HTC One now available – are you buying it? [POLL]

Today is the day, fellow HTC fans! The HTC One is the best device of the year for many (including our very own Chris) and it is all but guaranteed to sell like hot pancakes. If you have been holding your breath on this one it’s time to pull the trigger. The HTC One is available from 3 major US carriers as of today – Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile.

HTC One pricing and availability

  • T-Mobile: Magenta’s HTC One costs $99.99 with a $20 monthly device payment for 24 months. You can also purchase the phone for $579.99. (Stores will have it available the 24th). Either way, customers get a free car dock for a limited time. Sounds like an awesome deal to me!
  • AT&T: Ma Bell’s HTC One costs $199.99 on a 2-year contract, but it can also be purchased off contract for $599.99.
  • Sprint: As for Sprint’s HTC One, it will cost $99.99 if you sign a 2-year contract and bring your number from another carrier. Not bringing your number would add $100, making the HTC One $199.99 on-contract and $549.99 off-contract.

We have a couple great deals here. If you are set on purchasing the HTC One, you can’t go wrong with one of these offers. T-Mobile’s new UNcarrier plans look great if you don’t mind paying full price for your device over the course of 2 years (with very affordable plans). A down payment of $99 for what could be the best smartphone of the year is not hard to swallow.

Sprint’s offer is also great, but only if you are switching carriers and can import your number. If you need to upgrade or start off fresh (with a new number) you will have pay $199, just like with AT&T.

Still, the HTC One is worth $200. So go ahead and place your orders! Are you getting one? Which is your carrier of choice? Don’t forget we have a review coming for you very soon, so be on the lookout for that if you are still not quite sure.

Buy T-Mobile HTC One
Buy AT&T HTC One
Buy Sprint HTC One

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  • Rahul Srivastava

    Xperia Z :D

  • Robb Nunya

    As much as I like this phone, I’m holding out to see what happens with the Google X Phone. I have until October on my contract anyway, so by then, I might just buy the X off contract if it’s as customizable as they say… Oh, and if it has an unlockable bootloader.

    • PhoenixPath

      Same boat. S4, One, and X…it’s going to be fun.

      Will have to head down to a T-Mob once they are all in stock and get some hands-on with ’em all. Should be fun. :)

  • Caleb Loop

    Seriously thinking about it. My nexus 4 just still feels too new to justify buying another phone.

    • Peter Moutzalias

      The nexus 4 is just 6 months old what would posses you to buy another phone so soon? Especially a phone that is only marginally better at best and most likely not better at all.

      • Bryan Beidleman

        I bought the nexus 4, and let me tell you that the one is not “marginally” better. It is much better. Nobody will argue that the camera quality on the nexus is really poor. The construction of the One is also obviously far and above. Obviously the nexus 4 had an angle with unlocked price point, but it is not in any way a better phone than the one.

        • Gideon Waxfarb

          It also has an angle of no vendor bloatware :)

        • Caleb Loop

          the camera isnt terrible, its just not comparable to the high end ones. but yeah, I held a one today, it is so freakin incredible in hand.

        • irishrally

          I agree with everything you said except the last part … the Nexus 4 is better in one regard because it runs the latest Android OS 4.2.2 and will get the next Android OS, probably KLP, about 6 months before the HTC One, it’s fully bootloader s-off unlocked and has amazing dev support, and is an AOSP supported phone. These things are important to many people and the fact that the One is not released with 4.2.2 is a bad sign for the timeline for future updates. People will be annoyed when KLP comes out with some sweet new features and bug fixes that they can’t have on their almost brand new flagship phone. Even 4.2.2 that the N4 has had for months had quite a few important bug fixes, and the One is likely months away from getting that update. If I get the One I’ll be keeping the N4 for these reasons. And I nearly forgot the N4 is almost half the price of the One.

          • Bryan Beidleman

            I would agree with that and it was more of a personal opinion. I always root and unlock all my phones so I will have KLP a few short days-weeks after its released and put on my ONE =]. Right now I am actually digging sense 5 and not really minding anything.

      • Caleb Loop

        My friend got one today, It feels so great in hand. Carrier bloat is a non issue to me since im always running a custom rom. But its just a really nice phone. haha Like I said, my nexus is just too new for me to justify another.

    • Thomas Finn

      same here man… same here

    • Kristoff119

      I have a galaxy nexus i just got in December, and I can’t see myself getting a new phone at least until the next nexus, which would rock if it was made again by HTC (or by Sony or Motorola).

      • Caleb Loop

        I got the Galaxy Nexus on launch day and then the Nexus 4 on launch day to replace it. I think im going to hold out til the next Nexus again as well, though the One is quite tempting.

  • TheKaz1969

    I’d like to. As soon as it comes to Verizon.

    • TheJunkie

      cross your fingers….
      it’s coming to Verizon, its not, it’s coming, it’s not……..maybe it will:-D

  • jelmer

    Missing a answer. Maybe i am going to buy it

  • Roaduardo

    Ugh, I’m torn. S3 user right now (rooted & ROMed). Those front-facing speakers are mighty nice… But I don’t want to lose my removable battery and micro SD slot options… I’ll likely move onto the S4 in the end.

    • Scott Stafford

      The One makes the plastic Galaxy S devices feel like a toy.

      • Crimsonshadow774

        I’ll take the lightweight plastic and removable battery any day.

      • veccster

        Yes, the One looks much more premium. And if looks are important to you, then you should buy this One. Personally, I’m waiting for the S4 because I need a removable battery. I’ll put a nice case on either phone so looks is not important (to me).
        Both are comparable in the spec department.

      • PhoenixPath

        Looks aren’t everything. Some people need other things. It’s ok. It’s not a personal insult to you if they don’t like it, so you don’t have to harass them, ok??

        • Scott Stafford

          Looks? I was referring to the feel in your hand. The quality of the screen. The dual speakers. And Sense 5 is FAR superior over Touchwiz. Looks is just a bonus. BTW I currently have a GS3.

    • Philly Jim

      I’m in the same boat as you currently running synergy, if the s4 came with the octo chip here in the us I might have considered it but most of the software is already available for us rooted s3 owners,I just don’t think there’s enough to the s4 to consider it an upgrade

    • KOLIO
  • Bryan Beidleman

    Let me just tell you that I received the phone on Wednesday and it is far and away the best phone I have ever had. I have had Dozens of phones from the One X, Galaxy S3, Nexus 4, etc. and this phone knocks them completely out of the park.

    Let me hit some highlights
    -Boom Sound- the dual speakers, although the volume isn’t massively impressive, the clarity is UNRIVALED. and I mean it. It is like crystal clear, HD sound, as compared to any phone Ive had.

    -Camera- The low light really is impressive, I took a picture in near darkness and the picture looked like a moderately lit room. NOT TO MENTION, front camera quality is amazing. The 2.1 megapixel wide angle lense up front takes really, really good pictures and is great for video chatting.

    -Construction- The phone is built amazingly, the aluminum construction is sturdy, the screen is beautiful, the phone is beautiful, and the dual speakers give it a very symmetrical look and feel.

    I finally have a phone where I am not dissatisfied with any portion of it. I will be holding onto this one for a long time.

    • simpleas

      i just watched the drop test for the one.. seems to have some serious durability issues. especially the speaker covers coming off. just be careful. And Chris mentioned the build quality flaw as well.. htc build quality by butt… get out of here. smh

      • Bryan Beidleman

        Thanks! I always run ballistic cases, and have never had good experiences dropping giant screen phones anyways so Im always on the lookout.

      • KOLIO

        Get some insurance,relax & enjoy the phone.

        As for that drop test,I too was disappointed seeing the speaker grill come off,but,it wasn’t enough to deter me from getting the ONE.

        Besides,most phones would not hold up well at all w/such a drop test..

        I’m willing to bet that if 100 people had any given phone of the same model & dropped it, the results of damage would be statistically similar across most makes & models.

      • latuya23

        I drop my Nexus 4 from 3 feet and the screen cracked, so speaker cover coming off is not scary at all.

        • flo7002

          That sucks. mine got dropped from about 6 feet onto tile floor, survived with no scratch. No case of any kind on. My heart stopped for a second :)

        • zifnab

          Dropped my N4 dozens of times from waste level with no case… still no break here.

      • HotInEER

        I really can’t expect any phone to survive a drop unless i’m sitting on my couch and have carpet to be honest, but, I have insurance to take care of this, so it does not matter to me. I think people in general make too much out of this.

        • chiefwhitaker

          Just get the Nokia 920 and be worry free of all drops. Best built phone ever built!

          • Shahzeb Khan

            Htc one is a billion times better than the 920

          • chiefwhitaker

            The phone itself might have somewhat better specs but as far as the android system along with it…it makes the phone suck ass

          • Shahzeb

            According to numerous reviews, the “android system” is far superior to the 920’s as well as other smartphones,

          • chiefwhitaker

            Android is laggy and full of malware. Give you phone about a month and a half and I gurantee you it will be laggy

          • Shahzeb Khan

            The HTC One is lag free and performance significantly better than any phone currently. I guarantee you are wrong.

          • chiefwhitaker

            I bet it won’t stay that way. Its still a new phone but i guarantee you it has no durability to it. Just watch you better get some insurance on that cheap plastic and unstable android system.

          • Troy Owens

            Be gone troll!!

          • chiefwhitaker

            You just can’t handle the truth about you assdroid system!

          • chiefwhitaker

            Dumbass Android users…

          • Ahhk

            It’s people like you that should use Apple products….should have speed limiters on their cars….and need instructions on toothpaste.

            Android gives you freedom. If you don’t know how to handle that freedom, and blindly install any/all apps without regard to the permissions, starting at boot, always running in the background, etc…then it’s YOUR fault.

            It would be like you accidentally discharging a gun and calling it a POS because it didn’t have 20 safety mechanisms to help you protect you from yourself.

            Get a clue.

          • PhoenixPath

            “Android is laggy and full of malware.”

            Guys…this is where you should have stopped. Ignore the SOB and move along. Obviously he is only here to troll you all. Stop responding to him. Flag his comments and get him removed. He is on this site for one obvious reason only: To troll.

          • chiefwhitaker

            Hey buddy i bet a million bucks that you won’t ever get a update for your phone when a new update to the system comes out…. Thats how sucky the Android system is lol

          • PhoenixPath

            Trollin’ trollin’ trollin’, keep that moron trollin’! Dumbass….

            Honestly, how lame is your life that you have to piss on fans of a product you don’t use?

            Does your computer come with a drool-to-text interface? It must. I highly doubt you have the capacity to type, since you obviously cannot think.

            Oh, BTW: You’re out a million bucks. My Nexus device will be updated the moment KLP is released. Send the check to: Piss off, wanker.

          • chiefwhitaker

            Oh wow! You must be part of the 7% of people that actually might get the update lol…

          • PhoenixPath

            Oh wow! You’re still wasting oxygen the rest of the world could actually put to some form of use that isn’t a complete and utter waste!

            You know, you are a classic example of the inverse ratio between the size of the mouth and the size of the brain.

            Troll on, you warthog-faced buffoon!

          • chiefwhitaker

            You fandroids can’t handle the truth about your shitty assdroids lol

          • PhoenixPath


            Okay: Whenever I see posts from you cheerleading mactards, this is what I see:

            …and you never fail to meet my expectations!

          • chiefwhitaker

            That was pretty lame bro…. You must be a square just like your assdroid

          • PhoenixPath

            In the short time we’ve been “conversing”, you have demonstrated every loathsome characteristic of the internet troll personality and even discovered a few new ones. You are verbally repulsive, intellectually retarded, you’re morally reprehensible, vulgar, insensitive, selfish, and stupid. You have no taste, a lousy sense of humor, and you most likely smell as disgusting as you likely look from living in your Mom’s basement; grown so large off your steady intake of Monster Energy Drink, Cheesy Puffs and Dominos Pizza that when looking directly at you we can see behind you due to gravitational lensing.

            So long, Chief wanker. It’s been.

          • chiefwhitaker

            Wow totally wrong about me dude great job asswipe

          • PhoenixPath

            You mean you did not comprehend the cultural references to popular movies and television from whence most of the above verbal abuse originated?


            Wrong about you? Based on what? Let’s see…you came to an android fan site, with an obvious dislike of the product. You did not engage in relevant discourse, but rather jumped right in with the MacTard cheer-leading. You’re not giving us much else to go on here, princess.

            No, I think we pretty much have you pegged. If you ever got an idea in what you call a brain, it would die of loneliness and despair. You’re about as much use as a condom machine in the Vatican.

          • chiefwhitaker

            Wow dude i see you’re spending alot of time typing up these long messages trying to insult me. Maybe you need a female in your life or maube you’re the one in your moms basement smelling like stale fish..

          • PhoenixPath


            Search Google for some of the insults posted. Pulled directly from TV shows and movies, cut/pasted, and slightly edited for relevancy.

            I wouldn’t waste the time to type them up myself.

            Not that I actually ever expected you to be able to catch up on that.

            Oh, and hey: Great job on taking an insult directed at you and regurgitating it back like last night’s haggis. Truly, you have a dizzying intellect!

          • chiefwhitaker

            Oh yea did I mention how HTC had to steal Nokia’s exclusive hardware for the HTC One??.. They’re pathetic! Without Nokia’s hardware where would they be??.. Assdroid!

          • PhoenixPath

            You sad little git…You should really try and read more than just headlines.

            The Finnish company recently applied for a preliminary injunction, pointing the finger at STMicroelectronics, which is responsible for manufacturing the mic for both Nokia and HTC.

            Nokia had an NDA with STM. STM offered the chips to HTC. HTC didn’t “steal” anything, cupcake.

            God, you have to be the worst troll…ever.

          • chiefwhitaker

            We’ll see how you feel when the lawsuit hits them

          • PhoenixPath

            How I’ll feel? I won’t feel a thing. They are two companies that I have zero stake in whatsoever.

            Wait…are you actually implying that you *do* have feelings for Nokia?

            Aww…isn’t that sweet. I mean, that’s almost adorable! Sure, it’s woefully sad and utterly delusional, but it’s almost cute in it’s naivete.

          • chiefwhitaker

            Oh so what are you a Samsung boy?? The leader in copycat technology!

          • PhoenixPath


            You so want to peg me as a fanboy, you poor little fop. I almost hate to disappoint you.

            In fact, I won’t. I’ll just sit back and let you delude yourself even further.

            Though frankly, I am *amazed* you were able to recall I mentioned my Nexus above, which is admittedly manufactured by Samsung. I really didn’t think you had the capacity to make such a connection. Color me impressed. (You know, as one would be impressed by a sloth not mistaking it’s own arm for a branch.)

          • zifnab

            Had 2 updates on my phone in 4 months. Caught your lie again. Sorry, move on.

          • chiefwhitaker

            Andorid is just like a poor man’s Bently something cheap with the hopes that it will satisfy your every need but in the end it falls apart just like fisherprice toys

          • Alex James Simon

            I’ve had Android devices for almost 3 years now first was August of 2010, and never have had any malware problems, yes I’ve downloaded apps the installed search icons on my device, but that is easily fixed, by uninstalling the app that caused it. Yes, sometimes they are laggy, but with each new phone, it gets less and less, as specs get better and because of jellybean. Its mainly because with Android you get true multitasking, and not just the half multitasking the Apple gives you.

          • chiefwhitaker

            Blah blah blah…. It still sucks as a system

          • zifnab

            Blah blah blah, you still suck as a person.

          • chiefwhitaker

            You lame af

          • zifnab

            uhm, used android since the mytouch3g days… no malware on any of my phones. Had my latest N4 since the date of release., still no lag. WTF are you talking about? Perhaps if you avoided download porn apps you wouldn’t get malware.

      • Bipul Amatya

        We all know that you are a Samsung paid student from Korea so f u

    • Babs Oyed

      I have no doubt it’s an awesome phone and better than most other phones released before it, however, here are some reasons why I’ll not be getting this phone.

      1. The battery could be a lot better and is actually worse than that of the Samsung Galaxy S IV. I think the phone is a fail in this area. What’s the use of a powerful phone with a weak battery

      2. While the camera is the best for taking night time photos it simply is a total fail with day time photos when it compared to today’s standard according to most reviews.

      3. As far as very useful and intuitive feature goes, it’s not even nearly in the same class as the Galaxy S IV

      4. I like that it’s beautiful, but I would have wanted it thinner and lighter, besides most people slap on an ugly case on their phones and so hide all the glory and splendor of the phone anyway

      Why on earth will I go for the second best phone when I can have the very best.

      BTW, I will not be going for the Samsung Galaxy S IV either, I think the Note III will be significantly better than both phones mentioned above.

      • DavidVarghese

        Note 3 will be beast, IF they can keep the same dimensions while making the screen bigger… The Note 2 is already big enough imo…

        • No_Nickname90

          “Will be”? Not valid.

          • DavidVarghese

            Mayynnn, I ain’t no grammar Nazi

          • No_Nickname90

            That’s not what I meant. LoL!! I meant you’re comparing to a phone that isn’t even here yet.

      • Unorthodox

        I just don’t want to look like I desperately wanted an iPhone 5.

      • TheJunkie

        1. false, the battery is smaller to feed less power consumption, it isn’t worse
        2. if you say so…most of us work during the day and live at night
        3. now you are just spewing garbage
        4. so you want to hold a glassware? you are really making a lot of sense

        • Loren Cogar

          3. How was he spewing garbage? s4 has Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, Group play, S health, S Voice (and s voice drive), smart hover or whatever its called etc. HTC is bringing the blink feed. I think there is a clear winner in the features category.

          • simpleas

            This is how ignorant and foolish these guys are blinded by the aluminum which does nothing but ruin reception and dent. pretty sad actually. No different than an isheep.

          • androidfantic32

            Half of those “features” are gimmicks especially the worse than useless S-Voice… Seriously, why would you need that when you have Google Now?

    • HotInEER

      I agree. I picked mine up today and I am absolutely blown away by everything on the phone. The screen and the speakers are just nothing short of amazing.

    • XtremeMorph

      Until the next version release…….

  • technohead95

    I really love the design of this phone and really like some of the software features (especially around the camera software). However, I’m concerned about possible slow Android updates. Currently have the Nexus 4 and loving the quick updates as and when things come out. I know The HTC One won’t ever release updates as quick as a Nexus device but if they release reasonably quick compared to non-Nexus devices then I could be converted.

    • Alex

      I know, right? HTC really needs to man up and say they will update the device.

    • Philly Jim

      I hear ya the one could of at least come out with 4.2.2 I think it would of gotten alot more attention kind of ashame might see what the lg optimus pro comes with it all else fails will definitely be picking up the note 3 in the fall..

      • Deveal2014

        4.2.2 is a tablet update & brings no real improvement to Sense

        • Philly Jim

          while I meant to say 4.2.1 , 4.2.2 was not just a tablet upgrade was also a nexus 4 upgrade since I also own that device you might want to do some research before correcting someone else, have a nice weekend

        • Philly Jim

          and just another point the s4 releases with what os ……?

        • PhoenixPath


          4.2.2 was a *major* bugfix release for 4.2.1 which, in many users’ opinions, should never have been released.

    • Deveal2014

      Htc is actually ranked number one for Android updates for the past 3 years

  • brownchr014

    Thinking about buying the DNA thanks to a mini usb micro sd card adapter that will allow me to add expendable memory to it

  • Jon

    Negative. Really like the way the phone looks but after coming from a phone without removable storage to the note 2 the idea of going back to a fixed amount just doesn’t grab me… Probably going to wait and see what the note 3 has and how well this device is supported even then I will by that point have decided to wait for the next version to come out… So I guess I consider this phone the first HTC in a while that I actually have interest in and will wait to see how things play out before I jump on.

  • Stephen Victor

    Ordered direct from HTC’s site unlocked. Was suppose to be here today. Got an email saying BACKORDERED and the phone rep I spoke with said it will be here Wednesday. GRR…I sold my GSIII and sent it off yesterday. Without a phone for several days. I may just die you know. But my iPad Mini will be glued to my hip till then I suspect.

    • Derek Peterson

      I am in the same boat, ordered a Developer Edition which was supposed to ship over a week ago (the ship date kept changing by a day, every day until today when I got the backorder notice). The website says ship date “unknown” and the email basically says maybe by end of April. =0(

    • Alex

      ugg that sucks

    • Derek Peterson

      Estimated ship date for the Developer Editions is the 29th. Ugh!

  • Scott Stafford

    If Verizon would get it, I’d switch to them. If not I’ll likely renew with Sprint. Def getting it though. Amazing device.

  • simpleas

    Not sure why anyone would get this over the GS4.. Not only is it older technology, One’s a compromised product. And it’s metal so you probably do not want to drop it. Oh wait you say youre getting a case? exactly..

    • Bryan Beidleman

      Older tech?

      • Anthony McKay

        I think what he’s saying is since the release date of the SGSIV is after the HTC One, the S4 automatically has better specs making the HTC One obsolete lol

    • 1ofdakoolkidz

      Older technology? You obviously have not played with the S4 or the One. I have physically held both and although Samsung does make a good product overall it reallly isn’t a better product this time around. Stop watching videos and actually hold the phones.

      • simpleas

        it is older tech… also it has no sd card support… no removable batts, no air touch, no smart stay, no smart pause. I can list about a 100 more practical stuff but you get the point.I already held the One. I currently own the Note 2 and even my Note 2 is far beyond what that one can do. and last but not least, the one looks too damn close to an iphone.. wtf

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      the hype machine ran strong with some people. buzz words and catch phrases…

      • simpleas

        you can be ignorant, that’s up to you. as a note 2 user, I can say without a stutter or doubt, this phone is 1000x more practical than the one. How much more so will the gs4 be. Hype, etc call it what you want. Ill stick to phones that give me the whole package. I swear this generation is pretty dull. Unless it’s a samsung, it’s just another android phone. At least the polls show most people have some sense.

        • Hank S

          HTC Sense?

        • BulletTooth_Tony

          I was agreeing with you… the hype around their camera, which review photos have shown is utter garbage and blurry – being outdone by the GS3/Note2 and iPhone 5 – not to mention the GS4 which is even better yet. Hype around the “new” sense, which is looking like the original Blur with forcing social media down your throat. Hype around the stereo speakers, whose grill falls off with no hope of repair or replacement with the slightest of drops… hype around the material, which is susceptible to scratches and dents… so on and so forth… the hype machine ran strong with those that feel this is a great phone… it is not. It’s not even as good as last years phones.

          • simpleas

            oops sorry lol. +1 im just blown away by people who are willing to get a phone just because its made of metal… the drop test I saw was ugly with the one. Why compromise on so many practical awesome features u know? Cmon our Android brothers, open your eyes.

    • PhoenixPath

      OH_NOES!!!! Someone likes a phone I don’t like!! I better insult them quick so they know that I (and my phone) are better!!!


      It’s bad enough we get Apple and WP trolls in here. Do us Android fans *really* need to troll each-other???

      FFS, man….get over yourself and your phone. Try and realize that other people have different tastes and needs than you, and that in liking other things they are *not* attacking your own tastes and preferences.

      In short: Please just grow the hell up.

  • Rdfry

    Nope the note 3 is for me

    • Jason Farrell

      Ditto Note 3. Hope it isn’t made of “premium” aluminum, though. I want my Note to survive falls like a champ; flex; leave more room for a battery; not interfere with reception, etc.

      Viva La Plastiq! :)

      • Sean Royce

        I might consider it if they keep cleaning up Touchwiz. So many videos I have watched I’ve noticed many cases of lag. This shouldn’t be on.

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    This Poll is a bit harsh… because of how many options you provided, not getting one option is going to be on top…

    • TheJunkie

      Nothing new……Samsung has been paying professionals to troll forums. Our friends @ phandroid are likely taking a cut as well. It’s capitalism at its best. Samsung is really beating apple in its own game….and at the same time the little guys are getting beat down even further as well.
      I gotta say, it’s a great strategy. kudos to Samsung executives.

      • Bryant Allred

        any proof with that…? just wondering

      • Chris Chavez

        Wait- you REALLY believe Phandroid is being paid by Samsung to bash HTC?

        • simpleas

          That’s what sour losers say Chris don’t worry about him.

        • John Robertson

          I find this amusing Chris, since most of the things I’ve read from you personally seem more biased toward the One.

        • zifnab

          Lol, not you Chris. We know of your love for the HTC one ;)

  • Spoken Word™

    I was really interested in this phone having played with 1 here in NY I’ve decided to pass. The construction is nice but the decisions HTC has made with regards to its software implementation are odd at best and a complete custerfcuk at worst. And the much touted camera, while good at low light, fails to pass muster in regular shooting conditions. How many people primarily shoot pictures/videos in the dark or even poorly lit places on the regular? Boom Sound is nice but I don’t spend a great deal of time playing music/videos from my phone in noisy environments.

  • MK2

    I really want to, but I’m about 6 months from my next upgrade, we’ll see how it fairs between now and then. I hope HTC has done enough to get back in the game though.

  • Justin Winker

    -_- No “No, but for some other reason” option. I want it, but I am waiting to see what Moto has to offer. Moreso, the Unlocked edition is delayed, and it’s quite expensive, considering already bought a Nexus 4 flat out.

  • WhoaManWtF

    No, but not because I do not want it. I would love that phone but due to the fact I am not up for an upgrade and because of other issues I simply cannot afford a new phone right now. Perhaps by the time I can though this will be a cheap upgrade option ;)

  • moises1204

    damn decision decisions, i really like the looks of this phone, but i love Samsung too, but htc makes me think twice because their bootloader policy and the their updates! but is so damn sexy phone, hahaha what to do?

  • Michael Landauer

    Waiting to see what the X Phone and Nexus 5 will be like, but the One and the Galaxy S4 are both tempting me.

  • Derek Peterson

    HTC is having some supply chain issues with the Unlocked and Developer versions. I pre-ordered the Developer Edition from HTC ShopAmerica, and received an estimated ship date of 4/15. Every day since the ship date has drifted forward by a day. Today I received an email stating the phone is backordered, with an ambiguous “by the end of April” ETA. So frustrating that my local AT&T store has them, but the pre-ordered unlocked Developer Editions are going to arrive later. HTC really needs to get their logistics figured out, this is ridiculous.

  • Philly Jim

    I was definitely getting this phone then I played with it at the at&t store and it was eh okay. the dual front speakers where okay not like wow that’s incredible , yes it’s fast but so is my s3. camera was cool to play with but again not leaps and bounds above my s3 , anybody considering buying one I would suggest you go mess around with it for a bit,I may still purchase the one if I can get a unbeatable deal on one……May wait a month or so we’ll see


    Ordered T-MOBILE version via BEST BUY w/an ETA of April 24-25.

  • Alex

    I’m dying a slow death with my old hardware. So tempted to buy the HTC One but forcing myself to wait and see what Google announces at I/O next month. If Google doesn’t make any big mobile phone announcements then I waited for nothing.

    • simpleas

      lol, i know how that feels. I was using the GS1 for about 2 years and got the Note 2.. Im mostly likely going to skip the Note 3 and get 2 years out of this one and get the Note 4.

  • 45THS

    Waiting until the GS4 comes out, so I can try out both and see which I like. Hoping they release info about the X Phone set to release later this year, so I can decide if that would be worth waiting for, or if I should just decide between the One and GS4

  • John Shaw

    Yes, when the black version is available

  • iTzKPanda

    I’m going to wait for the Note 3 :) If it dissappoints, Note 2 or the One for me

  • Toilet Seat Wipe

    WHy do hot pancakes always sell so well? Or maybe that is just high school educated rhetoric. I can think of a lot of things that sell better than hot pancakes. Crack, meth, cigarettes, malt liquor and sex sell better then hot pancakes.

  • Peter Moutzalias

    I bought the nexus 4 instead. It might not have the specs the s4 and one have but it’s still smother and will get updates way before any of the other android phones will.

  • Deveal2014

    Most definitely getting the “One”

  • iain

    I own the HTC One in the uk and it’s a truly brilliant device all round. The picture and screen are exceptional.

    U dont need a removable battery at all with this device. Some people need to think it’s a phone at the end of the day not a laptop

    • simpleas

      yeah except on my Note 2, I fully utilize my 64gb micro sd. You don’t have it thats why you’re not using it….

      • DDroid45

        Dam, I see somebody been making love to a Sammy phone, why don’t you shut da f up, with that pos Sammy product u got, I’ll own any device before a dam Samsung, go finish beating ur phone off u lame

      • Hank S

        If it doesn’t work for you, then it doesn’t work for you…but that doesn’t mean other people can’t love it. Don’t get me wrong, I have been 100% against getting a phone without a micro sd slot for years, but I am getting this phone because the built in storage is sufficient for my music collection and because I love elegant engineering (my childhood dream was to be a car designer…but as a programmer I usually get kudos for my user interface design).

        I actually do have a 64GB micro sd card and I am *not* utilizing it. I am at 20GB, so I think I’ll just get the 32GB HTC One and it should be fine for 2 years.

        • kevin hundon

          I still waiting the 64 GB HTC One come out for support T-mobile, don’t know how long it take, or just get a 32 GB one now. Need it to take pictures and video for my kids mostly.

      • DDroid45

        Lame A$$ punk

  • InspectorGadget80

    I don’t buy PHONES that doesn’t SUPPORT SD CARDs. I’ll wait for the XPERIA ZL or the GS IV which ever

  • Ryan

    The Nexus 4 is all the phone I need right now and I absolutely love it. The One is very aesthetically pleasing but why buy it knowing that I’ll just flash it, essentially turning it into the phone I already have?

    • Tim242

      The Nexus 4 seems nice, but that display is not.

  • Ryan

    I’m quite positive the Nexus 4 is better for some users and vice versa regarding the One. You guys get way too caught up on “the latest and the greatest”. It’s a good phone but why do I need Sense? Or dual front speakers? Spare me the gimmicks I just want Android.

    • PhoenixPath

      Just as some people get way to caught up with latest and greatest, others get way to caught up with other things.

      People like what they like. It’s not a personal attack against you if some people like the One or the SIV instead of the n4, so there’s no need for you to attack them.

      What are gimmicks to you might actually be useful to others.

  • Babs Oyed

    Definitely holding out for the Galaxy Note III, unless Samsung screws it up

    • simpleas

      well looking at their history, the Note 3 will rock.

  • BigCiX

    I’m just going to wait for the Nexus.

  • xdapao3

    I voted “No” but the option I really wanted was “they can keep this integrated battery, small display, small internal storage POS”

    • Loren Cogar

      Small display?? Since when is 4.7 inches a small screen?

      • xdapao3

        well, my point of view is that of a Note II user and besides, its main competitor is the S4 which has a 5″ display..

  • ineversl33p

    Already got mine on wed… It’s awesome!

  • Kelly Gutowski

    I’m in the UK and loveing this phone

  • Kelly Gutowski

    What ever that are saying about the battery life is poo it’s up there with the rest ok

  • flo7002

    ordered the developer edition… so will have to wait… my first HTC phone. Will probably get an s4 too just to see which one I like better…

  • El_Frank

    Costco has it for $159.99

  • iwave

    It’s “hot cakes”, not “hot pancakes”.

    • PhoenixPath

      Hot pancakes are better than cold pancakes.

      …unless you have applesauce…then it really doesn’t matter, just slather that good stuff all over it.

  • tomn1ce

    I’ll be waiting for the G-Note 3 and to see what Motorola has to offer by the end of the year before I pull the trigger. I’ll be buying my next phone at full price and I don’t want to be stuck with a brick in my pocket after the battery dies and won’t be able to swap it with a fresh one. Unless it has a 3100+ mAh battery….Besides I’m on vzw, this is not coming to vzw at least not yet anyway…

  • Tim Nesmith

    if i didn’t already have a GS3 or currently my Nexus 4(!) I would consider getting the HTC One. First off, I’m done with Touchd**k. Takes up too much screen real-estate, and while some of those features are “nifty” they aren’t realistic and might drain battery and RAM. I like simplicity and between the GS4 and the HTC One, the One has it. If i did have it, I would disable the Blinkfeed first thing. Yeah is that Octacore processor great, yes it is. I’m actually amazed at how far smartphone processors have come. But what in Thor’s name are you doing on your phone to require 8 processors? I know, four running “mainly” and four running “background.” Overall since my Nexus 4, I’ve decided that I’m just gonna go Nexus from now on. Simplicity, longevity, and no-bullspit Manufacturer UI.

    • Tim242

      Have you never used a phone with Sense? Sense is the most resource heavy, bloated mess of any skin. BTW, you cannot disable blink feed, nor remove it from the screen.

  • ouch1976

    How about an option for VZW users? I would buy it if it were available….

  • digitalpins

    I want the HTC One but waiting to see what the new Nexus is going to be like. But damn I really want the HTC One especially the developers model… So tempting but I’m with AT&T and really dont want their bloatware or anything AT&T on it

  • Bryan Linares

    It’s funny to me that the ppl blasting the HTC One are the ones who are not going to get it in the first place lol. It doesn’t matter if the One has the latest technology, you were going to get either the GS4 or Note III either way.

    • simpleas

      you’re funny cause I aint getting the GS4 or the Note 3. I currently own the Note 2 am am floored by all it’s practical features and power and fluidity. HTC = just another android. Im getting Note 4 thank you very much.

  • Aar0nC

    If it was a Nexus phone, I would be all over it. But since myself and sense UI don’t get along, I guess I’ll pass on this one…

  • Chris Brown

    Picked up mine this afternoon. So classy! Its absolutely fantastic. No complaints at all.

  • Del373

    Stupid Verizon. What do they have against nice HTC phones that don’t have “droid” in the name?

  • androidscales

    nexus 4 all the way…don’t text and drive kids also get a case

  • Timbo1

    Nope Opitmus G Pro for me.

  • mlb1906

    Above and by far one the best Smartphone I have ever had. I am a high data user and even with that the Battery is just beautiful, Boom Sound is amazing, I’m even impressed with the Camera and Zoe on this phone. And I have to say Jelly Bean with Sense 5 running over it… And…and… I even link Blinkfeed. I JUST LOVE THIS PHONE.

  • amg503

    You’re missing an option on your poll:

    “No – I have Verizon, so I can’t get it.”

  • Thomas

    No exchangeable battery, no expendable memory, not the real android-buttons, fingers don’t feel the power button and volume rocker…. Instead of trying to blame Samsung for just being successful, HTC should have done their homework. THAT is supposed to be a flagship? Really?

    There is no phone with top specs, replaceable battery, SD-Card slot and a real true android experience on market right now. HTC could have closed that gap instead of creating just another locked, planned obsolescent and limited device with a crappy unusable buggy hardly updated UI.

  • moppy

    it looks so little in the hand pic

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    Total as of now, 1130 (all carriers/unlocked combined) are getting it 728 saying it’s not the One for them.

  • Aeswanth Kumar Reddy.c

    its so beautiful , I wouldn’t mind marrying it …

  • Keith Bacon

    No. Google has me on the “buy a good phone for a reasonable amount of money” while t-mobile has me on “2 phones with 2 gigs of data each for less than $80 a month with no contract plan.” Never gonna buy a subsidized phone again, and I don’t think any phone is worth over $500.

  • taye93

    ehh s4 for me htc sux with updates nd i just dont like htc sense great build tho like always but sense just kills it for me either plain vanilla or touchwiz for me

  • Rampage1

    I think touchwiz lags a lot but the HTC one with sense 5 never slows down.

  • Vince

    I WOULD consider buying it IF VERIZON WOULD PICK IT UP!!! That needs to be added as an option in the Poll. “I would if it were on Verizon” or “I would like to but it’s not ON VERIZON”

  • zifnab

    Does it have Sense? Yep… not buying it.

  • Ted Calouri

    I Like the device but non-removable battery is a deal breaker. Ironically I discovered the value of removable batteries on the original Evo. Why HTC abandoned such a great feature is beyond me. That so many people complained about the battery with the 2012 HTC One line and HTC continued the trek to bankruptcy by ignoring that customer feedback is just WOW!

    My first two smartphones were HTC, but I have not purchased an HTC device since they switched to non-removable batteries and I will not purchase another HTC device unless they offer changeable batteries. Their is just amazing value in being able to drop a fully charged spare battery into your phone at the airport or wherever you are when your first battery dies.