HTC One Developer Edition RUU now available for download via HTCDev

HTC kernel source code

It’s only been a week since the first HTC One Developer Editions started shipping, and while many are still on back-order, you may be pleased to know that the RUU has already been made available for download on HTCDev. What’s that mean for you? Well, chances are if you purchased a Dev Edition, you were more than likely got it for its unlocked bootloader. Aside from other things, an RUU ensures that no matter kinda ROMs you flash in your travels, you’ll always have a completely stock version of the original software to come home to. Thanks, HTC!

[Download HTC One Developer Edition RUU]

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  • Darrien Glasser

    And to think they initially forced JMZ to take down his shares of leaked RUU’s. HTC, with your crazy new phones, one with some insane specs and an awesome camera, and one with stock android, if we factor this in… there’s hope yet for you.

  • Cuco

    Cool!! With this add storeage on HTC One.

  • jimmysmalia

    are there any international shipping possibilities where I can purchase the Dev Edition?

  • Rampage1

    Htc is really stepping up and making it easier to root and rom thanks Htc.

  • Jeremiah

    Link is down.