10 32GB, so I know the SD card wasn’t the problem. This is why I just prefer at least 32GB on board. For my apps. Because OP was right. 16GB on board was NOT enough.

  3. Even better if your typed look up I’m the app store “folder mount” you can move your whole obb folder to your external if you want!

  4. One price and I’ll buy this game like I did with RR2. Freemium is the devil.

    1. Exactly, I don’t know about you but I quit playing RR3 after a month or so. No where near how much I enjoyed RR2.

      1. RR2 was the tits. I still play it to this day because it’s a whole game. No gimmicks, no extra charges, just racing. I just think more game makers need to be brave and offer an entire game for one price. I would have happily paid $9.99 for RR3.

  5. They deserve kudos for a good game, they deserve 0 dollars for making it freemium. Would have gladly paid 10 for a paid non iap version. 15 if it came with controller support and custom controls (completely custom, like no auto accellerate)

  6. I looked forward to this game so much, I downloaded it, played it, excellent game but the FREEMIUM KILLED IT DEAD for me, I have never been as disappointed with anything since I can’t remember, that is not an exaggeration either. I would have paid console price for this game without FREEMIUM.

  7. RR2 is on both my Android’s and tablet I think I’ve completed it four times and it’s still my goto racer.
    They could probably write a good rally game as well, I wonder if codemasters have anything in the works.

  8. EYE don’t understand the dismay for the “freemium” title of RR3 (FREE game, FREE updates–costs only YOUR TIME). I downloaded this game 2+ months ago, and I can’t stop playing it (after DUBAI update & NO REAL MONEY SPENT, 79% complete, with 31 cars in the garage including Koenigsegg Agera & Bugatti Veryon 16.4). Due to the format being so similar to one of my old EA Sports FAVS (Gran Tourismo 2), I race all the time. My only notes to EA Sports would be to give cars away after completing certain series (like GT2, gold in all events), bring back the Formula 1 car from GT2 (won it after completing one of the endurance races; dominated eligible races from that point on), pay GOLD instead of R$ for at least SOME events, and allow one button repairs/servicing (instead of having to open all of the repairs/services individually). EYE LOVE THIS GAME!

    1. Many consumers just want to pay ONE price for a game and be done with it. Being able to play a game through to the end without being interrupted with ads or prompts to ask you to pay for another feature or DLC is a great thing.

      Not even offering a full price option to the consumer is what really stinks. If they would at least do that then I personally wouldn’t have a problem with this “freemium” price model. Real Racing 2 is still a wonderful game because it was one price for a FULL game. I had great expectations for RR3 but I can’t fully enjoy it with its current set up.

      1. EYE guess I am older than many gamers (40), and therefore EYE have patience beyond that of many young gamers. If EYE was 20 years old playing this game, EYE would probably tire of waiting and give up. Having played GT2 for YEARS over a decade ago has stuck with me, and EYE am excited to see what comes next. Also, consider this: even if EA sold this game, they could still have this same setup inside, making you race and earn everything, without the ability to purchase advancements (R$, gold), therefore forcing you to play through. EYE agree that waiting for service & upgrades SUCKS, but EYE have plenty of other APPS to chew up time. Back to racing…

        1. Your use the of the word “EYE” intrigues me…

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