Flayvr now available on Google Play, lets you quickly share photo and video albums with ease


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New to the Google Play Store is a photo sharing application called Flayvr. While that name hints at all sorts of things, it’s actually an app that lets you quickly and easily share photo/video albums online. Now where there are already a number of ways to accomplish this via Google+, Facebook, or even Dropbox, none of them make it this painfully simple.

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Simply open the app up and all your photos are grouped together in albums according to the date (similar to the gallery app on the HTC One). You can rename the album something festive like “Cinco De May 2013,” and share it via social network, SMS, or email. Doing this will give your friends and family a link to the album, uploaded onto Flayvr’s website. Flayvr’s UI is clean and easy to navigate, filled with slick animations for extra eye candy. Super clean. Super sharp.

I think the best way to describe Flayvr is sorta like Instagram, but instead of single photos, you’re sharing entire albums. Since Flayvr is not another social network, you wont have to worry about dealing with adding friends or any of that nonsense. Have to say, I quite like it.

My only real issue so far has been the way it crops images displayed on the Flayvr website. To see what I’m talking about, you can check out one of my albums here. For those wanting to give it a spin, you can download Flayvr for free right now in the Google Play Store via the link below. Let me know how you like it.

[Flayvr on Google Play]

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  1. Their site is painfully slow, and looks crudely made. And I see what you mean about the cropping…they basically crop all your uploaded photos to a different aspect ratio. How disappointing.

    1. I looked at the photos in “one of my albums here” above and… well… I’m under-impressed. The photos that may or may not have originally been 3264px x 2448px or bigger are cropped and shrunk to 350px x 350px with no apparent way to view the original. Facebook is pretty bad with shrinkage, but at least they don’t shrink them down to practically nothing.

  2. Flayvr, not flavyr.

    1. Holy crap. This whole time. :O

  3. Oy… another social networking photo sharer? Sorry, count me out.

    1. It’s NOT a social network. You simply give them your photos, and they give you a handy link where they put them into an album for you. Simple. Fast. Easy.

      1. You mean another cloud service like Box, Drop Box, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Sky Drive, etc. only for photos? Yeah, still not interested.

        1. Kind of, but a lot quicker and you’re not given a GB limit to manage or any of that.

          1. Probably because they crop and shrink the files to practically nothing.

    2. Nonreader

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