Sony Xperia Z now available for purchase in the US, comes unlocked for $630

Sony Xperia Z unlocked 630 dollars

It was a few weeks ago that Sony made the Sony Xperia ZL available for purchase direct from their online store and today, it is joined by its older brother, the Sony Xperia Z for $630. All color options are available: black, white, and purple, and the phone comes unlocked with free 2-day shipping. What’s more is the ZL has been priced dropped to $630 as well, down from its initial $760 price tag.

Keep in mind that although unlocked, it will only work on AT&T’s HSPA+ network (same as the Nexus 4) — no LTE here, folks. This is just another option for those who have been eyeballing the device since it was announced back in January, and want to stay off contract. It was recently that Sony Mobile announced the device would soon support PS3 controllers out-of-the-box, and on the development side of things, AOSP Jelly Bean is also being worked on in-house.

While an official AT&T model is still up in the air, there’s been plenty of leaks and rumors suggesting that the Sony Xperia Z is coming soon to T-Mobile. At $630, the Xperia Z is almost double the price of the Nexus 4 with largely the same hardware, granted with an SD card slot and weatherproofing. I think I’ll continue to hold my breath for the official LTE version whenever it hits AT&T (if ever).

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  • thebeeobee

    Only $597.99 on Rakuten

  • Thomas

    This phone in purple is soooo freaking SEXY !!!

  • InspectorGadget80

    Damn if i knew this was going too be 600$ i wouldn’t have bought my XPERIA Go

  • Mitchel White

    i really want this phone and actually love there launcher, ive been using a ported version of it on my nexus 4 for awhile. first launcher to last a month on my phone XD

  • garlick

    Verizon you suck for not carrying this.

    • tomn1ce

      They need to pick up their slack….At&t is picking up all the latest phones while they’re sitting on their ass…I hoping they that they pick up the next Moto device…

      • Brian Garlick

        Moto needs to hurry up and release a new device…’s been forever. I would love a new Droid 5 or even this Droid X phone that keeps being talked about. The last Moto phone was the Razr Maxx HD which was like 6 months ago or more.

  • indio7777

    If this would access LTE I was ready to throwdown.

    • Mr. Smith

      For what purpose to drain your battery ?

      • ineversl33p

        Um for faster data. Tried to go back to my nexus 4 from my HTC one and switched back right away when my battery died half way through the day and I had to wit twice as long for data to load. That’s why I wouldn’t buy it without lte.

        • Mr. Smith

          My nexus 4 battery life is good and I suppose battery life is relative to the user but LTE chips still use more battery and I get great speeds where I am but I guess if you like gimmicks.

  • shooter50

    so does this suppport HSPA+ on tmobile?

    • irishrally

      At first I thought it did because in the specification tab it lists 1700 (band IV):
      Cellular and Wireless : UMTS HSPA+ 850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100
      GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1901

      But then I noticed that at the top of the page it shows C6602 as the model number and that’s the model that has been out for a while and does not fully support tmo, so I think Sony is just listing a general spec for the Z, not the one you can buy now. Very confusing. tmo needs the C6606 model. Also looks like “GSM 1901″ is a typo.


    Once GOOGLE I/O ’13 has passed,I’ll take a look once T-MOBILE’s variant is available. It’d make for a nice back-up/change of pace for my HTC ONE.

  • supremekizzle

    For that price, the One is a better buy…

    • h4rr4r

      Can you get it bootloader unlocked for that price?

      • Keith

        For the developer edition at $649 bootloader is unlocked and 64GB memory.

  • TheDome

    Give up Sony..

    • Balansi Kherwyn

      You actually want these company to compete. Why? I give that as your homework. Post it if you find the answer why.

      • TheDome

        What are you my mother?

        Sony is making all the wrong moves. There is nothing about their phones that push the boundaries of what a smartphone should be. All their phones are just mediocre.

  • Craig Becker

    What idiot shells out that type of coin for a non LTE phone? I guess there are a lot of trust fund babies…
    Also I my buddy has his ps3 remote working flawless with his galaxy nexus and moto tablet for a long time now. Dont think it takes much to get that working. Any geek that wants to use ps3 on his phone should be able to finger it out…

    • supremekizzle

      Believe it or not, there are some people that find LTE completely unnecessary. I currently get 18mb up and 2 down on my T-Mobile Nexus 4, and that’s only HSPA 21, not 42. So you can keep your battery hogging LTE to yourself.

    • M0nk

      Like 6.5 billon people that do not live near a LTE service? This phone is not for US, but for the rest of the world is a nice capable and well built device, only a bit expensive…

    • h4rr4r

      $600 is trust fund money to you?
      I have an LTE phone and often turn it off since it murders the battery.

  • Jesse

    Why would anyone pay SOO much for an unlocked phone! Geez over half a thousand dollars for a phone that will probably be supported for a year?! Yes its a beast of a phone, but its not worth that much. These companies need to realize that if they want to succeed in the US, you need to bring down the price, or bring it to major carrier for $99-$150.

    And do what Samsung did… force the public to fall for your device by puttings ads everywhere.

    I am waiting with my wallet until google unveils a refreshed version of the Nexus 4 at next weeks I/O. ( S299 for 16Gb)